Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Compares Americans to Suicide Bombers
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Help RFK Keep the Momentum Going for His Book The Real Anthony Fauci

RFk Real Anthony Fauci
Thank you if you have already purchased my book. Because of you, it skyrocketed to “#1 Best Seller” on Saturday. We hope you can help keep the momentum going. If you haven’t already, please buy
my book and share this post with your friends, family and social network. I appreciate the help!

Today, Dr. Anthony Fauci is a household hero to half of America. 

Drug companies, government officials and the pharma-funded corporate media invoke his name to justify lockdowns, masks and experimental vaccines. 

A recent editorial in a leading medical journal urged Congress to make it a felony to publicly criticize Dr. Fauci. 

Encouraging his own deification, Dr. Fauci has declared that all those who questioned his pronouncements are “anti-science.”

But who is Dr. Fauci really?

In my new book, I show that Dr. Fauci has done little to earn the sobriquet  "America’s Doctor.” 

Instead, he has survived 50 years as the J. Edgar Hoover of public health by consistently prioritizing Big Pharma profits over the welfare of his countrymen, and through mercenary homage to the chemical and agricultural industry, the military industrial complex, the intelligence apparatus and all the other pushers of pills, potions, powders, poisons, pricks and the police state.

Order your copy today: “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health,” by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — 100% of proceeds will go directly to fund the work of Children’s Health Defense.

During more than a year of painstaking and meticulous research, I unearthed a shocking story that obliterates the obsequious media’s spin on Dr. Fauci … and that will alarm every American — Democrat or Republican — who cares about democracy, our Constitution and the future of our children’s health.

In my book I reveal how Fauci:

  • has been the principal architect of “agency capture” — the subversion of democracy by a drug industry that manipulates regulators like sock puppets.

  • failed dismally over his 50-year career with the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to address the cause, to prevent or cure the exploding epidemics of allergies and chronic disease that Congress charged him with curtailing. The chronic disease pandemic is his enduring legacy. Those ailments now debilitate 54% of American children compared to 6% when he joined NIAID.

  • repeatedly used fraud, bullying, intimidation, dissembling and falsified science to win approval for worthless and deadly drugs and vaccines.

  • sabotaged safe and effective off-patent therapeutic treatments for AIDS while promoting deadly chemotherapy drugs that almost certainly caused more deaths than HIV.

  • transformed NIAID from a public health regulator into an incubator for pharmaceutical drugs for which he and his trusted deputies often file patents and collect royalties. Dr. Fauci has claimed Moderna vaccine patent rights worth billions of dollars for NIAID and hand-picked at least four of his NIAID underlings to receive $150,000 annually from royalties.

  • exercises dictatorial control over the army of “knowledge-and-innovation” leaders who appear nightly on TV to parrot his orthodoxies and “debunk" his opponents who run his crooked clinical trials globally and who populate the “independent” federal panels that approve and mandate drugs and vaccines — including the committees that allowed the Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 vaccines.

  • violated federal law to allow his pharma partners to sacrifice and kill hundreds of impoverished and dark-skinned children and orphans in the U.S and Africa as lab rats in deadly experiments with toxic AIDS and cancer chemotherapies.

  • repeatedly concocted and weaponized fraudulent pandemics, including bird flu (2005), swine flu (2009) and Zika (2015-2016), in order to sell novel vaccines.

  • partnered with the Pentagon and intelligence agencies to conduct “gain-of-function” experiments to breed pandemic superbugs in poorly regulated labs in Wuhan, China and elsewhere, under conditions that virtually guaranteed the escape of weaponized microbes like SARS-CoV-2.

That’s just the short list.

Dr. Fauci and his band of pharma and Silicon Valley profiteers — working with corrupted politicians, captured federal agencies and the bought and brain-dead mainstream media — have used the COVID pandemic to mint billions from vaccines and other profitable medicines. 

His disastrous mismanagement ran up one of the biggest COVID death counts among all nations. 

Dr. Fauci has led the crusade to suppress functional remedies like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine which could have avoided 80% of the deaths and hospitalizations from COVID and ended the pandemic overnight.

Order your copy today: “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health,” by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — 100% of proceeds will go directly to fund the work of Children’s Health Defense.

We need to stop Dr. Fauci and the coup d'état against the Constitution, human rights and liberal democracy globally.

Because this book threatens their trillion-dollar vaccine enterprise, Dr. Fauci and his allies in the medical cartel, the media and military will hurl fierce criticism and use censorship — to debunk and silence “The Real Anthony Fauci.” 

