Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.—the new Andy Wakefield
Bad to the Bone

Unspoken Ad for The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma Book

Bill oreilly noOn July 20, Bill O’Reilly and his No Spin News  on the First News Channel covered issues surrounding the COVID19 vaccine. (11:18) O’Reilly has been a steadfast supporter of this vaccine. He got his and his children have theirs. He has no doubt that this is an effective vaccine against COVID, with little chance of side effects. He trusts the assurances from the CDC. Everyone should get vaccinated to stop the spread, according to him.

O’Reilly is also a firm believer in personal choice when it comes to getting vaccine.

What was interesting to me were his comments on “anti-vaxxers” and how they’re censored by almost all the mainstream media. He even brought up Robert Kennedy, Jr. and his new book  (which he didn’t name, but we will: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health). He said no network will cover this.

Here is the audio from the show:

O’Reilly: (20:40)  …I  believe that the data that is being reported is accurate, not a hundred percent accurate, but mostly.  That’s what you have to base life decisions on.

An offshoot of this and a very interesting offshoot is that on the Fox News Channel—remember the liberal  media will  not tolerate any media anti-vax stuff.

You won’t hear it, and if they somehow get a hold of it, they’ll demonize the person.

Robert Kennedy, Jr, a Democrat liberal, wrote a book, it’s out now, that the vaccinations are bad.

He’s an anti-vax guy; always has been.

Kennedy is a fairly big name; he can’t get on any of these shows. You can’t hear his point of view.

You can read the book, they’re carrying the book. It’s on Amazon. Saw it the other day.

But Kennedy himself is not going to get booked anywhere.

The only outlet, television-wise, that has an anti-vax contingent is the Fox News Channel, but the anti-vaxxers there are in a minority.

Most of the people working at Fox are encouraging folks to get the vaccine. …

The two biggest names at FNC are Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

Hannity last night came out and said, you’ve got to get vaxxed, but Carlson is skeptical.

So you’ve got back-to-back hours where one guy is skeptical and the other guy is saying, get vaxxed.

It doesn’t matter. I mean, I admire any network where you can have a diversity of thought and opinion put forth because the CNNs, the NBCs, the ABCs—there’s no diversity of thought.

There’s just one thing, and everybody knows it. …

But it does put the Fox News organization in a difficult position because…they’re just saying opposite things, which is fine. …



Congrats to you and your son, Drymeadow.
The smile from your son says it all.


This is a big, big deal. Congratulations.
I remember when my son finally got his after three tries. It was like the most wonderful day that ranks up there with the Day I accepted Jesus, the Day I was married, the day I had both of my children, and the day my son got his diver's license. No more driving him to his community college classes and home again, only to drive again to get him--- a 40 minute trip one way. Wonderful!


When Jett Travolta died from epilepsy, and autism -- O'Reilly was reporting it and talking about it with a guest on his show. They seemed confused about epilepsy -- autism---- Kawasakis disease.

I wrote them to explain --- apparently so did tons of other people -- email them too.

The next day they were updating the story, there was this look on O'Reilly's face as was his guest. They knew, they had been told.

SO, old Bill O'Reilly knows, but it has not come to his actually door step; Yet. But he has children and grandchildren and it will.
It is not genes, it is not heredity, the the vaccines, and it is just a matter of finally over load. ,

Angus Files

Big congrats Drymeadow well done your son and all.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

drymeadow. How wonderful! Sincere congratulations to your son.

Angus Files

O` really O'Reilly don't thinks so start your course of red pills immediately..

Pharma For Prison



RFK Jr has "always been anti-vax? His children were vaccinated.


I think Bill O'Reilly is paid to say those things and I don't believe any of it.

RFK should run for President, I'd vote for him.

btw, yesterday, after 3 years of hard work my son received his driver's license. low vision and motor skills were serious barriers to overcome. He did it yesterday and I saw something remarkable, a smile on his face.

Paul Picha

Idiot on the idiot box.

Maurine Meleck

Sadly, even the Republican legislators are now joining "get vaxxed" train as it coughs its way through America.

Bob Moffit

'An offshoot of this and a very interesting offshoot is that on the Fox News Channel—remember the liberal media will not tolerate any media anti-vax stuff.'

As I have often written … the greatest power of the press .. is their power to IGNORE.

The media has been and will continue to IGNORE THE DETERIORATING HEALTH OF OUR CHILDREN as long as their lucrative advertising money is primarily PHARMACEUTICAL MONEY.

54% of children today have some chronic autoimmune disorder .. while there are many contributing factors to the declining health of children … VACCINES CANNOT BE IGNORED FOR THE MAJOR FACTOR IS HAS BECOME … MEDIA COULD DEMAND A SCIENTIFIC INDEPENDENT STUDY OF VAX V UNVAXXED .. THEY WON'T .. FAR EASIER TO IGNORE THAT PROVERVBIAL ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.


Funny, the only people who will stand up to Rupert Medoch’s lackey Brian Deer are RFK Jr & Dr Wakefield.

Everyone else, most especially the coward wife beater Bill O’Reilly, can piss off.

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