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No Means No

Why Hesitation

FBD5C024-C290-4AC0-ABBD-24A00DBAD92F I tried to sum up Covid vaccine hesitation and outright refusal in a Tweet.  I'm pretty sure Twitter is holding back our Tweets - our likes and RTs are very low given we have over 30,000 followers.  Still, I persevere.  Follow us at @AgeofAutism

Why are we supposed to be Kerri Strug, 1996 Olympics gymnast who was encouraged - coerced - to vault on a badly turned ankle to appease her coach, her team, her nation?

We are asking to be treated with respect and understanding, like Simone Biles. 



And the numbers in the children group!
We are dealing with people that could care less about human life.


Emma, do you think they killed the 14 in the placebo group to keep it even?

How many was in the original study to begin with that about 30 died during trails?



Yes. Here is the dictionary definition of a pharmaceutical drug, as which a vaccination qualifies:

Drug: noun
1. Pharmacology. a chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental well-being.

It is interesting to examine the origin of the word pharmaceutical:
Strong's Concordance:
pharmakeia: the use of medicine, drugs or spells

Original Word: φαρμακεία, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: pharmakeia
Phonetic Spelling: (far-mak-i'-ah)
Short Definition: magic, sorcery, enchantment
Definition: magic, sorcery, enchantment.



"Science Writer Suspended From Twitter For Quoting Results Of Pfizer Clinical Trial

Here's the quote directly from Pfizer:
During the blinded, controlled period, 15 BNT162b2 and 14 placebo recipients died; during the open-label period, 3 BNT162b2 and 2 original placebo recipients who received BNT162b2 after unblinding died. None of these deaths were considered related to BNT162b2 by investigators.

Causes of death were balanced between BNT162b2 and placebo groups.
As tons of people who were in the placebo group went out and took the vaccine "the trial blind is broken now" and "this is all the data we will ever have," Berenson noted."

"CDC Study on 12- to 17-Year-Olds Who Got Pfizer Vaccine: 397 Reports of Heart Inflammation, 14 Deaths
A study released last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed 9,246 adverse events reported among adolescents aged 12 to 17, including 863 serious events, 14 deaths and 397 reports of myocarditis."

Anita Donnelly

This mentions that Simone did get the vaccine



"If vaccinated people get infected anyway, they have as much virus in their bodies as unvaccinated people — that means they’re as likely to infect someone else as unvaccinated people who get infected, CNN reported.

“The bottom line was that, in contrast to the other variants, vaccinated people, even if they didn’t get sick, got infected and shed virus at similar levels as unvaccinated people who got infected,” Dr. Walter Orenstein, who heads the Emory Vaccine Center and who viewed the documents, told CNN."


Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng defends '666' vaccine prayer

An amazing man. He truly cares for the safety of his people. He is fearless against the Globalists.

L Land

Wow again!

Quite the turn around from your Breaking post.

We who don’t appreciate people that tell us what did or did not happen from medical procedures that were causative or were treatments are now doing to same to others.

This tactic didn’t convince us vaccines were safe, it is also not going to convince others of the opposite.

Still with Trump

It would seem that Simone Biles would know if she was a bit off on her balance. Some of her events can be very dangerous even for the best in the world, I would think there are more people in wheelchairs from gymnastics than there are from football.

Hard to believe they did not post her getting her vaccine a few weeks back? Surely her vaccine status is public somewhere.

I would guess that she will be very well paid not to mention any possible relation to the covid vaccines. Sadly the real vaccine reaction might still be ahead.


RE: Emmaphiladelphia | July 31, 2021 at 02:23 PM

"Chinese Eating Babies & Planned Parenthood Abortionists
In China, they eat babies; Planned Parenthood kills them and then sells their organs. Which is worse?"

Which COVID-19 Vaccines Are Being Developed with Fetal Cell Lines Derived from Aborted Babies?

"Several COVID-19 vaccine frontrunners, including those being developed by Moderna, Oxford University/AstraZeneca, CanSino Biologics/Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, and Inovio Pharmaceuticals, are using a human fetal kidney cell line called HEK-293 to develop their trial vaccines. HEK-293 was originally derived from kidney tissue taken from a baby girl who was aborted in the Netherlands in 1972 and later developed into a cell line in a lab in 1973.

Additionally, Janssen, the pharmaceutical division of consumer product giant Johnson & Johnson, is using the human fetal cell line PER.C6 to develop its vaccine. The PER.C6 fetal cell line was derived from retinal tissue taken from an 18-week-old baby boy who was aborted in the Netherlands in 1985 and later converted into a fetal cell line in 1995."


"Vegans May Be Exempt from Compulsory Vaccines, Law Firm Claims"

The only problem with this is that the current jab WASN'T TESTED ON ANIMALS!
A better argument is that you are a "vegan cannibal." You don't eat aborted babies (this was actually done in China!) The jabs WERE developed using aborted baby cells.

In states with exemptions, the aborted fetal cell argument WORKS.

Bob Moffit

Update .. from today's NY Post .. item: Simone: I'm Not In Sync"

"For anyone saying I quit, I didn't quit. My mind and body are simply not in sync." revealing she was still grappling with the condition that left her discombobulated on Tuesday vault. "I don't think you realize how dangerous this is on hard competitive surface." Biles said that while twisting in mid air she "literally cannot tell up from down". "It's the craziest feeling ever" she said "Not having an inch of control over your body".

That sounds more like a "physical" problem than a "mental" one … the question remains .. has she received Covid vaccine in days prior to "not being in sync" .. someone who has ALWAYS been confident of her physical control over her body. Just saying.

Bob Moffit

Last night on Greg Kelly show (newsmax) .. the host and his guest both have heard rumors that Simone Biles withdrew following covid vaccine left her unsure of her coordination and balance .. RUMOR .. but it is believable none-the-less.

First time I heard such a rumor existed.

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