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Lion DadCathy shares the blessings of having a strong husband and father for her five children. Happy Father's Day to all the AofA Dads.  I was blessed with a Dad who looked out for me (and my 3 daughters) until the day he died at age 94.  Autism and life's curveballs create lions - and lemons.  Here's to the lions for whom Fatherhood is more than a photo opp. Happy Father's Day!
Love, Kim

By Cathy Jameson

Through his father’s eyes.  What does he see?  Does he see the same things I do for Ronan?  Sometimes.  Maybe.  Yes.  But not always.  I am the day-to-day provider.  The main caretaker.  The maker of the schedule and creator of all of the meals.  I take care of the therapy.  I drive to all of the appointments.  He can do everything I can do, including defend important rights. 

But does he?  The father?  Does he do all the things I do?  He does.  A little bit.  Sometimes. 

He can do everything that I can do.  He also does so much more!  I’m not ashamed of that.  Nor am I less than he because of that.  I’m the mom.  He’s the dad. 

And oh, what a dad he is!  

Steve bw 1

I know other families who are going this thing called life without a dad like Ronan has.  Their workload is doubled.  Their stressors are greater.  Their burden is heavier.  I thank God every day that Ronan’s father is here.  Not every day is a perfect day for him, or us.  Far from it!  But it’s a day for us to be together, to work together.  It’s a day for us to care for a young man with severe autism and multiple medical conditions.  It’s a day for us to not give up but to always remember to try. 

And when trying once doesn’t work, it’s a day for all of us to try, try again. 

Steve try again 2

No matter the path…

Steve path 3

No matter how hard the task at hand will be…

Steve task 4

The father has promised to keep his child safe.

To help him be happy. 

And to guide him wherever this journey takes them. 

Steve safe

Not everyone has what my boy has.  I pray that whoever is the father figure is one who can guide, who can encourage, and who is exactly who your child needs them to be. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


sabina de sturler

male lion is a spectacularly bad example.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Cathy, and bless you. Thanks for the Eric Clapton. I had the great pleasure to see him perform in San Francisco fifty years ago.


Lovely message.
Lovely song by Eric Clapton.

I had a unique Father's Day. I had a physical ailment come upon me over the last 3 days (not Covid). The Lord spoke to me this morning and said to obey Scripture and go to my pastor and elders and have them pray for my healing. He did! I was able to celebrate Father's Day with my spouse and grown children and visit my eldest's new home. He suffered much from ADHD, panic attacks and a damaged gut. Praise Jesus! He brought him to a place where he has a job he loves and earns enough to live independently. A miracle.
Clapton's song reminded me of another song with the same title by Amy Grant:
Amy Grant - Father's Eyes (Lyric Video)


Thanks to all the dads snd grandfathers too!


Lovely fathers day appreciation ,Thank you dad, and dad's xxx, and great song from Eric Clapton as well.
My computer skills are still duff as get out ,still learning ! So when I saw my fathers eyes online looking straight back at me in 2014 ,I nearly had an apoplexy of pants elastic rupture, with laughter !
Firefighters Tribute Cheapside Street UK YouTube

At around 1.31 Mns, Fireman on right -Hands on hips - Off Duty Uniform !
We lived in the central fire station and Wallace the fire dog could cure sore skint knees with a kiss through his stuffed glass case box, in the recreation room . How is it possible ? It's pure magick !


Happy Father's Day to all the strong and devoted dads who are always there for all their children or adults often difficult needs and supports. You all are wonderful people and may God Bless you all.

Bob Moffit

Happy Father's day to all those proud dads who have stood shoulder to shoulder to our WORRIOR MOMS from day one and beyond. God bless all


What a beautiful piece, Cathy. You are blessed to have such a strong husband.

This post reminded me of Rodney Peete's book and some of the dads he mentioned, like Khari Lee, who sacrificed and learned and fought tooth and nail to get his son what he needed. Thank you, autism dads and granddads, for fighting this fight every day.

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