With your help, this book can play a transformational role in exposing Dr. Fauci as a charlatan and in showing the world that far from being a healer, Dr. Fauci is one the most noteworthy mass murderers in human history. 

It is my hope that this book will motivate — and mobilize — millions more advocates for truth, health and democracy.

“The Real Anthony Fauci” publication date is Nov. 9. By pre-ordering your copy today, you’ll help push the book to bestseller status, diminishing the powers of the censors to silence me. Thank you.

In Truth,

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

P.S. I will donate 100% of the profits from “The Real Anthony Fauci” to fund the work of Children’s Health Defense. Please order your copy today.
P.S.S. You can order my book at other outlets, including Barnes & Noble, IndieBound,, Target, Walmart and Books-A-Million.



Bayareamom: Tom Porter still did a hatchet job on Del and ICAN.

Bob Moffit

@ Jane

"I tried to order this book at Amazon and it says temporarily out of stock and will not let you back order when it comes into stock."

I am old enough to remember when there were only two major book stores … BORDERS and BARNES & NOBLE … and every time I wanted to buy a very popular CONSERVATIVE BOOK both outlets found a thousand reasons why I couldn't buy it .. but .. oddly … at the very same time both outlets had prominently displayed books by LIBERAL authors .. such as .. Hillary Clinton's "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child".

Those outlets obviously were engaged in the same type of corporate censorship as today's social media outlets .. TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, etc …. and … not surprising to anyone my age .. AMAZON … the sole purpose of AMAZON'S success was their success in providing BOOKS of all opinions …

Apparently AMAZON is now what BORDER'S AND BARNES AND NOBLE were back in their day … corporate censorship of books with which they disagree politically. AMAZON has joined social media in their effort to silence opinions they disagree with. Hopefully their censorship will present great opportunity for others to fill the void they have created … that void being FREE SPEECH


It is not out yet. It will be available November the 9th.
We are pre ordering it for that date.


Jane, I placed my order ages ago, and was told that it was delayed. Then we moved, so I canceled the original order and placed a new one, fearing that the book would be sent to my old address. (I have not paid USPS for package forwarding--just regular mail.) The last communication I received from AMZN was July 26, telling me that there is no delivery date, and they'll let me know when they have one.

Is there a lawsuit going on? I can't think what else would hold up publication. If it's monkey business with AMZN, I'm happy to order directly from the publisher, particularly if they take PayPal.


John Stone same here; on immigration.
What ever is going on the psychopaths as Yeadon called them wants to break down borders and flood first world countries. I don't know why? Maybe to make the whole world willing to work for scraps.

Maybe he did mean it in a less threatening way then? He was probably meaning too many immigrants.

That does make sense.


I tried to order this book at Amazon and it says temporarily out of stock and will not let you back order when it comes into stock. I only has one customer review which is strange for a book that is suppose to be a best seller. Has Amazon/big pharma blocked sales of it due to the political nature of it? Does anybody know?

John Stone

Hi Benedetta

I cannot immediately find the video of the interview of Stanley Johnson which I have seen, but there is this old report in the Guardian:

“Stanley Johnson, former Conservative MEP and the father of London mayor Boris Johnson, called on the government to introduce a population policy. "Britain's population should be 10-15 million people. That would do us splendidly. It's a nonsense that we are confronted with 70 million people. But we have been shunted aside by the rise of liberal correctness. You cannot talk about [population] now without being accused of being anti-feminist or a racist. The government has to start taking immigration seriously. If you look at the rise of Britain's population you see a really serious differential in the fertility of the immigrant as opposed to that of the [indigenous] population."”

Very disturbing about N Acetyl Cysteine - I pray it doesn’t happen, it is even freely available in the UK at the moment.



John Stone;
I listened to Michael Yeadon, last night.
He is the one that informed me that the FDA was trying to ban N acetyl cysteine last night, and that Amazon had stopped selling it.
He also said that some things about the fact that psychopaths had got to the top of the heap and they look on other people as the same as live stock. They are better than the rest of humanity and they think there are too many of us.
He mentioned Boris Johnson's father is a eugenics.
That he thinks that the 45 million in UK should be only 10 to 15 million.
Did you know that?

Gates was on Epstein's planes; So was Trump at least once?
Gates and Fauci are buddies.
I wonder if Fauci ever hung out with Epstein.

Rand Paul might have scared Fauci, but there was this scary rage I could see in Fauci too. I don't think he would mind killing Rand Paul and is not use to having to take much off of anyone. Yes there was rage there too.

