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If They Sneezin' Get Breezin!

Breaking FUD

Broken phoneFUD: fear, uncertainty and doubt, usually evoked intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage.

Two Olympians were in the news yesterday, and not for their amazing skills or record shattering accomplishments. 

'I have to focus on my mental health,' says Simone Biles after withdrawing from gold medal event

Tennis star Naomi Osaka eliminated from Olympics, cites pressureTennis star Naomi Osaka eliminated from Olympics, cites pressure

What is happening to young people? These women are the cream of the crop, yet crumbling. I think social media plays a huge role in the pressure. Everyone's a critic has never been truer. Also, being a female. And both are females of color. Last night on NPR, the guest was the author of a book called, "The Revolt of the Black Athlete." Again relating the rebellion of black athletes to a larger spirit of revolt among black citizens, Edwards moves his story forward to our era of protests, boycotts, and the dramatic politicization of athletes by Black Lives Matter. Incisive yet ultimately hopeful, The Revolt of the Black Athlete is the still-essential study of the conflicts at the interface of sport, race, and society. I caught a good portion, and it was an eye opening segment.

In 1980, men's hockey had the weight of the Cold War on their shoulders as they skated against the Soviets for the win. I worry that Simone and Naomi may one day be parents, like so many of us are, and face pressure and exhaustion of a different sort. Where there are no medals. No breaks. Think about it:

When you wiped blood off your face after an autism rage, did you get to take a break?
When you cleaned up shattered drywall and broken glass, did you get to take a break?
When the your son had his 6th seizure of the day, did you get to take a break?

When school called you again to take him home, did you get to take a break?
When he was excluded from team sports because he wouldn't follow the rules, did you get to take a break?
When she wandered away and drowned in the neighbor's pond, did you get to take a break?
When his perseveration on guns and death caught the authorities' notice, did you get to take a break?
When she slept 2 hours a night for 15 years, did you get to take a break?
When his classmates covered him in a bucket of urine as a joke, did you get to take a break?
When your friends stopped inviting you to weekend events because your child was too disruptive, did you get to take a break?
When the birthday party invitations dried up, did you get to take a break?
When you wept in private after every prom, graduation, wedding, birth, did you get to take a break?
When your child became 21 and there was nothing for her to do, did you get to take a break?


Sonja B

Simone Biles had some awful mistakes in her routines before she pulled out. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the covid v____s that were messing her up. It wouldn't take much reduction in reaction time or whatever to mess up a top notch gymnast. Also, athletes seem to be disproportionately suffering from heart inflammation. My guess - their hearts are pushed to the max, or have more ace2 receptors.


Here's another time when I feel like we could use a break - -

When you have finally worked up the courage to try a new treatment, and your family sabotages your efforts saying the treatments are harmful and you just need to set better limits. I never got a break then. Years later they now tell me I was "ahead of my time" with the GF/CF diet (so many of them are gluten intolerant) but they haven't apologized for sneaking dairy and gluten products in every time they saw the boys.


Many of the young people most affected by the HPV shots are top-notch athletes. I wonder if it will be the same for young people and the Covid shot. I've always thought it may have something to do with the number of head injuries athletes are subjected to. The more concussions a person has sustained, the weaker the blood-brain barrier will be. If the blood-brain barrier is weak, it makes sense that all the toxic ingredients in the shot will be much more likely to show up in the brain. Surely Simone has suffered serious knocks to her head in all her years of gymnastics. Add to that the fact, already noted in this thread, that the circulatory system of a trained athlete is better than the rest of our systems, and a recipe for injury is obvious. It doesn't even have to include a known concussion as we discovered in studies of young football players who had more S1 protein (a brain protein) in their blood when they had more knocks to the head (not amounting to a concussion) during a game.

Athlete Risks

I wonder how much the combined impact of - - training with masks (affecting oxygen) —-lockdown loneliness —
Forced vaccines —
More masks at Olympics—
For finally tuned athletes then they take off the mask to compete—-
The fact that the healthiest teens and athletes appear to be most injured by vaccines (two ball players right ?)
Had to do with the mental health issues . . . Are they they with their elite systems that process and circulate so well the canaries in the coal mine this time?
I love Simone and applaud her for taking a break when she could cripple herself in a fall .
But autism parents need respites andn breaks too. Totally.


Truth be known, I haven't watched any of the Olympics, I've been too busy and just plain bored of screen input. Zoom pushed me over the edge, I don't like looking at the monitor any more than I have to, except reading classic articles from Dan Olmsted. The one about the ice cream disease (polio) and the near absence of autism in the Amish were two of my favorites.

