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Asked About Biles & It On HuffPo

 Looks like I triggered bots and anything but’ers yesterday. Look at the knee-jerk dismissal. The anger. Buyers Remorse is as contagious as Covid. I don’t dare tell them I wrote for HuffPo for almost 10 years. My name change has really been a savior! A few folks are chiming in with agreement that asking is in order, and that's encouraging. I especially liked one comment that "There is no evidence that this vaccine could do that!" There's no evidence I ate the last chocolate cookie on the plate at midnight either. Not even a crumb.D5DDBA27-7CC8-46E0-8159-E6675B2743F8





















Clare Puskarczyk

There have been vast numbers of reports of persons with muscle, balance, vision, and every sort of side effect from the experimental medical device that they're calling a vaccine. It does not function at all like a vaccine and is clearly dangerous. Not only that, but the vaccinated are the ones getting sick still. Check out VAERS, very under-reported since most people probably don't even know about it. What's on Google search is suspicious. I read several -- not the truth. This one at least is dealing with real people and reporting what is happening with those they see.

Bob Moffit

Sorry .. I commented on first AoA article today regarding Greg Kelly show on newsmax last night where fill in host and guest BOTH mentioned hearing rumors of covid causing loss of coordination and balance .. comment better applies here. IT IS A RUMOR … but .. unfortunately a believable one.


Balance is crucial to so many athletic activities from gymnastics to motocross to whitewater kayaking. When you're upside down under a waterfall you kind of forget which direction is up and it's easy to die. I can understand why she pulled out of the pommel horse.

I had trouble with my sense of balance in my 20's with so many preservatives in foods and everywhere you went there was a heavily cleaned restroom disrupting every biochemical process in my body.

Organic foods helped.

I still get dizzy sometimes, but now it's when I'm around a pretty woman in a farmer's market.

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