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What, Me Worry? Not Dr. Morrier.

Morrier ears"Not A disease. Not a defect. Not a deficit. Different."   Thanks to our Anne Dachel for calling out this dingbat in Florida, a shrink named Morrier who sure isn't a worrier when it comes to autism. He seems to have no experience with or understanding of the PLIGHT of people with autism, and their families. Not a deficit? To be unable to speak? Care for yourself? Protect yourself? Autism itself is a word - a useless word. Some of the characteristics are indeed deficits. Take the word AUTISM and tell the shrinks they can have it, love it, wrap it in 24K gold tissue paper, and continue to make their FORTUNE prescribing seriously dangerous drugs for it. I know a local Mom who has worked so darn hard for her son - and yet his rages just keep escalating and he is a HUGE young man.  The psych answer?  THORAZINE. THOR A ZINE.  Dr. Morrier, step aside, you are an impediment.  Rant over. With apologies to Alfred E. Neuman from MAD Magazine.

By Anne Dachel

I recently found a pointless piece about autism in the Fort Myers Florida Weekly. The title was a misnomer, Understanding Autism.

By the end, the reader doesn’t really understand what autism is. The real message is: There’s nothing wrong with being autistic, get used to it.

It featured Michael Morrier, a psychiatrist at Emory University in Atlanta and Diane Adreon, who has a doctorate in special education and works at Miami-Nova Southeastern University.

This is a perfect example of autism busy work: AUTISM IS STILL A MYSTERY, BUT NO ONE IS WORRIED. Educated people are looking into autism.

We were told that autism is like being left-handed, just a difference, not a defect/deficit,

Reporter Mary Wozniak had no really challenging questions for Dr. Morrier

In short, Morrier dismissed autism as a crisis. He was still unsure if more kids really have autism.  He gave us the history of autism back to the refrigerator mom theory of Bruno Bettelheim.

Morrier was not asked about regressive autism where healthy, normally developing children suddenly lose learned skills and sink into autism.

Morrier talked about a “genetic predisposition” and “some kind of environmental trigger,” but failed to cite even one of the possible triggers.

Morrier was “absolutely” sure there are just as many adults with autism out there; they’re just misdiagnosed.

Finally Morrier sang the praises of the neurodiversity movement and how we all just need to “work together to better the world for all of us.”

This piece hardly addressed the reality of autism. Nothing was said about what it’s like to care for the nonverbal young adult son wearing a helmet, still in diapers and a physical danger to himself and others.

A really competent reporter would have asked Morrier where all this undiagnosed/misdiagnosed autistic adults are and why hasn’t he used his position to find a comparable rate among adults. (And I don’t mean finding people who’d rather stay home on Friday night and read a book instead of going to a party.)

Morrier should have been asked why so many autistic kids have serious gut issues and other co-existing medical conditions.

 A really informed reporter would ask why the better diagnosing never seems to end.  Just when we see the rate level off?  

Wozniak should have asked Morrier to explain the rate of one in every 14 students /one in every 8 boys in schools in New Jersey with autism.

The last twenty years of watching how the media and the medical community talk about autism has taught me this will never change.

And when autism finally bankrupts schools and social services, I can guarantee that all the Dr. Morriers and  Ms Wozniaks out there will still be undisturbed, scratching their heads  over the mystery of autism.


Carolyn Kidd

Genetic predisposition my rear end. I have a "normal" 27 year old daughter I had at 18 years old. At age 40, we adopted a baby girl. At 41 I got pregnant! My now 4 year old son has mostly nonverbal autism. My 5 year old adopted daughter has semi-verbal autism. Neither one will likely grow up to be "The Good Doctor". When I was raising my now adult daughter, I'd never even heard of autism. Now I personally know 4 other friends or family each with an autistic child. Not to mention all the kids at my children's school, the autistic kids I meet in everyday life. How can people be so willfully blind to what's happening, and believe claptrap like this article?

