FDA Updates Face Sheets Due to Increased Risks of Myocarditis and Pericarditis
Extended School Year Services

V Is For Vaccine Protests Outside Springsteen On Broadway Irking Covidphobic Howard Stern

Springsteen V is for VNote: When I turned on The Howard Stern Show at about 7:30 yesterday morning, he began his non-stop fear of Covid, and love for the vaccinations the moment I tuned in. Imagine my surprise when he began talking about the V Is For Vaccine protest outside the Springsteen on Broadway - which was for vaccinated only.  He hates the unvaccinated and fears Covid with all his heart and soul and OCD. He used to turn his cruelty into comedy. I was so annoyed, I snapped a screen shot.


Protest Against Segregation at Bruce Springsteen Concert for  "Vaccinated Only" Attendees

New York, NY - On June 26, 2021 the largest public vaccine risk education organization, V is for Vaccine, protested what they are calling discrimination and modern segregation outside the first show of the new Bruce Springsteen concert series at the St. James Theater. Springsteen's shows are open to "vaccinated only", allowing only attendees who have received the COVID-19 vaccine. Concert goers were required to show proof of vaccination for COVID-19 to enter the venue.

The protest aimed to highlight how segregating CAA855FA-BFB5-4DFB-AFD4-55757FC2AF46vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals is a violation of civil and equal rights, with activists holding signs that replicated protest signs from the Civil Rights era. One such sign read "Segregation is morally wrong!"

Segregation is defined as the action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people, or things being set apart. There and many reasons people do not vaccinate, including previous vaccine injury or medical or genetic predisposition to an adverse reaction.

Springsteen isn't the first performer to impose this requirement. Just last week V is for Vaccine also organized a protest at the The Foo Fighters concert on the west coast, which was the very first full capacity "vaccinated only" concert in the country.

V is for Vaccine co-founder Joshua Coleman stated, "Our goal is to point out how this medically and scientifically unjustified discrimination is setting a dangerous precedent. We are supposed to be in an age where we have moved past treating others unfairly based upon prejudices and unfounded fears. It seems in this case history is repeating itself."






This doctor is well credentialed to make these statements. Gives background history of Ivermectin and its proven track record.


Thank you Hera ,your comments have just about "Got It In One"
Our friend Jimmy was in line up for a cocktail of inoculations during the first gulf war 1990
Fortunately he knew the medic who asked him "Got A few vaccines here ,I will put down that you have had them ,but do you want them or not ?
One dose skooshed into the desert sand !
Medic recieved one bottle extra special single malt , no questions asked .


"still it is fair to say that the conclusion of what imo is a very dodgy study was that the vaccine did not cause an unusual amount of abortions."

I totally disagree. The "study" should never have been published. It is pure propaganda, not science. Therefore, the article's conclusion is just as valid. The way the Abstract was worded, one could conclude that out of 35,691 pregnant v-safe participants, only 712 resulted in a live birth! Also note that they avoided commenting on 1st trimester vaccinations outcomes, but "mostly among participants with vaccination in the third trimester." How did this C r a p get in the NEJM? Also, they conveniently left out the VAERS data in the abstract which covers first trimester miscarriages. That seems to be the vulnerable spot.


Hi John Stone,
Thank you for your support of the military members and your letter. As you say, record keeping is just (or more likely) to be at fault as personnel's memories. The military have no right to informed consent regarding vaccines needed for fitness for duty.
In the U.S. the military are specifically told this about vaccines.
—Military commanders
have the legal right to require service members
to undergo physical, psychiatric or other medical
examinations and procedures to determine fitness
for duty without obtaining the service member’s
consent. This may also include vaccinations
Thank you for the horrifying link of service members talking about the vaccines and other medications they were ordered to take, despite possible health consequences. Your statement about the sad death of your nephew was a reminder that just as the vaccines can cause serious conditions and deaths, so can the COVID virus. Thank you for the reminder to keep perspective on both sides of this.
As I understand it, the study does not say what is being quoted in the article. While the study has multiple flaws, ( no follow up on outcomes for the babies, for example) and it covers the outcomes only of the very few actual pregnancies that have been completed
" of 3958 participants enrolled in the v-safe pregnancy registry, 827 had a completed pregnancy,"
so it is imo basically useless, still it is fair to say that the conclusion of what imo is a very dodgy study was that the vaccine did not cause an unusual amount of abortions.


