NYT Commenters Triggered By Mere Suggestion
AAP Further Divorces Itself from Treating Children with Autism

Springsteen Launches Clot In The USA Tour on Broadway

Bruce video screen blog
2006, Madison Square Garden

The hero of the every-man,  of the working class, downtrodden, cheated, lied to, put out of work, hungry, homeless, disenfranchised, Bruce Springteen, has a show on Broadway that made headlines this week for its vaccine policy and about face.
I call it "The Clot in the USA Tour."

First, reports said that no one vaccinated with the Astra-Zeneca brand could attend.  ‘Springsteen On Broadway’ Off Limits For Fans Vaccinated With AstraZeneca Then, that rule was relaxed to be more inclusive, so that non-Americans could attend the show.  Good news for Canadian tourists. The unvaxxed are canucked....

If you aren't vaccinated, Bruce suggests you go down to the Jersey Shore and ask Madam Marie to tell you if you will ever be able to attend any of his shows ever again. Meanwhile.... The vaxxed will have a homecoming, on Broadway later this month. And the magic rats drive their  pharma campaigns, over the democracy line.

Vaxxed up girls walkin' in the lobby drinking white wine across the velvet ropes
And the unvaxxed outside live just like shadows, always quiet, holding their tongue...

As we make our stand.... down in Pharmaland!



Wouldn't ever want to see this outdated bum sing, the worst voice ever. Lol who does he think that he is.


"A Guide to Home-Based Covid Treatment"



Just another musical talent that's been mesmorised/ hypnotised by the "Zero Covid Cult Elders and the high hummers"
Social Credit Score Points accumulation for the performance possible?
Who plucked his perception? Covid Cult Politics [CCP]
Next Concert Venue?
https wwwthe venusproject.com
The Venus Project been around 40yrs or so . All religious beliefs forbidden in this commune?
Ideology? elders, joined at the hip with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 .
Joined at the hip again with, and mirrored to, The Davos Divas at The World Economic Forum .
The Great Reset Ideology .
"Own Nothing and Be Happy" The Great Reset's Vision for the Future.
World Economic Forum's video tells us about plans for humanity in the year 2030. By Colin Todherter .
Link to article at ,
Alliance For Natural Health
Weekly News Update . Week24 2021 . 16 June 2021
Bruce Springsteen ; this little light of mine. YouTube

False Scientists

Oh my! No wonder Canada’s Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau is blocking the access of full records of the 2 fired Chinese scientists at the Winnipeg Level 4 lab. They were transferring deadly virus samples to Wuhan prior to the Covid outbreak. Interestingly enough this same Winnipeg lab had a Dr. Michel Yao steal/transfer vials of Ebola around 2009 through the US (many are now theorizing that Ebola is man made). This Dr. Yao is a real prize connected with WHO, NIH, sexual harassment schemes in Africa. And do these breaches of safety/thefts have consequences? Oh heck no, in fact a little slap on the wrist for Yao and his boss got a promotion off in England. It’s looking like the Winnipeg lab (with help from the Canadian government) is a key part of an international crime syndicate.
Polly’s video below is very good.



False Scientists

Bob I’m with you on that. Never was a Springsteen fan. And the censorship grows in Canada—they have just fired a Saskatchewan doctor for expressing concerns about Covid vaccine for the young. These doctors need to all come out at once—



Springsteen has quite an ego. Not missing anything. What a pedagogue!


Maybe it's a little early in the morning here, but I can't tell where this article/springsteen is coming from exactly. All the same, these mandates are already coming back to haunt the airlines in a big big way, and they haven't even really opened up yet. The price of collaboration is dear, and it can be due much sooner than one imagines.


Many of the vaccinated for Covid have reported to have had massive bleeding and clots. Thousands of women in the USA are experiencing this-even women who did not vaccinate but have been standing near those who did according to many articles. Imagine all those bleeding women at a Springsteen concert. Who will have "blood on their hands- a metaphor?"


The cops always bust Madame Marie for telling fortunes better than they do

This boardwalk life for me is through

You oughta quit this scene too


The cops always bust Madame Marie for telling fortunes better than they do

This boardwalk life for me is through

You oughta quit this scene too


Bob-I was never a fan of Bruce Springsteen even when I was much younger. He has no talent as far as I'm concerned and he just screams into the microphone. I would never attend his concerts. However it's his concert so he is free to make up his own rules. I am also free not to attend.


Oh, they can be vaccinated with Pfizer-BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson, as well. .

Eventually people show their true colors.

Although I thought that years ago, decades ago he was showing those colors.

"We Take Care of Our Own" was not about the average human bein like those from "My Home Town" or those "Born in the U.S.A" but big companies , and big government federal agencies are his "American Land" .


So he just wanted those vaccinated with Moderna to attend?

Frederic Chopin

Sounds like y'all must have gotten the AZ one, but maybe Clapton will come to NY!


Just came across this comment on a You Tube "Born to Run" upload:

"911 jedi
20 hours ago
“Remember, in the end, nobody wins, unless everybody wins” - Bruce Springsteen 1985
“Remember, in the end, only vaccinated people win and can attend my show on Broadway”. - Bruce Springsteen 2021
What a hypocrite you turned out to be. Shame on you Bruce"

The non-vaxxed SPEAK EASY coming soon.......

Patricia Tursi, Ph.D,

Oh, No! Don't throw me in that briar patch. If I don't get vaxxed, by Moderna or J&J, you mean I can't attend a Bruce Springsteen Concert? What a loss not to be able to hear this spokesperson for the pharmaceutical, transhumanism, world-control eugenicists. He is such a good puppet for the anti-Humanists since he pretends to be for the people.

Bob Moffit

It must be my advanced age .. but .. I was never a big fan of Springsteen .. I prefer to hear the lyrics of a song without straining myself to hear the words Springsteen screams into his mic .. but .. then again .. that's just silly old me.

As for Springsteen "banning" me from his show .. it was never my intention on attending in the first place … I prefer being BORN IN THE USA because the USA has always been our land of the free and brave ... where people do not have to surrender their humanitarian right to INFORMED CONSENT in order to attend a concert. But .. again .. that's just silly old me being myself again.

Angus Files

You hum it Ill play it..No connection with the vaccine at all ,we know that for certain!! sounding like a broken Springsteen Record ..

Period changes after Covid vaccine could be 'coincidence' despite 4,000 reports

Leading gynaecologists have said that changes to usual period patterns after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine could have occurred “by chance”.

The comments from experts at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaegologists (RCOG) come after recent data suggested that there had been almost 4,000 reports of changes to usual menstruation.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Bruce Springsteen and The C Vax Street band.

My request Born to run!

Pharma For Prison


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