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Back to Normal?

New NormalBy Cathy Jameson

One morning a little over a month ago, I was catching up on some posts in an online group.  While sipping my coffee, I scrolled to the newest message.  The commenter said that people who choose not to vaccinate should “thank the rest of us for taking public health seriously."  All of us "…should do our part to bring normal back to everyone."  Not finished with all that she had to say, the poster shared that she’d gotten the vaccine.  Wanting some sort of recognition for that, she continued more curtly, "You're welcome, unvaccinated folks."  

This woman stayed on her soapbox a little bit longer and requested that the unvaccinated stop spreading misinformation.  I was unsure why she asked that because previous comments left by others included vaccine data directly from government agencies that oversee the vaccine program.  Maybe she didn’t like that some of that data was of documented vaccine injuries.  Far from done replying to the very polite responses people were leaving her, regardless of where their data was being cited, she had one more thing to say.  She insisted that, “The vaccine is helping you.  How?  Whether it's in your arm or not, the vaccine is the public good working for everyone."

What a message to wake up to!  

I wanted to reply, and had I known the people in this group a little bit better, I would have.  But I chose not to.  I’ve been replying to that kind of irrational, hateful speech for years.  This woman, who I’ve yet to meet in person, worked herself up into a tizzy and by the time I caught up, she didn’t need my input.  Plus, others had already graciously chimed in.  Other parents had responded to the indignant comments and requests before I even had a chance to even open the thread.  Who were those other people?  Several of them had previously stated that they were pro-vaccine.  They were just not pro-vaccine for one of the COVID vaccines, which was the topic of that particular thread.

“I am vaccinated, but I will not get the new one.  I won’t allow my children to get it either,” several shared.  I appreciated that I wasn’t the only one who had the same thought.  I walk into some message boards thinking I’m the lone “anti-vaxxer”.  On this particular board, there were quite a few of us.  And, dang, did they let this woman have it.

“Thank you?  For you getting the shot?  I didn’t ask you to do that.  You did that on your own.” 

“Nothing about this vaccine is normal.”

“If this was really about public health, we wouldn’t be forced into experimental shots.”

“Do my part?  I am, by not falling for the hype.”

For not being in the “anti-vaxxer” movement for as long as I have been, the responses I was reading were pretty good.  I sat back and read some more.

If you’re vaccinated, why do you care if I’m not?  It must be that you don’t believe that your vaccine actually works, right?  Why else would you come in here and demand the rest of us roll up our sleeves?  You know long-term studies haven’t been done?  YOU are the long-term study.  So, good luck with your experimental vaccine. 

Things got heated later on, and insults were lobbed at those saying no, thanks to the COVID shots.  But before that happened, it was like these people were reading my mind!  Right off the bat, those who thought to question an experimental vaccine asked the woman why she cared so much about the rest of us getting it.  She got one.  She thought highly of herself for getting it.  She even said that in our arm or not, that vaccine will help the public good.  Claiming her vaccine helps the public good is a terrible argument and one that I will never agree with.  Either way, she did what she wanted to do.  She took a chance and got vaccinated.  She was proud of that but also ticked as heck that others in the group would choose differently. 

Live your life, lady, and let us make a different decision.   

Can we, though?  Can we decide for ourselves? 

College kids  across the nation are feeling pressured to get vaccinatedEmployees are also. Will the announcement of door-to-door COVID vaccine campaigns compel people to comply?  Those door-to-door tactics aren’t anything new.  Some started weeks ago in the US and abroad.  With the current administration’s desire to get every adult vaccinated, I’m sure we’ll hear more about vaccine intimidation efforts more than we already have been.

One reason I’ve heard for this latest push is because the federal government spent trillions of dollars during the pandemic.  But some of us didn’t ask them to do that.  It was overzealous of the government to spend all that money.  It was preposterous to also expect that every citizen would trust a fast-tracked, experimental, liability-free vaccine being peddled.  Before the roll out, we were told that it would be the best option to combat COVID.  Apparently, one of those experimental vaccines is now going to be the only option if the government has its way. 

These representatives are saying that the vaccines will help us:

Get safe.

