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CT Mall Shooting: Facebook Can Shut Down News

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Ciao stronzoI can't take credit for the headline, "DN" gets that.  Ciao Cuomo, piccolo uomo. Translation: Goodbye Cuomo, little man. Stronzo on the mask in the photo? Look it up, this is a PG site. Hint: We all have one and the sun doesn't shine there. Capisci?

This guy: From some Oprah site.

  • Andrew Cuomo was named one of People's Sexiest Men Alive in 2020, as well as one of the most "desirable man in New York City."
  • Currently, the third-term governor is single—he split from his longtime girlfriend, author and former Food Network star Sandra Lee, in September 2019.
  • Cuomo was previously married to Kerry Kennedy for 13 years.

Sexiest man alive????  Desirable? Why? His power? Is that still what makes a man "desirable???"

This very sexy, desirable Andrew Cuomo, now facing a scandalous outing of his treatment of women, just resigned from his position as Governor of New York.

Over the years, he was brutally dismissive of our community. Under his watch, 26,000 healthy children were kicked out of school, long before Covid shut down classrooms, when he eliminated the religious exemption.  BSK posted on FB:

He may never pay for the nursing home scandal. But this? This will do. He is losing his dream, and bringing shame to his family and the Cuomo name. Let him feel one tenth of what my child felt being kicked out of his school/second home and losing his IEP back on 6/13/19 - when families like mine also had #FourteenDays to figure out what the hell we were going to do following the stroke of his pen.
His behavior toward women is indicative of many who call us names and actively work against us, and our children. And he has THREE DAUGHTERS! There is a misogyny so deep, so vicious, that it's hard to explain to men and even more-so to the WOMEN who support men like Cuomo.  He tried to use his Italian heritage as a crutch. Mamma mia.  He should be walked out in handcuffs, instead he gets 2 weeks to saunter out to his next gig, surely at a trough, like most "ex"-politicians.



Here are the articles:
While tragic, it is not clear that any of the victims were autistic.
I think Kim covered this when it originally happened. Awful.


The video of the corruption that went on in Albany when exemptions were under attack might gain traction in light of all these events. I seem to recall that the attempt to remove exemptions would have died in committee had the deciding voter not been strong armed by the ranking Chair. Of course the only people reporting on that were people in the vaccine risk aware community so, of course, with censorship it’s almost impossible to find. If anyone reading this has a hankerin’ to resurface that story it might be a good time to strike while the iron is hot, so more people see how the democratic process is denied to the vaccine injured - one of the most vulnerable & persecuted communities there is.

PS No idea why I channeled Yosemite Sam there for a bit.


Emma-Philidelphia you want the website to find these tragedies, again. No, I do not have a cut and paste function on my cheap Chromeboook so I cannot give the exact web address hyperlinked
Yet another unrelated murder of a developmentally disabled person this time with autism for sure has been reported by the local news media this time a few months ago a man with autism was shot by a sheriff's deputy that was off duty at a Costco the man with autism allegedly assaulted him and shot his parents and the parents were also hurt by this reckless gun fire and the former police officer was charged with 1st degree manslaughter and with assault with a deadly weapon. It seems like the Riverside and San Bernardino county is a horrible place for the developmentally disabled including autism. The story I was referring to was about an "elderly couple" whom ran a care home the age "group home" operators is not important. What is important is that they committed sex and physical abuse against clients at the home and almost certainly murder.

Angus Files

Bros in crime

CNN’s Chris Cuomo reportedly told older brother Gov. Andrew to resign

Pharma For Prison



Mark Blaxill said in a speech that it has already been proved that vaccines causes autism. The science is there. It is not about the science, now! It is about getting it to stop which gets us into the political side of things.

And so here we are.

There have always been tons of stories about the tragedies that have befallen autism. Have you not noticed that the stories do not matter?


@ benedetta

Your theory is plausible. However, those in seats of power operate in the realm of PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. They are quite fluent in its lingo. Anything against them rolls off their back when declared a CONSPIRACY THEORY.



Instead of complaining, you too can be an AOA Citizen Journalist. You have time to read and have access to articles others may not. Just Email your links and a summary to Kim and she might do a feature on it. Most readers look in the comments for other links to related news. Nothing is stopping you.


It is sad Age of Autism is so fixated with Cuomo and his alleged sexually assaulting loose women. I bet the bigoted elites of Milan will call him a Da--. This used to be a site about autism and the challenges related to that autism disorder. An autism related tragedy coming from Riverside county in California According to a news agency from the Los Angeles area a "foster care" home "owner" has been accused of sexual abuse and murder of people at that home. The people cared for in this "foster care' home are severely disabled many of them children and their disability obviously includes autism. This horrible story is unrelated to another 2016 tragedy mass murder of disabled people in the same county. Mrs Rossi and Age of Autism editors it is time to return to the roots of Age of Autism when it was mostly about advocacy of the seriously disabled and not partisan politics. Publish a story about this incident and other atrocities and how autism parents and others may help prevent these from happening again.


