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If They Sneezin' Get Breezin!


Got your jab? Congratulations!  And God bless you.  No, really.  From The Mirror:

Brits who catch coronavirus after receiving the jab are more likely to sneeze than those who have not been vaccinated, according to the UK ZOE Covid Symptom Study app

Vaccinated Brits who have caught coronavirus are reporting a unique symptom of the disease.

The most common indicators of the virus are a temperature, a new persistent cough and a loss or change of taste or smell.

But people who have undergone the jab are more likely to report sneezing as a symptom than those yet to receive the vaccine, according to King's College London.

Finally, something we can all DO about avoiding COVID without needing Doc or feeling Grumpy. Don't be Dopey! Run away from people who are sneezing up a storm. 


Michelle Wandrack

Andrew Dice Clay just revealed that he recently acquired Bells Palsy. How can we find out if he has taken the jab? I would posit that the two are related.


"CDC Mask Guidance Is Based on 346 Breakthrough Cases in Massachusetts, No Deaths Reported"

Are the jabs causing the "Delta" variant? Are they really just reacting to it?
This is what "vaccine" FAILURE looks like:

Gary Ogden

Laura Hayes: You're welcome. How many of us believed this overpopulation nonsense? I unthinkingly accepted it, until the Corbett Report. That is the objective of these Gates/Schwab psychopathic technocrats: to kill off substantial numbers of the human population for a completely non-existant threat to resources, and to fully control the remainder. Same with the alarmist view of global warming. No reputable climate scientist considers this worst-possible-scenario as even remotely likely, but the media, and the morons in government continually shove it down our throats.


Benedetta, Ivermectin progress update at;
Alliance For Natural Health ;Home
Article - It's time for the world to celebrate ,not denigrate, ivermectin 22,July 2021

Ivermectin ,but then ,how much,how often and for how long ,for the best outcome ? for each individuals personal situation? don't know ,not sure are you?

In the meantime ,Community Care ,Covid Recovery ,Ceilidh suggestions at;
Stay Strong Album By Blair Douglas
The Soldier's Lullaby Blair Douglas YouTube
Stay Strong/ Bithibh Laidir


Exactly Julie and Susan.
Thank you for your thoughts
I will get ahold of the front line doctors.
Just my cousin had another option and shared it with me; as if I could stand another thought or option at this time.


Benedetta, why would you need to get it from India? It is legal to get it through the Frontline doctors in the US.

Laura Hayes

Gary Ogden,

Thank you for the link to the fascinating James Corbett report!

susan welch

Benedetta. I had heard that America's Frontline Doctors was the place to go for CV treatment, so I have found a link.

I haven't looked in detail, but worth checking out I think.


Thanks Julie.
Now I have a really smart cousin that sent me a number that I can order, probably out of India?

Is that legal?

Anyone know? I can order it now; takes about two weeks and then I can have it on hand.

Or I could just squeeze it out of the apple flavored horse tube. Look at what I have been reduced to -- and considering. For goodness sakes, and our health institutions are the envy of the world? Really?

Ronald N. Kostoff


"Thomas Renz interview ..... 100,000 vaccinocided in the US !"

Far more!!!

Gary Ogden

James Corbett peels back all the layers of the onion:

Hans Litten

Ronald Kostoff

Thomas Renz interview ..... 100,000 vaccinocided in the US !

Ronald N. Kostoff

Dr. Robert Malone discussing allegations of potential Antibody-Dependent Enhancement from (mainly Pfizer) COVID-19 inoculations ( As he states, confirmation should be straight-forward. If allegations prove to be correct, extremely problematic. Our vaccine safety paper discussed ADE in detail. Consequences could be extremely serious. Fall and Winter are the strong viral exposure seasons in the Northern Hemisphere, where flu shots, booster shots, and other vaccines may be administered, along with exposure to the myriad wild viruses. If ADE is operable, very problematic. And, it doesn't stop this year. Can repeat for vaccine-based or wild viral exposures in future.

Late in the day to find this out. Even a modest clinical trial would have caught it. Presently, about 165M Americans have been vaccinated, many in critical occupations. They face not only the possibility of severe ADE effects in the Fall, but, based on Dr. Hoffe's findings that 62% have increased D-dimer levels and increased clotting, other serious effects as well. And what leads us to believe that D-dimer level increases are the only markers of serious possibly permanent damage? What about other markers that have yet to be measured? If these people require boosters to protect against variants, all the above effects may be exacerbated further.

We'll see if the allegations reported by NBC pan out under further measurements.



Benedetta, I can't access it but if I was in the US, and was not going to use ivermectin prophylactically, I would probably have a small supply on hand. The best results appear to be from early use when symptoms first arise. It's my understanding that, if you are symptomatic, you go to the top of the AFLDS (Frontline doctors) list but it is possible that it could take several days before you might actually get hold of the ivermectin. You may not ever need it but at least you would have a little piece of mind. In the meantime, of course, get lots of sun! Oh, I just realised that you may be referring to hydroxychloroquine but I think the same applies there.


Okay so am I suppose to get ahold of these front line doctors before we all get sick, or wait till we get sick with covid 19 >

What is every body on this website going to do?

I mean now we have to worry about those that have been vaccinated carrying to us the delta, lambda, or what ever variant of the Sars virus to us; so we are a going to get it and all of my crew has immune systems that run on the inflamed hot side as it is. .


If it wisnae sae damn serious it would be laughable ?

Dopey's feeling Grumpy? Cause they, them, and those yins ,have a selection of Covid Vax's that Disney work !

Back to the invention convention for the Pandoras Box Pantomime .

The Two Ronnies -Inventors Convention YouTube


No sneeze guards at Newsom's son's b'ball camp. OOPS!

"California Governor Gavin Newsom pulled his children from a summer camp after photos surfaced of his son attending without a mask while indoors - in clear violation of Newsom's own guidance."


Actually, heavy sneezing is your body's first line of defense.
I have a naturally strong immune system, and if I start sneezing, I RUN to take my C, D3, zinc supplement. It stops it dead in its tracks.

I consider sneezing to be an early warning system. Evidently they ignored it. Looks like the vaccine may trigger it; the body knows it has been invaded.

Could the "D variant" be from the vaccine itself?


Maurine--didn't one of those two become a president of something? I don't know my dwarfs; is there a stumbly or mumbly?

Angus Files

atishoo, atishoo, the vaxxed fall down (i hope not)

Pharma For Prison


Maurine Meleck

The two dwarfs(politically charged) I remember the most from Snow White(again politically charged) are Sneezy and Dopey. I'll just leave that comment right here.

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