Be safe.

Feel safe.

If I could talk to them personally, I would tell them:

I was safe. 

I am safe. 

I never felt unsafe. 

It’s a big waste of taxpayers’ dollars to push this on me and millions like me.  Like a strong-headed child who just won’t listen, though, the administration and the HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra, haven’t gotten the hint yet.  “We’re going to go where you are,” Becerra said rather creepily in an interview.  Sounding more like a stalker than a humanitarian, he added, “…and we’ll do everything we can…” to get everyone a vaccine they don’t want.  

Fauci’s message from this week is no better.  When trying to explain how accessible the vaccine is to everyone, he offered this frustrated response:  “It’s easy to get, it’s free, and it’s readily available.  So, you know… what is the problem?  Get over it.  Get over this political statement, just get over it.”

Saying no to the COVID vaccine is not a political statement.  It’s not because people are “vaccine hesitant” either.  Declining to participate in the government’s vaccine program is based on a choice, a well-thought out one at that.  So, get over it?  No, thanks, Tony.  No, thanks, Xavier and Joe, too.  No, thanks to that woman in the online group from last month also.  Keep your vaccines.  Keep them away from me.  Y’all are not the boss of me, and you never will be. 

I’ve done my part to keep me and my family safe.  I’m still doing my part my way now.  I don’t know what life will look like for any of us when this ends, but I’m not going to let the ineptitude of those in office sway my decision.  I’m certainly not going to cave to the bullying campaign they’re promoting nor allow my children to be their guinea pigs either.  The data being collected from those who have been vaccinated tells me these vaccines are not all they’re cracked up to be anyway.  Some are causing serious, irreparable harm. What an awful realization for those people to have to face post-vaccination.  I pray that whatever new normal they are dealing with is manageable. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Benedetta - This is actually an amazing video,
Thank you for the link!
And I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet


Gary Ogden - Exactly!
Thank you for the idea


Dr. Fauci: Your friendly door to door vaccine salesman....NOT!

Did the good doctor really say this?

"“The big misinterpretation that Fox News or whomever else is saying is that they are essentially envisioning a bunch of federal workers knocking on your door, telling you you've got to do something that you don't want to do,”
"“That's absolutely not the case, it's trusted messengers who are part of the community doing that — not government officials. So that's where I think the disconnect is.”

So, Dr. Fauci just told us that federal workers ARE NOT TRUSTED MESSENGERS. LOL!
This is one of the few times he has told the truth.

Their action plan is sinking fast. Now the White House wants to track your private SMS text messages to make sure your aren't telling any Covid jab fibs. Joe must think he woke up in China. And Hunter thinks he woke up as a $500,000 fine artist. And if you disagree, you are a dangerous extremist.

Gary Ogden

I have just printed this notice. It will be attached to the front door at the crack of dawn:
No Trespassing
Postal carriers are always welcome,
As are delivery agents.
No other United States or State
of California officials or their agents,
especially, but not limited to, HHS, DHS,
CDPH are welcome.
We will call the police to have you arrested
if you violate our private residence with your presence.


Hera, Laura, TOB, Emma - Thank you so much!
I will post those signs, and we do have a camera...
I should also post a warning that
"the disabled person living here is conserved, and you will violate Federal Law by addressing him directly"
Let them wonder what "conserved" means...
Thank you for the ideas, and bless you all!

Laura Hayes


I am glad to see that a number of other commenters have put forth some excellent ideas for you in response to your request. I would definitely post "No Trespassing" signs where applicable, and a note on your front door with your instructions to those who come to your front door, who are on your private property. For example:

"Anyone who has not been invited here, or who has not been hired to work here, or who is not delivering mail via the USPS, FedEx, or UPS, is trespassing. Trespassers will be reported to law enforcement."

That is just an example, you could make it say what you want it to say.

Additionally, you could get some type of "Ring" doorbell system so that you are alerted, via your cell phone, when anyone approaches your front door. You can then talk to them through a speaker that is installed along with your doorbell, and they do not know whether or not you are on the premises or not. You can ask any trespassers to leave immediately, call 911 if they don't leave immediately, and/or if they return.