Yes Betty;
The whole think was released on purpose. IT is the only thing that makes sense. .

It was a real virus; that would harm people that already had high inflammation -an immune system prone to be on fire; like my young nephew, and the elderly, but not really all that deadly IF treated medically correctly.

Fauci and Francis Collins used their position with in the NIH - that involves protocols for the standards of treatment.

Example: When I had some female problems and went to the gyno - he went through a bunch of stuff, and I went home and looked up the protocols he did to see if he was following the correct standard of treatment.

Standard of treatment for this covid 19 said NO steroids, cause it might not allow the immune system to fight off the virus. Never mind that doctors had been using steroids to calm the immune system for some patients that came down with a cold in their chest for decades. Doctors were amazed, the cowards put their heads down like they have for decades with vaccine injuries, , and the brave -- well Fauci and Francis Collins can squash them like a bug by threatening their license, ruin them.

I am sure they they have explained to these governors what they were doing - making a virus seem worse. Cuomo could out them over that. OH that private conversation would curly our toes.

But Cuomo did too good of a job, the New York medical people did too good a job, the death toll was too high and so the masses are mad.

So get rid of him, by allowing claims of sexual stuff. Well, he might have, probably did. It is always good that a goon that does your dirty work also has some other skeletons in their closets incase things get dicey.

So you guys think that is about the way it went down?

But why release a virus on purpose? Lock us all down?

That gets us into a political arena of mail in ballots and the like. That is what I think.

We all died over an election?


As proud Italians & Americans, hubby and I are also offended at our gov’s hiding behind our culture. My husband is only about two years younger than Cuomo, and I can vouch that my mother in law didn’t raise an uncivilized pig. He came to this country as a hard working, faith filled, good hearted teenager. Are we generally more social and affectionate than the average American? Yes! Do we show it by grabbing strangers’ PRIVATE PARTS?!? Hell no!!! Neither here nor in Italy. What an insult. This guy has no shame.

Also, my 4 children were among the 26,000 who were kicked out of school on June 13, 2019. They’re thrilled he’s gotten his comeuppance, but beyond that they thankfully seemed to have moved on. We’re doing better anyway with homeschooling, and we’re looking into leaving our lifelong home state. The corruption here simply runs too deep - it’s bigger than just Cuomo.

A year before they got kicked out, I went with one of my kids to an admissions open house for Cuomo’s alma mater, Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens. His disgusting photo was displayed along their hallway of famous alumni photos. I wonder if they’ll finally take it down now?


Could the day of Cuomo's announcement (Tuesday) have been a distraction?


YEAH JEFF: I thought the same thing. Best they not out him for that, or he might turn on the ones that told him to do it.


Betty, I don't know about EMTs, but I do know that Columbia-Presbyterian undertook an experiment on people who came to the hospital with symptoms of coronavirus. Basically, they tested to see how many of them they could talk out of lifesaving care.

The kicker is that the hospital waived the patients' right to informed consent to a study on whether they could be talked out of wanting to live. Not at Cuomo's instigation--just regular "science."


My local radio talk show host and callers were indignant that Cuomo gave himself two weeks to leave.
They want him out the door NOW.
I agree.

A young artist type was sentenced to TEN YEARS in prison for creating a MEME that mimicked Hillary's 2016 campaign logo and gave a text # to cast their vote. Some citizens actually fell for the joke. I think traumatized women, 20,000 dead seniors, and underfunded special needs children are worth at least that much jail time for the EX-Governor.

Jeff Bolz

The sex scandal is just smoke and mirrors to hide what happened in the nursing homes.


Not being a New York resident, I hadn't known the OPWDD figure until you cited it, Tom.

How can the special needs community become a protest group that gets attention? How can families affected by budget cuts and lack of educational resources take a day to march in the streets, when they have to earn a living *and* supervise their kids? Cuomo's actions (and the similar actions of others) are the ultimate in kicking people when they're down.


I never hear anything about his Do Not Resuscitate order for EMT workers. Did he actually order that EMT personnel refrain from resuscitating people who stopped breathing in order to save room in the hospital?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Still with Trump | August 11, 2021 at 06:59 AM

Dont forget the Fauxi and his deliberate use of the unapproved drug remdesivir (is "very toxic")
To create the spike necessary to bring about the plandemic.


He has demonstrated a pattern of bullying throughout his time as Governor. While focus is often cast on the more recent sexual harassment of women and throwaway mentality of our seniors during Covid, his most egregious occured before, directly affecting the most vulnerable, our community. During his tenure, Cuomo decreased the budget of the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) by almost 50%, and continued to slash into this year. Oh, and then he applied the same nursing home policy to group homes during Covid.

He's disgusting, and I am more than happy to remind anyone who swooned about him the past year that they did so supporting a serial bully.

Still with Trump

Sad what Cuomo did with sending CV19 cases back to the nursing homes that maybe killed 20,000 +.

Not sure what will be left of the military after the CV19 mandate by mid-September.

I would guess that "Nuremberg thing" set up by the anti-Hitler people is about over in the United States.

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