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Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Compares Americans to Suicide Bombers

A49AD286-FAC0-43B6-AB88-8E8412A8706BHave you noticed how strikingly similar both the mindsets and actions are between the suicide bombers at Kabul’s airport, and the anti-mask and anti-vax people here? They both blow themselves up, inflict harm on those around them, and are convinced they are fighting for freedom. Arne Duncan, 8/29.21 Twitter

The cruelty, ignorance and moral superiority drip off the screen from former Secretary of Education under President Obama Arne Duncan.  We can shrug it off, call him a jerk, move on. Or we can take a hard look at the thought process of people with current or former power within our government and their platform/capacity to incite deep fears that have one goal - compliance.  Secretary Duncan might want to pay some of us a visit, to find out how akin we are to suicide bombers as we care for our children 24/7/365. It is WE who got bombed, and 25 years into the autism epidemic, we are less respected and more hated than ever - how's that for an ugly truth. Hard to believe where we are today as a nation.  Hard to believe.  
Here is the Tweet text below:
Managing Partner, The Emerson Collective.
#ChicagoCRED. Author of How Schools Work. Here are the Emerson Collective's stated priorities:

Immigration Helping aspiring Americans and new immigrants succeed
Education Clearing pathways to a meaningful education
Climate Building solutions at the intersection of climate innovation and environmental justice.
XQ: The Super School Project Rethinking America's high schools
Chicago CRED Creating real economic destiny in Chicago
Equity & Justice Shaping new systems of opportunity for all
Media & Journalism Provoking thought and strengthening democracy
Health Accelerating cancer research and empowering patients





Baskerville and Emma:


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Exactly what I needed! You just saved me several hours. Thanks!


Unless the British police are simply going to set the dogs randomly on people they don’t like in future it does not seem a great way ahead. Video I think shows a policeman trying to pull a dog off a member of the public, but how did they get into that mess in the first place? Are the police actually using dogs to aggressively attack or threaten members of the public: it doesn’t fit well with the principle of sufficient force since you can easily end up with an uncontrolled situation (as here): the dog can even attack a bystander. Are they actually training dogs to attack people - I thought the idea was to train dogs not to attack people.


Meanwhile, the UK is unleashing attack dogs on peaceful Covid 19 vax protestors:

"Police in the United Kingdom have decided they're allowed to unleash a vicious weapon on protesters who are opposing COVID-19 vaccines and their mandates." SEE VIRAL VIDEO

Still with Trump

The correct correlation would be the white coated "Vaxi-bombers" who inflict endless harm on America's children at the day of birth, 2, 4, 6, 12 months and beyond.

Paul Picha

Does this guy get his talking points from a box of Cracker Jack? Good luck Arne, with your Hail Mary narrative.

Bob Moffit

'The cruelty, ignorance and moral superiority drip off the screen from former Secretary of Education under President Obama Arne Duncan.'

If this man was Sec of Education for 8 years … it would explain what happened to public education in our great country … our children are being "educated" in Critical Race Theory .. which is nothing less than RACISM .. instructing white children to apologize for being white ..while at the same time promoting children based on "equity" even if those children cannot read or write … the classic example of the SOFT BIGOTRY OF LOW EXPECTATIONS .. while entering a second year of wearing masks for entire school day .. knowing the masks are a considerable risk to the child's health.

If this man insists on comparing "anti-vax, anti-masks" to "suicide bombers" .. our public schools could not be worse after his years as Sec of Education had the TALIBAN taken over our schools.


Neither Pfizer nor Moderna nor J&J has made an official claim to the FDA that its COVID-19 shots prevent transmission of the virus, so idea that an unvaccinated person is a threat to someone else is wholly a rhetorical device of the government-pharma alliance to demonize people who do not choose to take these products.

I wonder if Duncan thinks the little kids are suicide bombers, too, or if they should just be locked in their houses until the man comes to give them the needle.

It would be very nice if the people who got COVID-19 shots stood up for the people who didn't. I'm sure they can all imagine a medical choice they would not want The Man making for them.

I guess Holocaust comparisons are not OK, but Taliban comparisons are? Some people's feelings are OK to hurt? I wonder who the arbiter of these things is.


Not many people can brag to the fact that they can take part in the destruction in just a few decades of a one of the most sturdiest, most successful institution of a Republic system, ever built.

Ducan and a few other in less than a generation have been able to destroy a wonderful system , that was built on a 300 year old tradition of one room school houses, and successful consolidation of schools that were the hub of a community to what it is today.



"...Rethinking America's high schools..."

When you see the word "rethinking" run for your life.


I recently watched Hotel Rwanda. The radio propaganda against the Tutsi "vermin" was 24/7. None of the ordinary folk had TV so people clustered around the radio. TV is like that now and, of course, many online outlets. ("The Daily Beast" leaps to mind.) There's not a shred of nuance to be found.

I've had "original" Covid. Am I a danger to everyone within a hundred yards? I doubt it, but because they might think so and I don't know for sure, I modify my behavior. And I wear a mask.

The other two members of my household got Covid and then got vaccinated for unrelated reasons. Neither seems to have had suffered any ill effects. The vaccine actually appears to have healed a chronically painful shoulder. Go figure.

People on both sides suffer from brainfree-hysteria, I note.

Gary Ogden

Unbelievable. Showing an utter lack of respect, as well, to the families of those young Marines murdered in Kabul. Sickening and disgusting. Obama was our worst President, worse than Dubya.

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