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Boston Globe's Baskin Misses Crucial Questions About Autism and The Future for Families

Retro ignoreBy Anne Dachel

Back in 2007 I wrote a piece called,Autism: An Epidemic of Fairly Recent Origin

It was all about the explosion in autism from a relatively rare condition to one affecting one in every 150 (2007).  

One of my sources for that story was a 2007 piece from the Boston Globe, With Rise in Autism, Programs Strained.

Globe reporter Carey Goldberg wrote about parents having to wait nine months for an autism diagnosis and as long as five years to get their child into a special school.

Goldberg wrote, “Statewide, the number of schoolchildren diagnosed with autism has nearly doubled over the last five years, from 4,080 to 7,521, according to soon-to-be-published data from the Department of Education.”

Clearly the autism phenomenon was putting huge pressures on the education system and services.

When she wrote the story in 2007, Goldberg did not explain why these numbers were jumping off the page. This seemed odd since anyone reading her autism statistics would logically want to know why this was happening.

Fourteen years ago I used to politely write to reporters when I saw stories like this and ask those logical questions. I’m sure I wrote to Goldberg and most likely she didn’t respond, since reporters covering autism rarely show any real interest.

Now a recent Boston Gobe story on autism has my attention.

On July 16, 2021, Kara Baskin wrote the Globe piece, What happens to autistic children once they become adults?

In the story she interviewed autism parent Cammie McGovern about her soon-to-be-released book “Hard Landings: Looking into the Future for a Child With Autism.”

McGovern is the mother of a 25-year-old son with autism and intellectual disabilities.

The interview covered a number of topics familiar to parents whose autistic children are aging out of school with no services in place for them.

“But more than half of kids with autism remain unemployed or unenrolled in school in the two years after high school. Roughly half of young adults with autism have never held a paying job. Many of these young adults also age out of school-based autism services and also struggle to find health care.”

The part of the story that really got my attention was Baskin’s reference to the rate:

“In the United States, 1 in 54 children has autism spectrum disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Thirty-one percent of those kids have an intellectual disability, too.”

If Baskin had checked the Boston Globe archives, she would have seen the 2007 Goldberg story on the severe lack of support for school age children with autism. The failure of schools to accommodate the autism epidemic victims fourteen years ago is now being played out in adult services or the lack thereof.

The only difference here is that the adults with autism won’t be aging out of the system in 20 years. They’re going to have to be supported for the rest of their long lives, which could be 40, 50, 60 years after leaving school.

If Baskin had done the research, she might have asked herself why the autism rate was one in 150 in 2007 and now one in every 54 kids fourteen years later. She might have speculated on what the rate will be in another fourteen years and what impact that will have on schools and adult services. 

Baskin might also have checked into other more stunning autism numbers, like one in every 36 kids in South Korea (back in 2011), one in every 27 in Hong Kong and one in every 22 in Northern Ireland.

She might have looked into the official numbers from New Jersey, considered the most accurate reporting, one in every 34 children. She would have had to have been alarmed over the one in every 14 in Brick Township, NJ, including one in every eight boys there.

Kara Baskin’s reporting in 2021 is no different from Carey Goldberg’s back in 2007 and pretty much indicative of the press in general.

The truth is members of the media have absolutely no interest in what’s happening to our children. That’s why I have no interest in writing to them anymore. They’re happy to move on to their next subject.

Reporters like Baskin and Goldberg are a big reason that officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been able to cover up the truth about autism increases for the last two decades.

As a teacher I can tell you that based on the numbers and lack of services, any third grader would realistically ask any of the following:

Why are there more kids with autism?

Why can’t young adults with autism go where adults with autism have always gone?

What did they do with autistic adults 10, 20 and 50 years ago?

If there weren’t a lot of autistic adults in the past, why was that?

Each one of these questions would be a great subject line for a news source like the Boston Globe. Sadly, we’ll never see that happen. 