Hope all of the info provided here in the comments section helps protect you and your son from unwanted visitors!


Hi TOB, Emma,
good ideas.
Also, Irena, if possible, depending on his speech/communication challenges, it might be worth practicing a script of some kind about how to say no if someone comes at you with injections with your son. I have done this with mine, he knows that no matter what they say is in an injection, or why they say he needs it, if it is someone in public, at the door, or at school, he is to say no. I have told him they may lie to him about what is in it, as sadly, I think that it is likely they may well lie to special needs folks to make them comply.
I have also wondered about a specific sign on the door along the lines of
"If you are not our personal family physician, please do not come here promoting medical products or attempting to discuss our personal medical history. Also, please do not litter. Thank you."

It might give information about your opinions to your neighbors, ( ours already know, so no issue for us there) but it does not specifically give them information about your vaccine status, which is none of their business..



Just who is this David Martin?

According to the link you gave he founded:

"Built on the global technology transfer foundation of Mosaic Technologies’ market experience, Mosaic Collateral Asset Management – M·CAM® – has created the global standard in ethical use of, and the equivalent access to intangible assets in the finance and corporate marketplace."

Is this the mentioned "Mosaic Technologies"?

Hmmm. Fauci seems to be the one to throw under the bus if necessary. Yet, the emails clearly link him with the head honcho at Wellcome Trust. Are they pulling Fauci's strings? Let's not forget their transhumanist plans.....

A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction:
Wellcome Leap


And Cathy; these big money that the government especially Biden's government spend on things are not really for a campaign to educate the people; it is a pay off for those that supported him. A money laundering process, that has nothing to do with what they claim.


Irena, I agree with Emma that "No Trespassing" signs and cameras will help. Specifically, the "No Trespassing" signs are proof that you have not given strangers permission to enter your yard.

I would also print this information on a piece of cardstock, laminate it, and affix it to your front door so that the individual who approaches your door without permission has been warned:

**California Penal Code 602.8 PC
Trespass as an infraction
If you willfully enter someone else’s land without permission, and that land is enclosed by a fence OR has “no trespassing” signs posted at intervals of no less than three (3) to a mile, you will be charged initially with an infraction, under Penal Code 602.8 PC.

The penalties for trespass as an infraction are:
- A seventy-five dollar ($75) fine for a first offense, and
- A two hundred fifty dollar ($250) fine for a second offense on the same land.
For a third offense on the same land, you will be charged with misdemeanor trespass.**

[I found this information on the website for the Shouse Law Group, but you can look up the statute at the California government source.]


I also have a problem with any of them dumping their pamphlets at one's front door. That is littering, which can have monetary fines. Why are the Feds spending lots of money on "workers" when they could just mail the info with the targeted list, which they seem to have. NO MONEY TO HELP THE VACCINE INJURED, but plenty of money to coerce them in person.



You could install a video monitoring system at the front door. That plus "No Trespassing" signs would give legal evidence that they were trespassing. If your son is deaf, he wouldn't be able to accidentally answer their questions. You could also paper over any front door windows. Remember, you have no legal obligation to answer the door or engage in any conversation with them except to ask them to leave because they are trespassing.


"Truth Comes to Light" It is David Martin looking at patents.
He Says the New Normal came from a 2004 meeting by Merck on how to get everyone to accept a universal vaccine.

That the Patent office had refused Fauci's RNA vaccine saying that a vaccine has to prevent an infection, where as we all know this what every it is - is causing the body to make the infectious agent.


In the end - they made vaccines, medicines, and detective test before any of the outbreaks. In the patent office. Wow!

susan welch

Cathy, thank you so much for another great article.

Greg. I loved your response. I have copied it into a Word document and have also sent it to both my sons who have not had the jab, but do have people who don't understand.


Gary, Laura - I am actually scared out of my mind!
My son is deaf and autistic, and he may actually open the door to those goons, in my absence...
And no, California AG is not going to protect us...
I am afraid they will not just leave leaflets on our step.
Any ideas of how to repell those visitors?
Some one said to install No trespassing sign.
Anything else I can do?