John Stone


Very interesting observations - perhaps the answer is that no one gets near power in this world without being blackmailable. RFKjr recently compared Fauci to J Edgar Hoover. I was also told this by a leading scientist who was momentarily approached by the Trump administration and then became subject to outlandish plots from certain Eastern European personages to compromise him sexually. Well they did not compromise him and he did not get to hold office either, and this perhaps is how the US state works - and perhaps not just the US state.


BIll ;

On some things I have a memory of an elephant.

And in the end I can't make heads or tails out of them.

But I do remember that Trump did shut the borders early. Banned the flights from any country that has covid outbreak.
Pelosi went to Chinatown to wrap her arms around; American citizens that I guess was suppose to be a proxy for locked out Chinese? You figure out that twisted stuff, I can't. The rest of the opposition never stopped screaming about Trump is a xenophobe for weeks.

In the beginning Mark Blaxill, Dan Olmsted, Andrew Wakefield were even invited to Trump's inaugural ball.

Kennedy was invited up to the Trump Tower suite to discuss his important role in vaccine safety
Then in waltzes Bill Gates. That seemed to be the turning point. No, Trump did not follow through on Kennedy's appointment. Trump did not follow through on the things that Andrew Wakefield and the vaccine safety stuff talked about down in Florida.

I just read recently that Trump did have the idea of Kennedy looking into that the database that some years back Geier and Geier tried to get into with some success (the one that the CDC really does keep for autism and vaccine injuries) Bill do you know or remember those two? RFK Jr wrote about his experience of what happened with that. He too could not get into it in spite of Trump encouraging it. The guys at the CDC even put the room temperature up to 105 as they tried to get into the database.

I don't understand Trump. On TV Fauci was talking about the Wuhan virus, and how it came from bats as Trump stood in the back ground listening. By then Trump well knew it came from the Wuhan lab and he was turning his ear to Fauci and listening very intently; Trump even squinted his eyes he listened so carefully at Fauci and in the end he gave Fauci the stink eye.

Trump surely knew that when he, himself spoke of hydroxcholorquine earlier that Fauci was in the back ground rolling his own eyes.

In a televised Trump rally in Georgia as the 2020 election was upon us; the crowd chanted "Fire Fauci, Fire Fauci, Fire Fauci" Trump said "But he really is a nice man. He paused -- and said well maybe after the election"

We will never know what really went on will we?
Why Trump soften on these issues?
Why he did nothing to Fauci even though he knew of Fauci's role.

Will some of my questions be answered I this book. I hope so.


I hear you, Greg Hill. I'd sure like to have back all the money that has been spent on these agencies, with perhaps a small role for FDA inspecting large manufacturing plants for rat hairs. I only meant that if they were to exist, it should be separately.

Interesting point on closing the airports, Bill. It has been tried in Australia and New Zealand, demonstrating that closing airports to people, but not closing ports to goods, is insufficient to bring about "zero COVID." The US also has two massive land borders, one of which is demonstrably quite permeable. It seems unlikely that keeping Europeans from flying into JFK would do much good, if thousands of people could walk into the southern US every week. Like you, though, I believe there is plenty of blame to go around, Trump included.

To my mind, one of the main benefits of a book like RFK's is that it sheds light on the way NIAID and other federal groups operating supposedly for our benefit really work. This is also a nice piece on Fauci and the damage he did to the fight against AIDS:

Angus Files

Absolutely nothing to do with Teflon non stick Tony, no links there for sure unless I really am reading from the search engine Alice in Pharmaland. Any links Bill? nope just too risque. Dammed when Trump did and dammed for trying to do, whilst trudging through the corridors of decision making which would be early December going by my recollection. I believe the common cold kills more than COVID but HEY! BILL its not a pandemic. A tadge strange that Bill is it not? As for Environmentalist's killing people ???where are you getting your mushrooms from??Jihadists killing people thats miniscule compared to the amount vaccines kill every day(psst.... its in the P.I.L. sheet given with every vaccine), But again Bill isnt interested in facts that could affect his bank balance. Meanwhile back in Teflon Tony Pharmaland Bill had his evening mushroom tea.

COMMON COLD More people dying of flu and pneumonia than Covid for first time since second wave erupted

Pharma For Prison



Greg Hill That is really hoping gigantic big. You are not wrong either.

Mean while we must take our measly justice where and when can get it.

Fauci when he faced Rand Paul was scared -- scared bad. Did you notice? Did you see it on his face in his mouth, his chin shook ever so slightly, but it was there; his pupils forming into little pinpoints; and his skin graying
Still as scared as he was he was brazen - brazen in all he has ever done. That is because he is a true devil's imp.