Gary Ogden

L Land: Agreed. Simone Biles is incredibly talented and a class act. She also is well past the age at which most Olympic gymnasts are finished with competition. I think she deserves our love and respect. You go, girl!

L land


Yeah I need a break. But am not going to begrudge someone else for getting to take theirs.

She has worked so hard and gone thru so much at the hands of USA gymnastics but she still had the courage to stand up for herself and pull herself out of competition, to prevent injury due to a condition that sounds a lot like vertigo, and face the criticism. She stayed and cheered for the team like the team leader she is.

Oh please Bob, your posts read more of general disdain then any love of country



Parents, your harsh circumstances have prepared you for what is coming very soon.
You are tough. You will survive.

Donna L.

Amen, Kim. So well said.

susan welch

Bill, I don't think you understood this article.

Autism parents do not want a medal. Sometimes they would just like a break.

Laura Hayes


Excellent list of questions you put forth. A list started going through my head specific to our son, our family, and others I know with vaccine-injured children, children who are now young adults. I thought about typing it out to put here in the comments section, but it would take too much time, be too lengthy, and be a painful trip down frustration-mixed-with-fury lane.

You ended with:

"When your child became 21 and there was nothing for her to do, did you get to take a break?"

Boy, did that hit the nail on the head.


I’ve become so jaded that I can’t help but see huge endorsement deals ($$$) for these athletes for every psychotropic drug in the book.


Kim for Gary

Hi, Gary, my bad... ha ha.... I edited out the line where I defined FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Thanks! KIM

Gary Ogden

Kim: Pardon my ignorance, but what is FUD?


Naomi Osaka is not a US citizen she is Japanese citizen from one of her Parents while the other was a Haitian with US Citizenship she had to give up any right she had to US citizenship to play for team Japan because Japan does not allow dual citizenship. Mrs. Osaka should criticize Japan centuries old culture of colorism and ableism. To all those autism parents who worry about their child's safety sadly they were two recent but unrelated mass murder of disabled people in Japan in 2016. Why not have a specially trained armed security guard watch over group homes or intermediate care facilities? That is one thing a good autism parent would lobby for. Instead of buying way to many I-Pads for a kid how just destroys those devices wasting time and money.

Anna Quandt

Thank you Kim. Your post helped me this morning.
“Did you get to take a break?”
The road we as autism parents are on is exhausting, lonely and misunderstood. I read your post and felt less alone and better understood.

Angus Files

All the entitled will be on the winners backs saying it should have been me that won,how did you win? it should have been meeeeeeeeeeeeee! with no work and no application but it still should have been meeeeee!! The officially outraged on over drive giving the kids who do work a hard a hard time...then again maybe they cant cope with the stress but boy/girl or whatever pronoun you want, the stress is nothing compared to the autism Olympics simple, don't vaccinate reduce the stress all over.

Pharma For Prison



Olympic athletes have every right to criticize the USA because of free speech. A INVOLUNTARY minority is not an immigrant nor a refugee they have legitimate complaints about racism especially those whom are also disabled and the double discrimination those people face. I do not care about over achieving immigrants whether athletes or academics because they and those refugees came here to the America by choice while Native Americans and African Americans or whatever one may call them where brought here by force through slavery or where already here before colonization so I give zero darns what Bob Moffit who will never analyze a whole issues says with his repetitive post.
Minority athletes in the Special Olympics should protest publicly as well because of triple discrimination in work,housing and school ect. They are discriminated against for being African or native American descent, disabled, and having autism or an intellectual disability.
If autism moms and dads want a metal for their service then ask France a country that hands out a very rare metal to outstanding parents called "Le Medaille de La Famille Francaise" but the autism parents must do a way better job for your kids with autism than just offering their children mediocre self-care help and complaining about things.

Michelle M Guppy

THANK YOU! I was feeling........sorta bad............that I had the thoughts I had about all the attention to her "mental health" and how important it was and what a hero she is to share that publicly and do the right thing in stepping out for a break.

My gawd.

My son is 27. I've done this nearly 3 DECADES with no ability to "step back". No one cared that I mentally, phyiscally, emotionally, financially NEEDED A FUCKING BREAK.

I guess that mental issue only matters if you're someone who CAN TAKE A BREAK.

There's a whole planet of us who need to step off the mat for a break --

Who's stepping on it so we can?

Bob Moffit

Unfortunately … for too many athletes … the OLYMPICS today is more about POLITICS than SPORTS .. more about expressing one's disrespect of our country than expressing love for it.

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