@ Greg Hill
Excellent response!

A timely and spot on article.
I am reposting these relevant links in case anyone missed them:

What should you do when federal agents arrive at your door with questions about your personal health decisions?

"Ignore No Soliciting Signs, Use Your Script": Vaccine Door-Knocking Documents Revealed
They can't ignore "NO TRESPASSING" signs.

Bob Moffit

The only benefit I see in ongoing purge to vaccinate entire world is sudden discovery of mandatory vaccines are now being questioned publicly by people in mainstream media who have either IGNORED or were IGNORANT to the fact that approved and recommended vaccines have been more or less MANDATED FOR CHILDREN … 17 VACCINES …. in 72 DOSES … prior to 18 years of age for DECADES NOW AS STATE AFTER STATE HAVE ELIMINATED PARENTAL EXEMPTIONS .. PHILOSOPHICAL, MEDICAL, RELIGIOUS ..

I have to smirk when I watch Tucker Carlson and a guest railing against requiring college students get the vaccine in order to attend school without harassment … such as … weekly tests and mandatory masks … yet … children have been REQUIRED TO BE FULLY VACCINATED OR DENIED ACCESS TO PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION FOR DECADES.

Waiting for the day when Tucker discovers HEP B vaccines given to infants within hours of birth for a disease that is not easily transmittable … requiring behaviors such as promiscuous unprotected sex or sharing contaminated drug needles.

Greg Hill

I like to just tell anyone who brings up the topic, "These shots [I never call them 'vaccines' because that's not what they are] are currently undergoing clinical trials to determine their safety and effectiveness. That requires both an experimental group who get the shots and a control group who do not. I'm personally participating in the experiment by volunteering to be a member of the control group. Members of the experimental group ought to be thanking people like me for volunteering to take that 'risk.' I have little respect for those clearly anti-science people like Joe Biden who want to ruin this entire scientific experiment by eliminating the control group."


The amount of pressure being applied is unreal. In NY the “city’s doctor” is on tv 5 times in an hour to show pushing this. There are also other PSAs with several individuals telling us how safe and effective (and free) the vaccine is. Do these people feel no responsibility for this? If it were me I’d want to be damn sure what I was saying was true….
The newest tactic is “you have a right to ask questions about the covid vaccine.” Yes a right to ask as long as the conclusion is that you decide to take it….

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Cathy. The State of California has come to our door four times. The first time, I opened the door and talked to the young man. He agreed with us that these experimental liability-free vaccines are quackery! The other three times we ignored the doorbell, and they littered the porch with their little paper. They must have a list. These monsters will not violate the sanctity of our home and family.


Great post as always. I was listening to a Tom Petty CD this week and thought it's just a matter of time before "Won't Back Down" is included in a Sunday post. This felt like the "Won't Back Down" post to me :-)

It's about half the adults in the country who are saying, "No, thanks," so the attempt to shame "the unvaccinated" into compliance isn't working. I'm not really sure what "political" means anymore, but I do know that choosing *not* to take an experimental biological product has nothing to do with one's party registration. And in my own extended family circle, the people who took one of these products were just as likely to be Trump voters who love Fox News as they were to be registered Democrats who worry about climate change.

I go back to the writings of Vaclav Havel a lot. The forced masking of healthy people, the house arrest of an entire nation for months, and the strong-arming of acceptance of an experimental biological product are like what the Czechoslovak puppet government did in the 1970s: Criminalizing normal behavior. Havel talks about the event that finally got a lot of people to make a stand, which was when the government prosecuted a rock band for holding unauthorized concerts. This was different from earlier arrests, he said, because the rock band wasn't making a political statement. They weren't arrested for being anti-Communist or having any particular political view. They were arrested for doing a normal human thing. That's what the current moment feels like.

Laura Hayes

Comedian JP Sears addresses Biden’s door-to-door vaccination plans:



It must be dawning on them, they've taken a dangerous vaccine that doesn't work, for a man-made disease that primarily afflicts elderly people with comorbidities.

I really admire you for protecting your family and not caving in to vaccine bullies. Here's an Olympic star who feels the same way, you're in good company:


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