Dr. Peter McCullough: Covid vaccines are killing babies in the first trimester at an astonishing rate… an “atrocity” to vaccinate expectant mothers

"Dr. Peter McCullough, professor of medicine at Texas A&M, warns against vaccinating pregnant women for covid-19. He said the covid vaccines are completely unnecessary for pregnant women and are “directly killing babies in the first trimester.”"

"The study, “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons” finds that covid vaccines cause spontaneous abortions in 104 out of 127 pregnant women! This means that the vaccine is disrupting critical stages of early prenatal development, and is killing four out of five babies in the first 20 weeks of gestation."

John Stone


Never mind - a very interesting collection of references anyway.


John Stone:
When I click on the site I gave you though, I can not find the article that is described in the search engine. The dates are not March 2003 but all are 2004 dates. .


John Stone.

Inquiry into Gulf War illnesses - vaccinations, etc.
In March 2003, less than 18 months after their categorical denials, vials of British anthrax were washed up on the South Coast. These vials were tested and found to contain squalene… I did write to PMA at RAF Innsworth where they keep all our files and requested my medical file and my personnel file.

The news story on the television had more than that, but still not much more.

It showed the Royal Navy leaving, and then shortly after showed vials of vaccine washing up on shore.

South shore, but not exactly where?


Thank you John Stone for on going hard work ,
UK Column Bitchute
UK Column News 2 July 2021
Chatam House -Professor David Sailsbury at 1;oo,35 desensitasion effect in progress !
Ten Books chosen by Simon Wessley -Cambridge University by S Wessley 2002
Dr Robert Knox -desensitasion effect ! They are still a genetically inherited ethical and moral defective product of their education and medical training !
Burke and Hare Song By Robin Lang YouTube

John Stone

Hi Benedetta

Found it - mind you they are not telling you much!


Glass vials found on beach

Over a hundred glass vials have been mysteriously washed up on a Cornish beach. They contain a protein substance commonly used in microbiology experiments.

More than a hundred glass phials have been washed up at Godrevy Beach near St Ives. The fire and rescue service has been trying to collect them all, and think the liquid inside in them may be from a biology lab. People are being warned not to touch them.


John Stone; Your country men owe you for trying Meanwhile as they were busy vilifying you; all the while, some one on those ships leaving knew. and did acted up on what they knew.

They probably thought they were far enough out to sea, but was not. Tricky waters around the U.K.

I hope they got away with throwing the vaccine over board, but I was glad to see them wash upon the beach. It was one of the high moments for me, You got to take 'em when you can get them.

John Stone

Hi Benedetta,

Just noticed that I should have written “Iraq War” not “Gulf War” though unfortunately I don’t recall either way the incident of vials, but I am sure you are right. No one of course replied to my letter to elucidate the Iraq War schedule, although there was a letter from an infectious disease consultant in Blackpool smearing me.


Hi Hera, John Stone, and Emma:

I read "Vaccine A" I had friends that well know way back in the day that is was the vaccines.
I knew when I saw on the news that thousands of vials of vaccines washed upon the shores of Great Britain, after the ships departed for the Middle East the second time. John Stone - what part of Great Britain did those vials wash up on?

So the end result of that was that, these vets do not live up to 90 year old like my father, and are soon dead with ALS, and out of the VA's hair in taking care of them.

Fast forward to covid 19

I have friends that have had the covid disease.
They said that their food did not taste right, that they went on about their lives and ended up throwing up. One was a 65 year old that threw up while hunting deer and came on home. But that was about it. They did not know they had the covid. Then a few weeks or months later they take a covid antibody test and they did have it.

I have my 34 years old nephew that died of covid because of his heart. He was fat. Not a soft fat, but a big bull neck tough man that, was, however ; over weight. And then there is that slim, red headed 34 VA nurse practioner, that comes to my father's house, and covid disease did go to his heart too. He did not go to the ICU, but to a heart doctor only. While my nephew went on to bed and went no where.

Now those were not vaccines, but the disease.
So it is possible I think to have the covid as a young man, go running; thus stress out that heart with this virus, ending up in the ICU.

It is also very possible that the same vaccine will do the SAME thing as the disease.

