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AluminumOver the last few years, and certainly since the COVID lockdown in 2020, we've discussed how we will communicate if and when we are "shut down" whether by social media or web platforms, or even our employers. When AofA was launched 14 years ago, one of our main focuses was on mercury. Since that time, aluminum has become a topic of grave concern, due in large part to the work of Professor Christopher Exley, whose tenure at Keele University in the UK will be coming to a close at the end of August.

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Welcome to the Aluminium Research Group

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The Birchall Centre

Welcome to the website of the Aluminium Research Group. The group was previously based in The Birchall Centre, Keele University from 1992 to 2021. We are currently looking for a new home. In the meantime we have set up this website to keep as many as possible informed about our research and research activities.

Our Research

The Unit started off with three general themes, of which our group focus is Aluminium and Silicon in Biology. The group is led by Professor Christopher Exley, FRSB and the current research themes within the group are varied, including metals and amyloids; biosilicification in plant species; human exposure to Aluminium, whether intentional (e.g. in antiperspirants or adjuvants) or unintentional; and hydroxyaluminosilicates.




Dido Juila
No I had not heard her, so thanks.



Blair Douglas and Kathleen MacInnes - Soldier's Lullaby Totally blocked on YouTube from yesterday
I wonder why ?
Thank you Professor Chris Exley for your teams ongoing hard work!

Tak a dram before you go Alasdair Gilles YouTube


I looked up two of the men's names you mentioned.
What was it that they said that struck such a chord with you?

If you have trouble with viruses, I bet you really have trouble with prions.

I read Maready's book this winter. Have you read anything of his? or listened to him on the internet?

He says that most antibiotics go for the bacteria's cell wall. Bacteria depending on the type have cell walls, and covering the cell walls are cell membranes. Then there are some that don't have cell walls at all. Maready says that the antibiotics may strip a bacteria lie strep of their wall, but not kill them. They go into hiding in our cells and makes it hard for our immune system to find them.

No one ever thinks of fungi. It is a very complicated organism compared to bacteria. Maybe they should. There are times that I think that my psoriasis in my ear is a yeast infection. Fungi and metals is a whole wondrous topic. We seem to be only familiar with a couple of fungi that are common in the body. One of course is Canadensis.

The big wigs are claiming that there is a new kind of Canadensis on the rise within the human population that is really detrimental to our health. I am not sure if maybe the use of metals is not driving this fungus to behave differently.

the first guy you mentioned took it to court that there was no such thing as a measles virus? Am I understanding that right.


I'm sure many here have watched this already, but for anyone who hasn't, this talk by Suzanne Humphries was very informative on the subject of aluminium reaching the brain.


Gary Ogden

CK: I agree with much of what you say. I think it a good idea to be skeptical of mainstream virology. Our cells produce DNA/RNA-fragment-containing exosomes all day long, as waste products of cellular metabolism, and kick them out, to be vacuumed up and eliminated in feces. These may very well be what are called "viruses." As for causal factors in the brain inflammation resulting in an autism diagnosis, I think glyphosate, and other industrial chemicals, plays a larger role than you surmise, since it disrupts the gut micro-biome, which directly interacts with, and plays a major role in brain function. But I agree that vaccines play the major role.

Gary Ogden

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Here's my attempt at answering Benedetta's questions:
1) Yes, Aluminum is carried around by macrophages and can accumulate elsewhere in the body, causing damage and inflammation. It can accumulate in the bones, muscles, lungs, brain etc. (Autism results when it accumulates in the brain.)

2) Yes, mercury is also very bad and can cause autism by itself. If both are present, there's a synergestic effect. Many vaccines today still have trace amounts of mercury even though most of it was removed.

3) I personally don't agree with Mikovits views. I became a virus "denialist" after learning about Stefan Lanka, Andrew Kaufman and Thomas Cowan's views. I was incredibly skeptical at first but after doing the research, it really is true there's no scientific proof that exogenous viruses exist! (No one denies that endogenous viral-like particles produced by our own cells exist.) All of the viruses we hear about today- like the "delta" variant of the SARS-COV-2 virus- are computer generated. There's no proof they exist in the real world. All COVID-19 "tests" based on the hypothetical virus are also garbage.

4) Even if there are no "viruses" in the vaccines, they're still full of other toxins besides Al + Mercury which could also cause harm. I personally think there are several different forms of "autism" and we're lumping togeher several conditions that may only be superfically related. My guess is vaccines are the primary cause of autism today. But other factors (e.g. glyphosate, EMF, etc.) might cause some cases as well.

Brian James

Great article. Jun 19, 2018 Visualising Aluminium in Human Brain

Tissue in Autism and Multiple Sclerosis by Matthew Mold, United Kingdom


Angus Files

Subscribed for sure .

Pharma For Prison



I hope the best for Dr. Exley.
I sure hope for some answers too.
Is it immune cells eating aluminum ions and then carrying them around the body, only to be released some where else and causing inflammation?

Or is it the mercury?
Or is it the two together?
Or is Judy Mikovits that is right and it is all the viruses in all those vaccines?
Or is it the gut microbiome and brain connections that Dr. Wakefield wanted more studies?

Or is Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill right; Is it metals and microbes.

It has been an eye opening 40 years - waiting for answers.

I love all these people; they wi

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