Where Do We Go Now?
Time To Travel!

Generational Divide

83158A82-275D-4D60-A730-20EB50D114FFSometimes snark is a necessary educational tool, The beauty of running AofA as chief, cook and bottle washer is that we can use humor and sarcasm to send a message at will.

I was listening to Sirius XM and an ad for the Doctor Radio channel came on about back to school advice for parents. The focus? "Anxiety, depression, self-esteem."  I remember hoping to get the 4 ink Bic pen and real book covers instead of paper bags.



A playground with real equipment like jungle gyms and seesaws. And yes, every once in a great while a kid fell and broke an arm (snazzy plaster cast that everyone could autograph!) but most of us didn't. BTW, what's the excuse for the disappearance of that favorite, the sandbox? A cat might pee in it?..


No one had a yeast infection.
We took antibiotics with no problem.

My first yeast infection happened right after a DPT vaccine, so I could work for the forest department in research for restoring strip mine land.

So here is a new study for a problem with the covid 19 vaccine.

"Neta and colleagues also found that cytokine responses to fungi were increased following vaccination."



Graduating from high school without ever knowing of any student with autism or ADHD.
Standing and saying the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a Bible passage reading and prayer every morning at my public school.
Clean organized classrooms with 40 desks lined up in rows facing the blackboard and teacher's desk at the front of the room. We only required one teacher per classroom.
Lining up to change classrooms or go outside for PE with NO TALKING.
Drawing hop scotch boards on the playground sidewalk with chalk and playing hop scotch.
Giving classmates a COOTIE SHOT! LOL!


Eating peanut butter and jelly for lunch every day at school. Actually, my mom made me ham sandwiches, which I hated, so I traded with my best friend, who had peanut butter and jelly, for most of fifth grade.

I see the line in my own extended family. My youngest cousin who doesn't have any food allergies, autoimmune issues, eczema, etc., in his family was born in 1985. All the younger ones either have one of the aforementioned challenges, or have a sibling with one.

As for anxiety and depression, the media and all levels of government have just spent 18 months telling every child that he's a vector disease, that other people need to be protected from him, and that everything he might care about (prom, graduation, football season, spending recess and lunch with friends of his choosing) doesn't matter and can be taken away without warning. I'd be depressed, too.

P.S. We used paper bags for hardcover, but were compelled to use Con-Tact paper (PVC!) for the softcover books, like the phonics workbook.

Gary Ogden

And zits! Oh my. We always used the paper bags. Thrifty we were. Do they even use books any more in school?

Angus Files

Nicole wondering about the kids off to school ?na! or like us been there bought the t shirt through the looking glass autism school returnees! God we love him, taking hiim to school we had more checks to do every day on him than Hannibal in Silence of the lambs scene going to the airport..(without the mask trolls ) .

Meantime quarantine dodger a rule for thee but not for meeee! me me me!

Nicole Kidman Hong Kong Quarantine Exemption Sparks Local Backlash


Pharma For Prison


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