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CT Mall Shooting: Facebook Can Shut Down News

EC28DB29-722B-47BE-B8BC-F67DE5F8D13ALast night, we had an active shooter in the Danbury Fair Mall, in Danbury, Connecticut. It's not my closest mall, but folks in town go there for certain stores regularly. If your son or daughter or husband or Mom or friend was working or shopping there, you might search for it on Facebook, which touts itself as a reliable source of news. Except, you would have seen the photo on the left.  Facebook blocked out any and all searches related to the Danbury Mall. Wow. I didn't think I was naive, but that blew me away. "See more when you're back online."  Back online?? I AM online!

A local newspaper reported that a female was shot, and her wound(s) were non-life-threatening. Thank goodness.  Police: Person shot inside Danbury mall, suspect remains at large



You couldn't even search for the Carousel, that's famous in the mall.






Well, the magic box says not the face book; but Stamford Advocate; police reports that the Danbury shooting was about an altercation among a group of eight people. One had a gun and a unintended target was a 16 year old girl shot in the chest, but she is going to be alright.

So far they don't now who shot the gun.

That said; mall have long stopped being safe places and I don't mean just physically safe, but scary to the pocket book as well. But it sure is a lot of fun to go to them at Christmas time.

Our whole society has become just creepy.

So eight people; gain related? A bunch of people that came across our southern border and transported to Stamford?

There sure is enough new ones in our state at our local Save a Lot. But no worries we have border laws and the present administration is not above the law. (LOL?) or fear rising in the chest more like it.

There use to be a thing called school sports kids went to?

Angus Files

Your welcome Betty
Part 1 is on the left of the web page also copied below..

MANAGERS AND CAREER STAFF in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention tampered with the assessments of dozens of chemicals to make them appear safer, according to four scientists who work at the agency. The whistleblowers, whose jobs involve identifying the potential harms posed by new chemicals, provided The Intercept with detailed evidence of pressure within the agency to minimize or remove evidence of potential adverse effects of the chemicals, including neurological effects, birth defects, and cancer.


Pharma For Prison



Very interesting story about the EPA whistleblowers that Angus posted. It reminds me of Dave Lewis' book "Science For Sale". Not much has changed despite whistleblowers!

Angus Files

Must be a strange one that, to find out your home town doesn't exist anymore your meant to look no further.

They can as we all know make it up or down or to anything they want ..science the world of make believe..

When industry wants a chemical safety assessment done yesterday, EPA managers classify it as “hair on fire.”
Whistleblowers speak out about the Environmental Protection Agency’s practice of routinely approving dangerous chemicals.
WILLIAM IRWIN’S SUPERVISORS had a simple request. They just wanted him, a scientist who assesses the safety of chemicals at the Environmental Protection Agency, to sign off on a report that would give a chemical the agency’s OK to enter the market. It would have been easy for him to affix his signature to the document, which would have allowed him to finally get the project he had worked on for months off his desk.

The only problem? The science didn’t show that the chemical was safe.


Pharma For Prison


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