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Boston Globe Opinion: School vaccination requirements may lead to other health disparities

Right to educationThank you to Alison Chapman in Massachusetts for sharing this opinion piece that ran in the Boston Globe. Surprising that they ran it, but I learned a saying decades ago, "Don't punish progress," and this opinion piece is important information that could help thousands of families whose kids face expulsion from school.



Education improves health and is associated with lower mortality.

By Sylvia Fogel, Andrew Zimmerman, Charlotte Mao, and John Gaitanis
Updated July 10, 2021, 3:00 a.m.

COVID-19 vaccines illustrate the transformative power of vaccination to control infectious illness, and some schools have implemented mandates. In this context, the Massachusetts Legislature is considering two vaccination bills that would end or limit access to school, day care, or even college for the roughly 1 percent of Massachusetts children or young adults using a religious exemption. One of the bills would also allow vaccination of children without parental consent or knowledge — irrespective of age or capacity—and would also limit medical exemptions. While broad vaccine coverage is important to control infectious illness, it is imperative that citizens appreciate the destructive consequences of these bills.

With the highest vaccination rates in the country, Massachusetts is largely protected from disease outbreaks. Over the past decade, vaccination rates have improved and the religious exemption, used most often to forgo one or two vaccines, has held steady at roughly 1 percent. Simply put, there is no vaccination problem in Massachusetts. Excluding children from school risks creating larger, more serious, public health problems.

Losing access to education is a public health threat in its own right. Education improves health and is associated with lower mortality. Education is crucial for low-income and communities of color to mitigate disparities related to racism and socioeconomic disadvantage. This past year confirms the downsides of school loss, especially for the economically disadvantaged and Black and Latinx students. Special needs students and families would also be hard-hit. They are critically dependent on special education to teach communication, basic skills, and self-regulation. Special needs families have enormous challenges and higher rates of serious mental health symptoms, which require support. Marginalized communities need more educational support, not less.

Even more threatening to many parents, the Community Immunity Act would allow vaccination without parental consent, even if a child is young or intellectually disabled. Parents would never know, since medical records would be hidden unless court-ordered to be released or the child provided written consent. The provision is ripe for errors and abuses, and children experiencing adverse events might be unable to access appropriate medical care. We believe parents would be astonished by this possibility.



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He gets it.

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Must see! Like being in solitary confinement.

Still with Trump

War is when the government tells you who your enemy is.

Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.


Nine-year-olds. If they're "competent" and have an "underlying health issue."

Let's pretend we're talking about getting driver's licenses, buying cigarettes, or being tried for alleged crimes as adults, and ask around. How many people would agree that 12-year-olds are enough like adults to be treated like adults? How many psychologists or sixth-grade teachers would say that the majority of 12-year-olds reliably make good decisions about things that will affect the rest of their lives? We've now completely departed from reality.

Angus Files

In Scotland we had the globalist attempt of doing away with parental rights -it got scrapped but it was a was compulsory vaccination via the back door..but the door got shut and locked .

Pharma For Prison


For Bill

People are dying from these vaccines. Lots and lots of people are dying from these vaccines. This is genocide. Michael is free to point out anything he wishes. Somebody has to say STOP.


"A Holocaust comparison related to draconian vaccination laws."

Where in the hell are you coming form? What do you believe? Be plain.


"unless it is an compare and contrast of genocides."

This bill sets up a forced Covid shot to school children when the FDA approves it (then ACIP/CDC) for this fall as planned.

The jury is still out on "genocide".


I hate it when someone appoints himself the Holocaust police. I think it's completely legitimate for someone to ask how a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor wouldn't be wary of government overreach--after all, many grotesque human rights abuses, including the Holocaust, began with comparatively small pieces of overreach. Just wear the star. Just put a sign on your store. Just give up your university post.

It's important to remember the Holocaust not only because Jewish people are still targets of prejudice, but also because human beings still have it in us to "other-ize" members of our human family and take their rights away. Michael's comment is right on. Zionism is completely beside the point. Governments taking away the rights of citizens is the point.

Nobody owns any human tragedy. We should *all* learn from them. They are our collective history.


A Holocaust comparison related to draconian vaccination laws. Jeez Zionist "Micheal" I am not surprised you are irrational. I hate these draconian vaccination laws but a Holocaust related statement is insane. This reminds me of how Dieudonne M'Bala was arrested by the "Free Speech" loving French police during the terrorism in 2015 for a joke "I feel like Charlie Calibaly" he said. He was charged with inciting terrorism. Do not abuse the term Holocaust in any context unless it is an compare and contrast of genocides.


The Presenter for the Community Immunity Bill is Senator Becca Rausch, who is a granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor an attorney, a published author on reproductive health and justice and body size and the law, Senator Rausch is a lifelong advocate for social justice, fairness, and equality for all.

Something is demonstrably wrong with this woman. An advocate for social justice and equality wants to sneak kids away from their parents, inject them with out the parent's knowledge, then hide the evil deed from them. What law school did she go to that instilled in her this definition of social justice? Exactly what side of the Holocaust story was taught to this woman, who wants to make "equality for all" laws. She and any of her colleagues that she influences that this is right, leaves me speechless.

The First To Parish Were The Children. Rausch apparently missed the take away of the Holocaust--Never Again. As a Jew I am ashamed there are Jews like her.

Kate C

Any chance this is the Andrew Zimmerman from Kennedy Krieger Institute? The Hannah Poling Andrew Zimmerman?


'With the highest vaccination rates in the country, Massachusetts is largely protected from disease outbreaks. '
Highest vaccination rates? I'd love to see their rates of autoimmune conditions, autism, ADD, ADHD, Speech and Language disorders..........the list goes on! I'd bet on those rates matching their vaccination rates -both high. Never mind, though; at least they won't get the deadly chicken pox 'disease'.

Bob Moffit

Every State Legislator who votes in favor of reducing a parent's UNIVERSAL HUMANITARIAN RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT should be immediately voted out of office as soon as possible … these tyrannical politicians must be held accountable by the people electing them to office .. as the saying goes … ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES for those who seek to IMPOSE THEIR WILL OVER THE PEOPLE THEY ARE ELECTED TO SERVE.


Very nicely written, and very good points. Glad to see this view being aired in the Globe.

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