So why bother with the vaccine? Since it is injecting the SAME spike Ace 2 loving protein into the body!

I want some ivermectin, and not be reduced to having to take, and give my family some thing intended not for human use, but for veterinaries' horse medicine.

Is that asking too much from our medical system?

John Stone

My letter to BMJ 2008 regarding Gulf War Sickness:


Re: Re: Re: Re: Fundamental research bias
Richard Lindley

The study [1] is a red-herring. It does not tell us the service
personel are physically well or that they have suffered no ill-effects
from their medication. The have a legal right to have these issues looked
at. The study only tells us that their memories may have been at fault.
But it gives only an impressionistic account of which vaccines were
actually used, suggesting others unmentioned. Can we even tell whether
their memories were in error, or the record keeping?

The study also places emphasis on whether vaccines were administered
on a single day, when temporal proximity - even if not on the same day -
might be just as critical.

The study does not mention whether the anthrax vaccine was the same
one used in the Gulf War about which there were belatedly embarrassing
disclosures [2, 3] mentioned by Hall and Hooper, above [4].

It is troubling that we have another report which casts doubt on the
reliability of armed service personel who may have become ill as a result
of their service, rather than showing due concern for their health.

[1] Dominic Murphy, Matthew Hotopf, and Simon Wessely, 'Multiple
vaccinations, health, and recall bias within UK armed forces deployed to
Iraq: cohort study',
BMJ 2008; 337: a220

[2] Michael Smith, '1991 Gulf soldiers given risky jabs', Daily
Telegraph October 11, 2003,

[3] Michael Smith, 'MoD was warned of vaccine risk before war', Daily
Telegraph October 10, 2003,

[4] Derek Hall, Prof M Hooper, 'Ill-Health in Gulf War Veterans'.


If an unvaccinated military employee is in close living quarters with many who are vaccinated, how do we know that that person got a novel case of Covid rather than reacting to vaccine shed spike proteins? Is there a test for that? The unvaxxed troops should be on Ivermectin or Hydroxy as a preventative.

Speaking of Ivermectin......

YouTube censored one of the most popular podcasts in the country because it mentioned the drug ivermectin as a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19.

Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist who was a professor at Evergreen State College, told Fox News' Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night YouTube has blocked "The Darkhorse Podcast" from generating ad revenue, which is how he makes a living.


Hi Benedetta,
I mentioned this to my retired military husband. His comment; or they gave him a required "flu shot" that was really the vaccine and didn't tell him. They did that with the anthrax vaccine. Military members started having severe anthrax type symptoms following what they were told was a "flu" shot. If you really want to get scared, you might be interested in reading some of the experiments that have been conducted on military members. With anthrax, the military managed to produce a study showing ridiculously low numbers of side effects compared to outside studies. Hopefully though, someone high up in the military has the pragmatic good sense to realize that injecting their young male recruits with a substance that produces a heart condition that makes them unfit for combat is a bad idea.
I would not bet on it though.
I do believe it is likely that covid infections can damage the heart particularly in older people. However, this only really made the news after it became undeniable that young men were getting heart damage from the shot. If young men were regularly dropping dead or turning up in the ICU last year from heart conditions due to covid infections , I think we would have heard of it back then.


Emma speaking of the military:

A friend linked me to her friend on face book that works on a military base and is suppose to keep u pwith who is vaccinated, who is not, and any side effects, and follow those that have covid 19 virus.

She said that one young man got covid 19 and did not know it. - not the vaccine (I think I remember that right) and he was out in the middle of a run and fainted. He had covid she said, and it attacked the heart. That he had no symptoms before that. And he was now in the ICU with heart problems. .

The vaccine has the spike protein which is the same thing that is an Ace receptor grabber on that is causing the heart problems in the actual disease. .

So, give us all Quercetin or something for now, for the natural disease. But no. .
All that stuff is Probably all manufactured in China, and we could not get it. I heard that all of China is letting them have all those ivermectin and HCQ and such. .


"Heart Inflammation Linked to COVID Vaccines in Study of U.S. Military, Department of Defense Confirms
In a study published June 29 in JAMA Cardiology, researchers described 23 cases of myocarditis in healthy military members who developed the condition within four days of receiving the Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccines."

Bee Gees - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

Frederic Chopin

I'm glad you were able to find the answer to your question.