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


susan welch

anonymous. I have watched every single episode of Highwire since day 1 and cannot remember him being a 'proponent and pusher of so called “safer smaller” vaccination schedules, and he supported the DTAP, MMR and more.' Are you getting him mixed up with the wonderful Dr Paul Thomas who wrote the 'Vaccine Friendly Plan' and discussed vaccines with individual parents and then respected their wishes?

If not Dr Paul, then would you please provide info to back up what, frankly, appears to be a slur on Del Bigtree's reputation? Thank you


This autism epidemic is no accident. Its all part of a globalist population reduction agenda. Of course the media wont ever report on the autism crisis, they are owned by the very globalists that are systematically destroying our children. Everyone is so worried about being labeled a "conspiracy theorist" for stating the obvious. The truth is a hard pill to swallow, its time to swallow our pride and admit that the conspiracy theorists were right all along. Look at whats happening with the massive cover up of covid vaccine deaths and the deliberate suppression of effective treatments like HCQ and Ivermectin! And the silencing and censoring of doctors who speak out! This autism epidemic was the precurser to this! Nothing will change for the better until we wake up, open our eyes, see and realize who is responsible for destroying our children and why they are doing it. If we cant see the picture as a whole, then we will remain powerless against it. If we dont fight for our childrens future, then who will???


I remember Bigtree was a proponent and pusher of so called “safer smaller” vaccination schedules, and he supported the DTAP, MMR and more.

It’s not just the MMR. Aluminum rich DTAP also has devastating side effects (projectile vomiting, uncontrollable crying, etc)

How does he plan to take down AOA?


Benedetta, I think one way the "banning" of a website like AoA would happen would be through a deliberate disruption of DNS, like what happened in 20154 to alternative sites ( Any other type of banning could be fought in court.

One solution is for AoA to post (in advance of any disruption) its IP address, so readers can enter that address directly, without relying on DNS to redirect from the URL. (The URL is; the IP address is a set of numbers that looks like DNS does the lookup for you every time you type in a URL with words, but if you had a list of the IP addresses, you could access those sites even if the DNS were down. (For example, is the IP address of a page on LinkedIn.)


RE: July 18, 2021 at 02:40 PM UPDATE

Who knew?

Before Drone Footage There Were Carrier Pigeon Cameras

"A German pharmacist and inventor, Julius Neubronner, was using carrier pigeons in 1903 to communicate which prescriptions were needed for a sanatorium and then to also deliver the medications. Neubronner had a brilliant idea that if he could make a camera small enough and light enough then a pigeon could fly with it, taking pictures of its journey the whole time."

"The cameras were strapped to the pigeons and a pneumatic shutter snapped photos at regular intervals. Neubronner even took his pigeon cameras to exhibitions and shows, presenting the public with his new invention and with photos taken from the sky- a true novelty at the time as air travel was still in its infancy. Photos of returning pigeons would be developed in a mobile dark room and made into souvenir postcards on the spot."

"It is also believed that the CIA later used pigeons equipped with cameras during the 1970s in tests to discover their usefulness, but supposedly found the results lacking."

Tim Lundeen

New Blaxill, Rogers, Nevison paper on future autism costs:

"The cost of ASD in the U.S. is estimated using a forecast model that for the frst time accounts for the true historical increase
in ASD. Model inputs include ASD prevalence, census population projections, six cost categories, ten age brackets, inflation
projections, and three future prevalence scenarios. Future ASD costs increase dramatically: total base-case costs of $223
(175–271) billion/year are estimated in 2020; $589 billion/year in 2030, $1.36 trillion/year in 2040, and $5.54 (4.29–6.78)
trillion/year by 2060, with substantial potential savings through ASD prevention. Rising prevalence, the shift from child to
adult-dominated costs, the transfer of costs from parents onto government, and the soaring total costs raise pressing policy
questions and demand an urgent focus on prevention strategies."


"Tell us again how or what we should do when Age of Autism is banned? It is coming.
Bigtree is going to get banned. IT is coming."