Paul Picha

Snake oil salesman... one helluva racket for sure.


Exactly how did this Florida Psychiatrist from Emory University come to the notion that there are people with a "Genetic PreDisposition" to becoming an Autistic person. Hey DOC, You do know that its mostly boys right? You do know that before Regan gave Zero Liability-Zero Responsibility-Zero Financial repercussions to those that put Aluminum, Cancer causing Formaldehyde, Fetal Cell DNA from abortions, cells of monkeys dogs pigs cows, ether, Polysorbate and other chemicals into plastic syringes, approximately 1 in 10,000 kids had Autism whereas today its 1 in 14. How the media can spin this genetic story and coverup as to the demise of our children is beyond what I saw on "The Twilight Zone." No wonder after all that brainwashing our society covered their noses so rapidly.

Angus Files

Another ‘snout in the trough’ trying to gets a pharma sweetheart deal.

Pharma For Prison


Did I hear "Center of Excellence"?
Run for your life.

L land

Sorry but why the reaction to Thorazine ?
What about it is worse than other drugs?

Anna Quandt

I agree. JB Handley’s book is honest and enlightening. I wish I could get my friends and family to read it!


"Emory University is just down the road from the CDC in Atlanta"

It's even worse than that. It's the home of Dr. Walter Orenstein and the Emory Vaccine Center. Dr. Orenstein was in charge of the original rollout of the then new post 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act enlarged childhood vaccine schedule. He was also Dr. Julie Gerberding's boss and is the one who arranged the infamous 1999-2000 Simpsonwood meeting to crisis manage the results of the 1999 EIS Verstraeten report on vaccine mercury and autism.

Here's what he is up to now:

"Dr. Orenstein’s research focus has been on assessment of vaccine effectiveness in observational studies, methods to overcome vaccine hesitancy, ways to enhance uptake of recommended vaccines, and ways to facilitate polio eradication and sustain that eradication. In addition, Dr. Orenstein is the Principal Investigator for the Center of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance (Emory-UGA CEIRS), one of five national Centers of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance (CEIRS) funded by NIH/NIAID. with a focus on better understanding pathogenesis, immune responses to vaccines and infection, and viral surveillance in animal populations. The Center's structure is comprised of research (human and animal) projects, pilot projects (novel ideas), data management, animal surveillance (domestic and foreign), and CEIRS Cross-Network projects."

Also, Fort Meyers is home to a huge retirement community based around a large medical center. Many well heeled retirees live there who might have autistic grandchildren. This would be a targeted brainwashing article that they might fall for.

Cynthia Vana

Thank you for posting this great article. People like Dr. Michael Morrier either need to open their eyes or stop their corrupt behavior. I'm reading J.B. Handley's HOW TO END THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC and I found it to be the most enlightening and honest (truly from the heart) piece of literature on autism I've ever encountered. Anyone who is interested in the health and well being of children, and their families, should read this book.


Emory University is just down the road from the CDC in Atlanta.

Does Dr. Morrier know Dr. Fauci (since he works down the road). Perhaps he even receives research money from the CDC, certainly Emory does. They also have a huge medical center that makes money on everything they sell, from pharmaceuticals to diagnostics. The more vaccines they sell, the more money they make. No wonder they ignore vaccine injury.

If I was in Atlanta, I'd think back on how Hank Aaron died....right after his covid shot.

It's becoming clear, the covid vaccine doesn't work and Pfizer has sacked the US Treasury.

Gary Ogden

Sitting in his bubble in the ivory tower at Emory, a lovely campus, he sees not the nose in front of his face, no more than the ears beside it.

Bob Moffit

You are absolutely right Anne to ask WHY THE SO-CALLED REPORTER did not ask this charlatan pretending to have a professional understanding of autism to EXPLAIN the obvious distinctions between those afflicted with autism … in my humble opinion … THE REPORTER IS FAR MORE GUILTY OF FAILING HER PROFESSION THAN THE CHARLATAN HIMSELF.

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