Mask Mandates are a waste of space as well .
Lockdown Sceptics
News Round Up June 27 2021
Excellent article Re-Evaluating Mask Mandates Part 2 ; Exposing the Assumption -Led Claim .
By Masha Krylova June 25 2021
It's a political pestilence right enough!
Wire brush and Lysol technique on public display ,Oh Boris! it ain't a good look honey!

Boris Johnson Cleaning A Chair, Sir David Attenborough's hilarious voice over ! YouTube


Now I remember.
I actually watched the Feb. 26, 2020 ACIP meeting where they discussed the new Ebola vaccine to be approved for infectious disease/lab workers. There were some questions about it, but it was approved.
INTERESTING TIMING. This was just before a SARS Cov2 National emergency was declared and lockdowns began....

ACIP Recommends Preexposure Ebola Virus Vaccine

"During the Feb. 26-27 meeting of the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, the group voted to recommend a preexposure vaccine against Ebola virus for adults.
AAFP liaison to the ACIP Pamela Rockwell, D.O., of Ann Arbor, Mich., told AAFP News other business conducted during the meeting included receiving updates on influenza activity, which remains relatively high in the United States, and on the incredibly fluid COVID-19 outbreak and the federal government's preparations for a possible pandemic."

It's also interesting that ACIP noted "relatively high" INFLUENZA activity at that time. Yet, wasn't the flu rate almost zero during 2020, while Covid 19 was off the charts?

Use of Ebola Vaccine: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, United States, 2020

"This report summarizes the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for use of the rVSVΔG-ZEBOV-GP Ebola vaccine (Ervebo) in the United States. The vaccine contains rice-derived recombinant human serum albumin and live attenuated recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) in which the gene encoding the glycoprotein of VSV was replaced with the gene encoding the glycoprotein of Ebola virus species Zaire ebolavirus. Persons with a history of severe allergic reaction (e.g., anaphylaxis) to rice protein should not receive Ervebo. This is the first and only vaccine currently licensed by the Food and Drug Administration for the prevention of Ebola virus disease (EVD).....ACIP recommends preexposure vaccination with Ervebo for adults aged ≥18 years in the U.S. population who are at highest risk for potential occupational exposure to Ebola virus species Zaire ebolavirus because they .....work as laboratorians or other staff at biosafety level 4 facilities in the United States."

FROM 2014 (During West Africa Ebola outbreak)
Why does the CDC hold a patent on Ebola?

"While it is true that the CDC was given a patent in 2010 for the Ebola Bundibugyo virus (EboBun), the strain that is currently spreading is Zaire Ebola (EBOV)....“The CDC does hold some patents on life forms, but it generally does this for the common good, so a commercial company can’t come along and patent it,” Sanders said. “The CDC lets researchers work with the strain without fees.” Sanders and some other experts have dismissed claims that the government would profit “in the billions” from a pandemic."

"In regards to questions about patenting the Ebola virus, Perlin told theGrio.com the “only reason to do it is for commercial purposes” and to “control the strain” in terms of licensing.
“[EboBun] either has value as a vaccine strain, or it has some other type of commercial value that the CDC would benefit from,” Perlin said."

Evaluation of the Safety and Immunogenicity......



"I chose Ebola because we have a very effective vaccine for that disease"

Prove it. According to the document I posted, they are still working with non-human primates.
Looks like gof experiments to me. Doesn't Rockefeller own the patent for Ebola (Ebov)? It goes way back to Zaire (Congo) and the Belgians.......And then there was the Marberg version in Germany.

Is Ebola the next fear mongering campaign?

Frederic Chopin

Dunno about humanized mice or what you're going on about, but I'd be happy to look at any legitimate links you'd care to share. Of course I got the vaccine. Had my 2nd Moderna back in January. How much longer do you think I'll live?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | June 30, 2021 at 08:28 AM

Humanized Mice lived for only 9 weeks after corona vaccination ? Is that true ?
Have you had all your injections ? Pfizer or Moderna ? not AZ surely ?

9 weeks in mice equates to 1.5 years in humans ? Is that true ?

