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Dr. Bret Weinstein on American Thought Leaders' Forbidden Questions

Bret weinsteinBelow is an excerpt and link to an interview with Dr. Bret Weinstein by Jan Jekielek.  The world has been enrolled in a clinical trial - for the first time - en masse. Without any of the controls required of a clinical trial. How has this become the "Patriotic" thing to do here in the USA, and across the globe?


Bret Weinstein: ‘Perverse Incentives’ in the Vaccine Rollout and the Censorship of Science

“We are exposing a huge fraction of the population to what is in effect a scientific experiment, except that it isn’t a scientific experiment because we are deliberately avoiding collecting data that would allow us to evaluate the impact,” says Dr. Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist and co-host of the DarkHorse podcast.

In this deep-dive with Dr. Weinstein, we discuss COVID-19 vaccine safety, the efficacy of repurposed drugs, the Wuhan lab leak theory, and this new age of censorship. What scientific data and information is currently being denied to the public?

Below is a rush transcript of this American Thought Leaders episode from July 3, 2021. This transcript may not be in its final form and may be updated.

Jan Jekielek: Bret Weinstein, such a pleasure to have you on American Thought Leaders.

Dr. Bret Weinstein: Thanks for having me.

Mr. Jekielek: Bret, I think what we have to talk about today is censorship, and actually kind of a myriad of forms and some things which seem like censorship, but I’m not even sure if that’s the right thing to call them, but it’s certainly heading in that direction. You’ve been demonetized on YouTube recently.

Your DarkHorse channel is in jeopardy from what I understand. One of your recent guests, Dr. Robert Malone, he seems to have been kicked off LinkedIn. I think he’s appealing and might come back. We don’t know. As we’re filming here, that’s the state of affairs. Hopefully they will change. What’s going on?

Dr. Weinstein: Well, what’s going on is something is attempting to retain control of the narrative. I think in some sense, it has been stung by being forced to backtrack on the lab-leak hypothesis and it is attempting to keep discussion within certain bounds on other topics.

Mr. Jekielek: That’s a… What is it?

Dr. Weinstein: We don’t know. And we can infer certain things from the pattern. We know that it is very interested in policing the discussion of evidence surrounding repurposed drugs and possible harms of the COVID-19 vaccines, but it’s hard to say how it works and what its objective is.



Thank you Emma for the explanation of blockchain. Sounds like the beginning of BIg Brother -- control by knowing every thing about a person.


Dr. Mercola interview:
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Discusses How Covid-19 Shots Might Reduce Lifespan

Includes important preventative strategies.


Bob, Emma, Kim - Thank you!


I like the point about the danger teenagers face with the shot, heart damage. Apparently these kids are showing up at the clinic with high Troponin levels, indicative of heart muscle injury. There's 3 types of troponin, C, T, and I. Oddly, C is found in both skeletal and cardiac while T and I are only for cardiac muscle. So a high level of T or I indicates heart damage. If it gets really high when there's a bad infarction I guess the patient complains of chest pain, shortness of breath, and heads for the clinic or ER where they get troponin levels, ECG, and stuff. Joe Biden is incorrect, Covid has little to no effect on teenagers and the vaccine carries a great deal of risk, including heart attack and death.

Angus Files

Mice no more..

Pharma For Prison


Anna Quandt

Hi Maureen

Like you, I love Bret and Heather and have watched them—apparently completely naive—walk up on the story we all know, but from a slightly different angle. They see Censorship of Information on vaccine injury and non vaccine treatment for COVID? Imagine that! We are shocked, shocked, shocked!

“Will they get away with it?” I pray every night. Our group needs some fresh reinforcements.


I wonder if Joe Rogan could achieve what has thus far been impossible, and get Peter Hotez, to have a public conversation with Dr Weinstein?


"The healthcare industry is undergoing significant changes due to the vast amounts of disparate data being generated. Blockchain technology provides a highly secure, decentralized framework for data sharing that will accelerate innovation throughout the industry,"

Bitcoin uses blockchain.
Just about any modern encryption uses blockchain.


China’s Blockchain Internet
"Global information networks are undergoing unprecedented innovation, driven in large part by the emergence of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and 5G. Unfortunately for the United States, two other critical, but underappreciated, components of tomorrow’s internet—blockchain and digital currency—are at risk of being controlled largely outside of the West’s influence. Over the past year, the People’s Republic of China has positioned itself to become the global leader in these closely intertwined, linchpin technologies that will be fundamental to tomorrow’s financial and information infrastructures."

Connect the dots....


Thanks for letting me know about Dark Horse. That sounds like something I need to know about and listen too.