We would not be in this debacle of excessive public health restrictions if the FAA and Donald Trump ect. would have shut the borders among other actions in early December 2019 and we would have few cases of Covid-19. I agree that the public health bureaucrats went way to far but Fauci has little to do with it he is not governor or mayor. I do not care for Kennedy or Fauci two sides of an insane vaccination debate coin. The main reason Covid-19 was so deadly is because the Donald Trump and others deception would not shut the borders and restrict large gatherings and close the especially large air travel routes from China until it was too late. Yet Donald Trump promoted Jihadist and environmentalist terrorist paranoia. Which thing killed more Americans, Jihadist Environmentalist or Covid-19?

Angus Files

Fauci epiphany of small man syndrome.

Thank you RFK.

Pharma For Prison


I don't know where to place this link/video to Del Bigtree's interview with journalist, Tom Porter, so will put it here.

I just finished watching this - one of Del's very best.

*Porter did a real hatchet job on Del awhile back, but agreed to an interview with Del, afterwards.

Greg Hill

TOB: In my opinion NIAID should not be split into two different agencies, it should be totally eliminated. While we're at it, I'm sure we would all be better off if we totally eliminated the FDA, the CDC and the entire Department of Health and Human Services, along with perhaps 80% or so of the entire federal government. Because of the total "capture" of absolutely all of the supposedly regulatory"agencies by the very corporations they are supposed to be regulating, they are doing far more harm than good.


I hold Dr. Fauci responsible for the autism epidemic. Back in the 80s I learned of his antics to keep the AIDS research glory for his crony (Dr. Gallo) when there were other far more deserving researchers. Gallo was the holder of large grants from NIAID. I knew that primary investigators like that were in different worlds than me as a research assistant, so I shrugged my shoulders. I knew that people with AIDS were very unhappy with Fauci, but I didn't feel that was my battle. I slowly became aware of his role in the autism epidemic with the purse strings of research, but no one would listen to me. Then he became America's darling with Covid, and I have been shamed for denigrating him. It's just like the quote that Bob Moffit is always repeating about the round up of people during Hitler's regime. "When they came for me, there was no one left to stand up for me."

I already ordered the book, and I'm looking forward to reading it!


Exactly TOB
When my son was little and had epilepsy and I told every body he reacted to a vaccine; a elderly woman that worked in the school cafeteria, and helped out in the church kitchen during Bible School, told me they had lost a grandchild to peanut butter allergy. I was stunned. I did not know what to thin of that. But she had long figured out it was related to the vaccines. That was over 30 years ago.

And so here we are, Fauci has been revealed to be the Devil's imp; and we all still cannot touch him.
I hope Rand Paul's turning it over to the Justice Department bears fruit. I still pray everyday it will. But it sure don't look like it.

Dr William Gaunt

I ordered 6 copies. They will be Christmas gifts.


Allergies and infectious diseases should never have been put under the same umbrella. The person who is concerned about the burden of allergy and anaphylaxis is not the same person who thinks an all-out war (an unwinnable arms race) against infectious disease is a wise move. If my tax dollars have to pay for the federal government to be involved at all, NIAID should be split into two institutes, and an autoimmune specialist ought to be put in charge of the allergy portion. The many, many food-allergic people in my family have gotten zippo in terms of help or meaningful research from NIAID. They've had to do everything themselves, from educating pre-school teachers in the 1990s (who called them liars when they said their kids couldn't touch peanut butter) to teaching their own kids how to read a food label or use an EpiPen. Advocacy groups like FAAN have done a little bit, but the parents and grandparents have done everything else. NIAID has looked the other way and pursued the war on chickenpox.

Gary Ogden

Ordering it at B&N tomorrow!

Bob Moffit

'"Dr. Fauci has led the crusade to suppress functional remedies like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine which could have avoided 80% of the deaths and hospitalizations from COVID and ended the pandemic overnight."

The Fauci "crusade to suppress functional remedies like Ivermectin and hydroxychloloroquine" has CAUSED far more deaths than Gov Cuomo's insane dictate to senior home caregivers to accept seniors with Covid into their facilities … which at last count numbered in excess of 12,000. Supposedly SOMEONE is conducting an investigation which may allow families of those who died of Cuomo's STUPIDITY to hold him LIABLE .. hopefully CRIMINALLY LIABLE/

However many deaths Cuomo CAUSED .. Fauci's suppression of EFFICIENT TREATMENT WAS WORSE.



I can ‘t wait to read this one, thanks RFK !

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