Well, we can do what the Rothschild private banking family did- set up a network of private couriers. I believe that their network later became Reuters. We could use drones as the couriers since carrier pigeons died out.... Another way is to insert certain information into MSM and politician's teleprompters. They will never notice. LOL!


@Anne McElroy Dachel | July 17, 2021 at 06:59 PM

"Experts cite the following reasons to explain the rise in COVID 19 cases in recent years.
• Extensive screening…
• Increased awareness…
• Better access to health care…
• Broadened criteria for diagnosis…"

There. Fixed it. Now it is a true statement!


I am so sorry, Drymeadow!


Tell us again how or what we should do when Age of Autism is banned? It is coming.
Bigtree is going to get banned. IT is coming.

My gosh even our text messages. Am I understanding this right -- my phone, my private conversations with my daughter. When did this happen? The last time I heard that some guy had gone in and mass murdered some people in the health department in California and the telephone company would not give the FBI the keys to his text messages.

But now - that can't be right.

Anne McElroy Dachel

The Boston Globe is long been a proponent of the “All the autism is nothing to worry about; it’s all just better diagnosing and an expanded definition.”
Of course they’re frauds. No one there ever bothered to show us a comparable rate among adults. In fact, no mainstream news outlet ever looked for the adult population with autism.
That is the REALLY BIG LIE.
IF there’s never been an increase, just better recognition, then we can relax. No need to look for anything in the environment.
(And those sources who hinted at something in the environment usually blamed mom…Studies have shown autism linked to old moms, moms who married old dads, fat moms, moms on drugs, moms who smoked, moms who drank, moms who had pregnancies too close together, moms who had premature babies, and on and on…………..)
ALWAYS…with every dramatic increase in the autism rate, there was some official from the CDC proclaiming that no one is sure if THIS INCREASE MEANS MORE CHILDREN ACTUALLY HAVE AUTISM SINCE THE LAST INCREASE. And of course the press spun that as there’s never been any increase ever.
Media outlets have yawned at each autism rate increase, assuring us that it’s just doctors finally getting the diagnosis right.
2005: one in 166, 2007: one in 150, 2009: one in 110, 2012: one in 88, 2014: one in 68, 2018: one in 59, (also in 2018: one in 40 according to a separate study published in JAMA), 2020: one in 54.

Eventually things will get so bad that the myths/lies will be exposed. There will be just too many autistic kids to support. Maybe it’ll have to get to one in 10 or one in 5, but we will wake up to the truth.
Maybe it will be when schools simply can’t pay for the enormous cost of educating these disabled students, like we see happening in Britain right now.
Maybe it will be the social cost of special education combined with the huge price tag of support for the adults.
Maybe the real autism puzzle will be the question of how we’re ever going to pay for this nightmare.
Anne Dachel

Anne McElroy Dachel

Does anyone out there honestly think the media will ever cover autism as the disaster it clearly is?
NO…they can’t. They’ve lied to us for too many years. Right up until there is no money to pay the enormous cost of autism and everything collapses, they’ll continue to tell autism is nothing to worry about. They’re too involved in the cover-up.
Here’s a perfect example:
July 13, 2021, MedicineNet: Why Is Autism Increasing Dramatically?

Multiple large-scale studies have established, with adequate proof, that vaccines do not cause autism…

Although the number of children diagnosed with autism has steadily increased over the last few years, this is not because more children develop autism now than before.
Experts cite the following reasons to explain the rise in autism cases in recent years.
• Extensive screening…
• Increased awareness…
• Better access to health care…
• Broadened criteria for diagnosis…

Anne Dachel


Future ?
My son is sleeping on the ground tonight.
He stopped talking after his mmr.
The young man scores a 790 math SAT
And he sleeps on the ground
That's pharma future

No tv, no internet, just a little boy who grew into a man trying to find his way. good luck little guy, i'm sorry Merck and a heartless pediatrician did this to you. I'm so sorry


Personally, Kim, I think it's mostly about money. This wouldn't be happening if it weren't extremely profitable.

