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…Because of COVID

Because of covidBy Cathy Jameson

I have never in my adult life heard one response used more frequently than, “Because of COVID.”  It doesn’t matter the setting – in a school, store, doctor’s office, playground, or at a concert.  Because of COVID is said all the time.  It started last year: 

Sorry, kids. Sports are cancelled …because of COVID.

Sorry, staff.  All meetings are now virtual …because of COVID. 

Sorry, Ma’am.  All regularly scheduled appointments are limited …because of COVID. 

Sorry, travelers.  Flight restrictions are now in place …because of COVID. 

I expected and grew used to the adjustments we were asked to make because of COVID in March of 2020.  Back then, the 2-week pause made sense.  I thought it was a reasonable request, and I actually welcomed it.  I didn’t expect the restrictions, and the go-to response …because of COVID to continue to hamper parts of life for as long as it has.  But even this week, I heard several times …because of COVID being used in a school setting, in a medical setting, and in a political setting. 

It’s become a response, an excuse, and a justification.  Since 2020, it’s been said countless times.  Some weeks, I hear it daily.   I respected it …until I didn’t. 

because of COVID local sports are still cancelled or at limited capacity or come with major restrictions.  Unless you’re a major sports team.

because of COVID meetings and office get togethers are encouraged to be virtual.  Unless it’s your birthday and you have some celebrity status.

because of COVID restrictions are still in place in the community.  Unless you believe you’re above the law.

because of COVID, air travel for passengers and some airlines has taken a hit.  Unless you’re an unmasked elected official shirking your work. 

I’m guessing you heard it as many times I had last year.  You’ve probably heard that catch phrase most of 2021, too.  It’s not so much a catch phrase, though, is it?  Now, it’s being used as a threat.

Because of COVID, you must get a shot.

Because of COVID, if you don’t get the shot, you’ll lose your job.

Because of COVID, if you lose your job, you lose your benefits, your tenure, and maybe even your retirement.

Because of COVID, you stand to lose everything you’ve worked hard to attain. 

Those who’ve opted to receive the shot may not be facing those same threats, but for those who’ve respectfully declined it, all of that is becoming true.

Health care workers,    state workers, educatorsfederal employees,  and the military  could lose their jobs or face strict restrictions …because of COVID.  Not because they have suddenly lost skills.  Not because they’ve performed an illicit act.  These community helpers, whose passion in life is to help others, are facing a major decision:  get the shot, or be forced out of their profession. 


…because of COVID. 

Never in my entire life have I ever seen a liability-free medical product be used in the way that this one has.  The vaccine was a promise, it was purported to be a preventative, and then it quickly became a requirement for life.  Get it or else!  We never used to live like that, with freedoms removed and with seemingly illogical demands placed on daily activities.  But we do now …because of COVID. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 



What enables "covid" scenario?

Belief in "viruses", pasteur/rockefeller establishment.

While that belief persists, with you as an enthusiast, the slope gets slippier. And it's a downward spiral into oblivion.


Rebecca's Choice:

Judge strips mother of custody after surprising her with COVID-shot question

"A Chicago mother has been stripped of all rights to her son after she told a Cook County judge she has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus."

"Judge James Shapiro out of the blue asked Firlit if she had been vaccinated. Firlit told the court that she had avoided getting the vaccine because she has a history of adverse reactions to vaccines."
A family DESTROYED.....because of Covid.

Did this inspire the judge?
Sophie's Choice | "The Choice"


You are so right David.

Some resist, others die. Apparently the BBC lost a newscaster to a brain hemorrhage. The vaccine causes some type of autoimmunity that attacks your own platelets. Once your platelets are gone, well, you bleed out, like that poor newscaster. She looked pretty young, I can't imagine she was at risk of covid.

So I ask the same question I usually ask, what does a 'little brain hemorrhage' look like in the clinic ?
I understand the big one causes death, what does the little one do ?
Is it a spectrum disorder ?
thank you


You are right, David Weiner. Individuals' rights and doctors' roles have been usurped by the State. The only reason to take one of these vaccines is if you decide for yourself that the risk/benefit profile of the vaccine is better for you than the risk/benefit profile of possibly catching the disease. That's true of all vaccines, and a doctor who has an honest and confidential relationship with a patient will give the right type of advice. The State has completely usurped individuals' health decisions with its mandates in service of "public health." Public health might be served by forcing all of us to eat a nutritionist-designed diet, but making that the national policy is neither consistent with the freedom we used to cherish as Americans, nor a policy decision that weighs all factors.

I guess I'm prepared to involve a lawyer if it comes to that, but man... I am deeply disappointed by every friend I had who folded before the mandates even came. They got themselves and their tweenage kids shot up because they figured they'd be forced to do so eventually. They didn't stand up, even when standing up just would have meant not taking a biological product they had no reason to think would benefit them. I have friends who literally said, "We know this is stupid, but we did it because we figured our jobs would make us do it at some point." What the hell. I mean, what the hell. They just made it harder for the rest of us.


As the French Laundry dine..

Gary Ogden

Never in all my years, in all my wildest imagining, did I ever think the Western democracies would devolve into police states. Into medical fascism. Into wide-spread cold-blooded murder of citizens. And, so far, get away with it.

Bob Moffit

"The vaccine was a promise, it was purported to be a preventative, and then it quickly became a requirement for life."

The vaccine does NOT PREVENT COVID … the vaccine does NOT PREVENT TRANSMISSION .. the vaccine has been proven INEFFECTIVE as well as UNSAFE .. just today VAERS reports 14,000 deaths and THOUSANDS OF FULLY VACCINATED HOSPITALIZED.

So … "Because of Covid" .. we no longer have our humanitarian universal right to INFORMED CONSENT … we must get vaccinated with three doses … we must wear masks wherever we are told to do so .. we must not question our SAVIOR .. PRINCE FAUCI .. or some urge we be charged with a HATE CRIME.

It's not too unthinkable that future generations will ask what happened to our FREEDOMS .. and the answer will be …. BECAUSE OF COVID

Angus Files

Thanks Cathy The Seriously Brain Washed are now wishing for further draconian infliction restrictions. I think so that its a level playing field for all, nothing to do with immunity. Sadly Mr Murray cant see that.

Andy Murray laments large number of unvaccinated tennis players ahead of US Open
'The reason why we are getting vaccinated is to look out for the public. We have a responsibility as players that are traveling the world'

Pharma For Prison


David S Weiner

Attributing all of these measures to Covid has been a lie, from the start.

All of this fallout that was allegedly due to "Covid" has been the fault of State interference in our liberties, the rights of individuals and organizations to respond to the (State-exaggerated) threat in the manner they consider best.

The right of doctors to prevent and treat Covid as they see fit. If this right had been honored, there would be no Covid hysteria, as people would understand that the threat to almost everyone is miniscule.

The right of individuals and organizations to assess their own risk and take sensible precautions if they think that they are warranted.

All of the tyrannical measures have been State-imposed in order to justify shaming and coercing all of us into taking a deadly Covid jab, a "cure" which is worse than the disease, at least in the vast majority of cases.

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