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Autism in Afghanistan

WeepI spent a good portion of yesterday listening to the three major cable news networks report on the crisis in Afghanistan. I'm worried for the women and girls. I'm especially worried for the boys and girls who have autism and their mothers and fathers. I ran a Google search on Autism and Afghanistan and found very little: 398B7A9C-589D-4D25-B6FE-7A86F6A4B8BF

There are no known studies looking at the prevalence of autism in Afghanistan, and organizations such as Autism Speaks do not operate in the country.

And this:

The people of Afghanistan continue to hurt from the effects of decades of invasion and civil war. While there have been some efforts to support the physically disabled population of Afghanistan, there is less support for individuals with intellectual and mental disabilities; specifically, there is no support for children and adults with autism. This entry begins by introducing the history of autism-spectrum disorder (ASD) and the various legislative and political efforts in place in Afghanistan to support general disabilities. Furthermore, it addresses the lack of support for people specifically with autism in Afghanistan in regard to research and treatment of the condition. This is measured by the lack of nationwide recognition and awareness of autism, screening and diagnosis, and treatment for those afflicted with it. In addition to recognizing the severe lack of mental health resources in general, this entry also addresses the various cultural and social perceptual issues...

I am trying to bear in mind that we here in the United States and our readers across the Western world are so very fortunate.  Despite the major controversies and problems we face. I look at my own daughters, loved, helped, treated, healthy, welcomed by most of society, valued.....  a universe apart from what girls, typical or otherwise, experience in Afghanistan.  What can we do?

...There are no known studies looking at the prevalence of autism in Afghanistan, and organizations such as Autism Speaks do not operate in the country....



"One Must Ask" Laura, that was a very painful paragraph to read.
There is no one in my extended family who will ask. No one in my mostly lefty friends. No One, No One, No One, just No One.


The best way to help is probably through an already established program that has operations in Afghanistan. I don't see specific autism resources from these folks ( or these (, but they do appear to help families, children, orphans, and schools.


Taliban going door-to-door executing Christians
Terrorists have 'a hit list' of those 'they are targeting to pursue and kill'

Thanks to Joe, any autistic Afghan children are not long for this world.

Laura Hayes

Greg Hill,

Thank you for your extremely kind words...they are deeply appreciated!

No current plans for any presentations or interviews, but if any should materialize, I will definitely let you know!

Thanks again :)

Angus Files

Autism Speaks doesn't operate. Full stop!

Pharma For Prison


Donna L.

From this, it looks like the autism rate in Afghanistan is even higher than in the US.
Watching the video footage of all those families trying to get out, I, too, kept wondering about autism families there. With a kid as affected as mine, there is no way you could even attempt to flee.
This is an unspeakable tragedy. And once again, it appears that no one will care.


Kim, why do you assume that there are autistic children / adults in Afghanistan?
I am not saying there are none, but I am pretty sure that autism is not such a societal scourge like in the US. Like in very many countries around the world, many, or even most babies are not routinely vaccinated. I am from Russia, and Russian babies are not even remotely as pharmaceuticaly assaulted as in this country.
My two cents anyway...

Greg Hill

Laura, I hope before long we'll be seeing another of your A+++ videos, "Why Is This Legal - Part 2." How about your being interviewed by Del on The Highwire for that? I'm sure it would (excuse the expression) "go viral." If Del doesn't know you in person yet, he certainly should! Time and again you have proven yourself to be one of the most eloquent spokespersons we have.

Laura Hayes

NEW STUDY of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children in NY reveals staggering statistics!

Here is the summary:

Here is the link, contained in the summary above, which includes all correspondences to date between the families' attorneys and absolute MUST READ!

I am curious to know what the statistics would have shown if they had included the additional categories of asymmetrical faces and tics (aluminum causes the first, mercury causes the second).

Note the abundance of evidence, as provided in the letter dated May 21st, that already exists showing the myriad and unacceptable harms caused by the vaccines currently being administered to children. Also note the inexcusably dismissive, detached, uncaring, ignorant, and arrogant responses by those in positions of power, as exemplified in the letter dated June 16th.

One must ask what has happened to the minds, hearts, and morals of so many of those who work in "education", "healthcare", and "public service" (those words must now be placed in quotation marks because the words do not reflect the reality of what is transpiring in those industries). Why do so many choose (it is most definitely a choice) to turn a blind eye to the ever-growing bodies of evidence and truths that cannot be denied? Vaccines are harming, and in some cases destroying, the brains, immune systems, nervous systems, and guts of our children, resulting in unacceptable, terrible, lifelong effects on their health, proper development, well-being, independence, fertility, full potential, and longevity. Why are so few in the aforementioned industries, who witness the vaccine harm every single day, willing to admit it? Furthermore, why are so few of them willing to take action to stop it? What a tragic commentary on the humanity of so many.

Maurine Meleck

Sadly, there are many countries like Afghanistan-those in political and social turmoil, and endemic poverty that would make any help or consideration of autism attainable.
Just look at the U.S. alone which for years had the ability to take autism by the horns and do something about it but continues to ignore the devastation it's causing. Now imagine the dozens of countries that lack any options.
The world is turmoil. Imagine those who refuse the Covid jab are now considered #1 terrorists according to the US National Security Act.
Wish I could give some hopeful news, but alas I can't find any.

Jonathan Rose

Autism Speaks doesn't operate in Afghanistan? Well, that's one ray of sunshine.

Clare Puskarczyk

Are the newborns, babies, and young children's bodies/brains harmed by vaccines like in the US?

Bob Moffit

..".There are no known studies looking at the prevalence of autism in Afghanistan, and organizations such as Autism Speaks do not operate in the country...."

We seem to be as mystified by ever increasing rates of autism as are the people of Afghanistan .. even though we are blessed with numerous studies purporting to monitor increasing autism rates and Autism Speaks has operated in our country for decades .. mostly creating AWARENESS of our autism problem

I am beginning to think autism is the most baffling affliction in history .. as autism has risen steadily for decades from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 34 … obviously something has entered our human ENVIRONMENT that is CAUSING AUTISM. WONDER WHAT IN THE WORLD COULD THAT BE.

Has Afghanistan adopted our vaccine schedule of 17 vaccines in 72 doses for their kids??

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