Those who have time to spare this weekend might watch "The Crime of the Century." It's about the opioid epidemic. Where would we be if Purdue Pharma had simply bought more journalists and TV talking heads? Would opioids be mandatory? (Joking...sort of.)

Angus Files

Almost one in every 20 school-age children in Northern Ireland has been diagnosed with autism.

More than 13,000 children between the ages of four to 15 have a diagnosis of autism - an estimated 4.5% of the school aged population.

That is according to new figures published by the Department of Health (DoH).

The proportion of children with autism in schools in Northern Ireland has more than trebled in a decade.

In 2020/21, 4.5% of children aged four to 16 had been identified with autism or Asperger's syndrome, up from 1.2% in 2009.

Pharma For Prison



I think controlled globally mandated "injectables" are intended to solve the "problem."
To the international Eugenicists, anyone not in their "club" is a "problem".


It's strange how all our better diagnosis and special education have only served to make kids dependent and unemployable, kids who forty years ago would have become independent, fully contributing members of society.


There are people among us that will never be satisficed having enough, they want to have it all. Is it a mental illness, or just mean, or just evil, or just selfish?

In 1981, my daughter came down with Kawasaki's disease seven weeks after her 4th DPT vaccine. She had been spiking high fevers with the earlier DPT vaccines. When she entered school, in the same town , with the same peds ; she befriended another little girl that also had Kawasaki's when she was little too.. Can you imagine two second graders discussing such a rare disease! Years later when I was in a confrontational discussion with the same peds over my son -- he had three reactions - swollen heart with the first one, second one spiked a fever and passed out, then I was bullied into the third, in which had had seizures and a stroke that messed up his walking, and fine motor skills and talking. During that heated discussion, he let it slip that my daughter was also reacting to the DPT vaccines. But did he tell us straight out? No. Nor did they help us in any way by telling us that a "Tetanus Shot" would also be a DPT vaccine. Not a word. And a Tetanus shot would be given when they entered high school.

With many doctor visits under our belt; another discussion was with an allergy doctor being shadowed by a young doctor doing his clinicals. When I told my story, he turns to the young doctor and says to him, "You will hear many stories like this, ignore them, cause they are career killers".

So they knew back in the 90s that it was caused by vaccines.

So what does that mean? Doctors were being pressured by people over them. By people put in place in government positions to protect us from people like the Robber Barons, like the Rockefellers, Gates, -- those that the Bible tells us about. People that never are satisficed no matter how much they own or have; and they don't mind doing it at the expense of the health and life of others. Yet we all finally got here by eons of time, and are only here for just a short flash of light life and then gone forever.

IT must be a test? And such people like Fauci and Francis Collins failed really , really rock bottom.

There is something wrong with these people. Is it greed/ selfishness/a mental illness ?
What ever it is, it has been an on going thing since the early history of man and written about in the very earliest of books.

Ecclesiastes 5:10-15
He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income. This too is vanity. When good things increase, those who consume them increase. So what is the advantage to their owners except to look on? The sleep of the working man is pleasant, whether he eats little or much; but the full stomach of the rich man does not allow him to sleep. There is a grievous evil which I have seen under the sun: riches being hoarded by their owner to his hurt. When those riches were lost through a bad investment and he had fathered a son, then there was nothing to support him. As he had come naked from his mother’s womb, so will he return as he came. He will take nothing from the fruit of his labor that he can carry in his hand.



susan welch

Thank you so much, Anne, for this article. It clearly demonstrates both the severity of the situation families are facing at the moment (and more families will in the future) and the lack of interest media show in the very real problems. Most importantly, you ask the all important question that no media, government or health authority every ask 'What is causing this increase?'.

I do hope Kara Baskin and the Editor of the Boston Globe read your article and feel very, very ashamed.