Frederic Chopin

I chose Ebola because we have a very effective vaccine for that disease which is highly transmissible and kills roughly half of those it infects. And since y'all think COVID is fake or whatever. But even Ebola doesn't phase the hardcore AVer.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | June 29, 2021 at 08:31 AM

The US military has done everything it can to weaponise Ebola across Africa for decades.
As yet they have been unsuccessful, so your argument is moot & weak.

Corona is a scamdemic, to roll out the vaccine, and only the weak minded and uneducated have succumbed to their mandatory vaxterminations.

Are you on the clock ? now 3years or less ?

Angus Files

You miss the point Chop it matters not if its Ebola we the great unvaccinated wont want to go to a BS concert...amongst spreaders of vaccine diseases.

Pharma For Prison



Smoking gun testimony!

GOP Medical Witnesses: COVID-19 'Exactly What You'd Expect If You'd Gone Through Gain-Of-Function'


The elephant in the room is that Dr. Fauci is linked to both the Wuhan L4 lab gain of function coronavirus AND the Moderna vaccine. Why should we trust the jab to "do no harm?"

JUST IN: House Republicans Hold Hearing On COVID-19 Origin, Explore Lab-Leak Theory | FULL

GOP Medical Witnesses: COVID-19 'Exactly What You'd Expect If You'd Gone Through Gain-Of-Function'

JUST IN: Jim Jordan says he can prove Fauci LIED

JUST IN: Jim Jordan Attacks Fauci's Actions At Start Of COVID-19 Pandemic

'Suddenly You Can't Find Him': Jim Jordan Criticizes Fauci For Skipping GOP COVID-19 Origin Hearing


Hi Frederick,
I am pretty sure that if it was ebola, then no one would be pretending that natural immunity did not count, or that a vaccine that allows for breakthrough transmissions to such an extent that the CDC is no longer counting the vaccinated covd-infected at all, unless the vaccinated covid- infected end up in the hospital or dead, somehow makes it safe to party in large crowds.
When people are actually infected by something with a massive kill rate, they tend to want natural immunity, not immunity from a vaccine that only works as long as you don't test them the same way as you test everyone else.
And of course the push to vaccinate the already naturally immune (from previous infection) looks a lot like an attempt to bolster the vaccine efficacy rates to make it look like it works better.

Do you really think in an ebola epidemic, that people vaccinated with an ebola vaccine that had such a high rate of breakthroughs would be out partying in huge crowds with other potential vaccinated carriers of ebola ? ( At least, given how deadly ebola can be, my guess is, probably not more than once.)


Brittany Spears has been used and is not a moral degenerate. I feel for her plight. On the other Hand Howard Stern is aware of his effect. I steer clear of him. He makes my skin crawl.


"And what if it was Ebola? Would that also be a segregation/discrimination issue?"

Is that a threat?
Dr. Fauci Ebola virus research gets millions of dollars of NIH funding

WHAT?! Fauci Partnered With Moderna On Vaccine | Dr. Maria Ryan

Dr. Lee Merritt joins the Health Ranger to discuss vaccine MIND CONTROL and medical MADNESS


If minorities have a lower rates of vaccination (because it's a bioweapon) and they are not admitted to the show (because they do not want to die), is this de facto racism/discrimination ? That is, discrimination targeting nonvaccinated people but really he's targeted minorities ?

Similarly, for immunodeficient children who are not healthy enough to take the vaccine, are they excluded from the show too ? They must be.

Georges Sand

Fred is very simple minded: he thinks if something is labelled by government “safe and effective” it is actually safe and effective.

Bob Moffit

I am sure it is my advanced age .. but … I have never listened to or enjoyed their entertainment talent .. by "their" I mean HOWARD STERN, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE FOO FIGHTERS (WHO EVER THEY ARE) …

I was pleasantly surprised to read the very first line of item … "New York, NY - On June 26, 2021 the largest public vaccine risk education organization, V is for Vaccine …" Apparently reporter who wrote those words did not yet learn the ONLY APPROVED WAY TO DESCRIBE THE LARGEST PUBLIC VACCINE RISK EDUCATION ORGANIZATION .. IS TO DECLARE THEM "ANTI-VAXXERS" .. PERIOD.

In any event … taking VACCINE ADVICE from Howard Stern may be an early sign of DEMENTIA.

Frederic Chopin

Vaccine risk education organization? And what if it was Ebola? Would that also be a segregation/discrimination issue?

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