Emma -- I am not catching on, like I use too. Block chain. I appreciate all the copy and share - and links, but can you explain in a couple of sentences in your own words what this black chain is?


"“We are exposing a huge fraction of the population to what is in effect a scientific experiment, except that it isn’t a scientific experiment because we are deliberately avoiding collecting data that would allow us to evaluate the impact,”"

I think they ARE collecting this data. They are not making it public.

Consider this:

"US Government-wide Efforts
COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring (2)
Large US Government Effort
• Weekly meetings between FDA and CDC, regular
meetings with VA and CMS
• Planned sharing of protocols, discussion safety and
effectiveness outcomes of interest
• Coordinated planning and conduct of surveillance
activities such as near real time surveillance/ RCA
between FDA, CDC, CMS, VA, and DOD
• Richard Forshee
• Azadeh Shoaibi
• Hui-Lee Wong
• CBER Surveillance Team
• Manette Niu
• CBER OBE Colleagues
• CDC Colleagues
• CMS Colleagues
• VA Colleagues
• FDA Partners: Acumen, IBM Watson – and new partners in FY2021"

Note FDA "partner" IBM Watson.....


IBM Watson, FDA to explore blockchain for secure patient data exchange
The initial focus for blockchain will be oncology-related data exchange

"IBM's Watson Health artificial intelligence unit has signed a two-year joint-development agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to explore using blockchain technology to securely share patient data for medical research and other purposes.

IBM Watson Health and the FDA will explore the exchange of patient-level data from several sources, including electronic medical records (EMRs), clinical trials, genomic data, and health data from mobile devices, wearables and the "Internet of Things." The initial focus will be on oncology-related information."


"Dr. Weinstein: Regulatory capture is when a company or an industry captures the apparatus that is supposed to regulate it in the public’s interest and begins turning that agency or whatever its structure might be so that it actually does the bidding of the company or the industry. That is a fairly common phenomenon and people are aware of it.

It does not usually involve things like the tech sector doing the bidding of the pharmaceutical industry. It is not clear why that connection exists, but we can see that that connection exists. Consider the question of what would be ideal from the point of view of the vaccine manufacturers. It would be ideal if it were recommended that all people get the vaccine irrespective of their age, irrespective of whether or not they were pregnant, irrespective of whether they had had COVID-19."


IBM, KPMG, Merck and Walmart to collaborate as part of FDA's program to evaluate the use of blockchain to protect pharmaceutical product integrity
The FDA pilot program explores innovative and emerging approaches for the tracing and verification of prescription products

"ARMONK, N.Y., NEW YORK, KENILWORTH, N.J., and BENTONVILLE, Ark., June 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM), KPMG, Merck (NYSE: MRK), and Walmart (NYSE: WMT) today announced that the companies have been selected by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be included in a program in support of the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) that addresses requirements to identify, track and trace prescription medicines and VACCINES (emph. mine) distributed within the United States.

They will be tracking our vaccine status.


Wuhan la leak Hmm. What about a biological weapon or virus comming from a lab leak from 2 countries that their acronyms start with a U and the other letters of their acronym are S and K. Or controversial a country who's first letter is I.

Maureen Fischer

Love the Dark Horse podcast. When Heather Heying (scientist and Brett's wife) said she was shocked by what Wikipedia is now saying about them, I commented about the long smear of Andrew Wakefield's name. What they are doing is nothing new, it's just on a bigger scale. Will they get away with it? After the release of the Simpsonwood documents years ago I was sure the lies would be found out, now I am more cynical.

Bob Moffit

"Dr. Weinstein: Well, what’s going on is something is attempting to retain control of the narrative. I think in some sense, it has been stung by being forced to backtrack on the lab-leak hypothesis and it is attempting to keep discussion within certain bounds on other topics."

"SOMETHING' is attempting to retain control of the narrative"???? More like "SOMEONE" attempting to control the narrative. That "SOMEONE" is actually an enormous group of people beginning with the WHO and CDC .. who appear to have deliberately LIED to the entire world .. as to the origin of Covid as well as demeaning highly successful TREATMENTS .. such as .. HDC and ivermectin to name just two of their LIES those treatments were INEFFECTIVE AS WELL AS HDC BEING DANGEROUS.

Included in that powerful group controlling the narrative is Dr Fauci himself .. a man with so many conflicting interest he should never have been in the position he became …. the United States leading "expert" on Covid policies … the man has been .. and .. continues to be a DISASTER for public health of our country … especially our children who he demands be vaccinated while continuing to social distance and wear a mask at all times.

I probably will not be around when we finally learn the TRUTH about Covid … hopefully there will be a public trial like that of NUREMBERG … where we must learn once again the critical importance of INFORMED CONSENT.

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