Hi, Andrew. Note that no one is allowed to ask where Covid came from either. When this happens, it’s part of a larger plan to alter our social structure. I think autism was the test to see how compliant and accepting of immeasurable damage, loss and cost Americans would be. Kim

John Stone


Obviously, we have stood with this issue - which of course only gets progressively more unpopular as the carnage mounts. It is the honourable thing to do. I can only pay tribute to Anne Dachel for her steadfastness and imperturbability.

Andrew Foss

I have for the most part stopped engaging in Autism discussions. And this is primarily because of one of the questions you posed at the end of this article that you say is so simple a Third Grader would ask:

Why are there more kids with autism?

This is the SIMPLE kind of question that we have a medical establishment to figure out.

And I think that the Medical establishment already figured it out. And there is no viable solution for them to "solve" it.

All that we have that they dare to publish is: AUTISM IS NOT CAUSED BY VACCINES! And anyone questioning this out loud or in print will find themselves banned, socially destroyed or suicided out of existence.

A third grader can see that in 1980 there were next to NO cases of Autism. Now there are millions. SOMETHING is causing it.

Anyone that is willing to continue this conversation, please let me know.

Bob Moffit

Ever wonder why our government, politicians, federal regulatory agencies, public health bureaucracies, major media outlets … scream to the high heavens that GLOBAL WARMING is going to doom mankind … citing incomprehensible scientific theories and never-ending statistics .. but … have remained SILENT over decades as autism has risen steadily .. from 1 in 150 to 1 in 34???

Governments have joined global alliances to stem GLOBAL WARMING … desperately trying to create ALTERNATE ENERGY SOURCES … WIND AND SOLAR … costing MILLIONS of jobs and resources to go out of OIL AND GAS businesses …


We live in SICK TIMES … and is history is our guide to our future … mankind will suffer far more loss due to autism than global warming.

John Stone

I had a letter in BMJ Rapid Responses yesterday responding to two health bureaucrats and their instructions to our new Health Secretary:

Re: Sajid Javid must promote health across government- but what about the rise in autism?
Re: Sajid Javid must promote health across government Michael Marmot, Jessica Allen. 374:doi 10.1136/bmj.n1783
Dear Editor

I would also urge Sajid Javid (not to mention Michael Marmot and Jessica Allen) [1] to pay attention to the mounting tidal wave of disability, notably of autism in young people. I seem to have ploughed a lonely furrow both in Rapid Responses [2] and elsewhere trying to highlight these issues - for instance they might note that the current rate of autism for boys in Nothern Ireland schools is 6.7% and rising [3]. The steep upward trend is visible everywhere [2]. This ought to be one of the major issues of our time and I would be most interested in Marmot and Allen’s views about the causes of this, or even perhaps an acknowledgement that there is a problem (one of great human and financial cost).

I also do not agree with Woody Caan [4]: the perpetual deference of politicians to elite bureaucratic institutions like Chatham House (and others I could name) is mistaken. Of course, Chatham House would like everyone to jump into line with their pronouncements, but why is everybody so frightened of public argument - it is surely both a necessary condition for democracy and for science, as well as so lamentably absent in mainstream public discourse at the moment.

[1] Michael Marmot and Jessica Allen, ‘ Sajid Javid must promote health across government’, BMJ 2021; 374 doi: (Published 14 July 2021

[2] Responses to Wise, ‘’Social care: pressure mounts for urgent and radical reform’,

[3] Heidi Rodgers and Jessica McCluney, 'The Prevalence of Autism (including Asperger Syndrome) in School Age Children in Northern Ireland 2021', Information Analysis Directorate, 20 May 2021,

[4] Woody Caan, ‘Sajid Javid must promote health across government’, 15 July 2021,

Michael S.

Members of the press are part of the MSM, so the scope of their articles are usually laid out for them.
The MSM is controlled by wealthy and powerful corporate interests that have enormous influence over news and editorial content. At this point, the MSM is useful for corporate and gov't propaganda, but not vital or truthful information. Because of this, the future of our country's health, freedom and financial well being looks tenuous at best.

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