Acetaminophen & ASD
Some Days You’re the Windshield


Richard Farretta

It is astounding how big pharma has used the fear of covid to ramp up their war against those who try to hold them accountable for vaccine safety. We can expect new vaccines to be created by the truckload,with the government and media pushing them down our throats with threats, harassment and new laws. We have no idea how many will be injured but it will make the autism vaccine epidemic look tiny in comparison and we can sadly look forward to many new victims joining our cause. Please come soon Lord Jesus.


Any info on how the rally went?

False Scientists

I’ve been to one and believe me, Bob, we know there are those who cannot be there but stand behind us—here’s a good video of Reiner Fuellmich on the state of affairs

Bob Moffit

I am no longer able to attend these types of public protests .. but .. trust me .. I will be attending spiritually with all lucky enough to have their voices heard. God bless all of you.

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