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Gary Ogden

ACTION ALERT: If you live in or near Fresno (and I know there are plenty, as the Vaxxed screening was full). One of the city councilmen is hosting a Pfizer poisoning gala for "12 YRS AND OLDER" on Wednesday, August 18th at Robinson Park, from 4:00-7:00 p.m. Robinson Park is adjacent to Robinson School, on Browning, just east of First St., and south of Bullard. From First St. turn east between the church and a small construction site. We must as human beings oppose evil, and no evil is more despicable than evil directed at children. Please join me there.


great video Emmaphiladelphia - I love hearing it from frontline nurses. Ivermectin and more truths.

I feel sorry for each and every person who took the Pfizer vaccine (except Peter Hotaz), particularly those who took both of those PEG laced shots, for the Pfizer covid vaccine is worthless, it neither protects nor is it safe. Of course, this is why covid continues, the vaccine doesn't work. It never did and it never will, there's no cellular immunity or neutralizing antibodies, it's all bs. Albert Bourles, CEO of Pfizer will never take it, he knows better.

Perhaps better to avoid the spike protein, avoid the prion cascade, the blood clots, analphylaxis, lifelong cardiac condition, death, paralysis and all that stuff.


Gary--Trust? HaHa! I see your two HaHa's and raise you one HaHaHa! You speak for me as well.


@Angus Files

As a former home school mom, I would give these kids an A+ in chemistry.
They performed legitimate science experiments. They should be hired by the industry, much like the high school computer hackers of old, to do quality control on the product.

Let's give them some Covid 19 jab samples to put to the test. We've already done magnets and Bluetooth. They could come up with a years' worth of chemistry experiments!


Nurse exposes false science about Covid:

This info is very helpful if you get sick.

Gary Ogden

Trust? HaHa! Trust in institution, whether governmental, media, scientific, or medical--gone. Trust in communities, whether neighborhood, AoA, or myriad others, strengthened, strengthened greatly. Yes, bravery is giving love and respect to others. And most people really are decent, honorable folks. Its just seems leadership positions in institutions are to a magnet for the psychopaths among us. And they are remarkably good at clinging to power. But they will ultimately fail. The People will see to it. This 'Rona nonsense has made me much more aware of the importance of treating everyone I encounter with a smiling, generous heart.

Angus Files

An Orange a day keeps the school away...

Thank you, for all your great links also Emmaphiladelphia..we dont need the FDA to tell us the tests are faulty as soon as you see the first clue having Tim Petos name involved, the kids in the UK schools have been showing its faulty for a while for fun,well two weeks off school, fun..

UK pupils use orange juice to fake ‘positive’ Covid test results
This article is more than 1 month old
Science teacher claims students say ‘it’s a great way to get two weeks off’, as experts criticise practice
Schoolchildren have discovered that applying orange juice to a Covid lateral flow test can generate a fake “positive” result.

The phenomenon – which has been verified through an experiment by the Guardian – is not a result of the juice containing the virus. Rather it appears to be linked to its acidity, which essentially breaks the test. The effect has allegedly also been seen with a number of other foods and drinks including ketchup and Coca-Cola.

One UK science teacher said they were shown the orange juice effect by their students. “They say it’s a great way to get two weeks off school,” they said.

Pharma For Prison



@Angus Files

Thanks for the link. Here's an important followup:

"PCR Test Class 1 Recall: FDA Says Innova PCR Tests Are Dangerous & Inaccurate (Massively Used)"


Congress person Rashida Tlaib Busted Partying Maskless With Tons of People (after throwing shade at Rand Paul on the same day) ....

I guess she is following her PERSONAL SCIENCE.
We should feel free to follow OURS.

Angus Files

Trust me Im a doctor ...Tim Paco Oxford UK -say no more!!) on the say so sets the ball rolling with a £128 million deposit in the bank account of the COVID rip Zip off.. Tax payer money used for 12 million pound Leer Jets ,luxury apartments ..

Covid – Zip Go The Billions.Follow the Money . In a brilliant investigation The Los Angeles Times probes the money made from lateral flow tests and multiple government contracts estimated to be worth at least $2.7 billion to a company whose Wuhan educated President has sold more than 1 billion tests worldwide. A Liverpool study claimed that only 40% worked.

Pharma For Prison


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