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Eating Your Own: Severe Nonsense

Some Days You’re the Windshield

Today, I’m the bug. Great song by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Not great for content. We’re having router/modem everything issues here at AofA. Nothing nefarious. We’ll be back as soon as I figure this out. Thanks. Kim


Angus Files

Van the man...toe to toe to Tor

Van Morrison is a toxic menace – Glastonbury shouldn’t be hosting him

hat connects the town of Glastonbury in Somerset and professional sourpuss Van Morrison? Well for starters, they both have god-given gifts: Glastonbury is blessed with the mythical Tor, the Vale of Avalon and an abundance of natural beauty. Few would say that Van Morrison is blessed with natural beauty, but he does own a singing voice in the realm of the divine.

They’re also joined by the Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza – an annual event organised by the Eavis family, who also run the Glastonbury Festival. Van is an Abbey favourite. He’s played the community-oriented event three times before, and will headline again this September. But this time feels different. Why? Because Van Morrison has become a stain on music, an anti-social menace and someone who probably shouldn’t have access to a platform for a while. As a fan of the festival, I’m worried that Glastonbury’s reputation could be damaged by working with such a toxic human right now.

Despite being prevented from gigging, Van Morrison has managed to have what you might call an active pandemic. Back in March 2020, as the deadly respiratory virus was starting to take hold in the UK, the singer told The Independent in an interview: “Like everyone else, I’m following the guidelines.” That was perhaps the last time Van acted “like everyone else”.

Pharma For Prison


NCSA needs to be disbanded

Jill Escher thinks ASD is wholly caused by Germ Cells/drugs/genetics in the womb.

She thinks healthy infants “can’t regress into autism”, she thinks all autistic kids had abusive evil terrible uwu parents on drugs/germ cells/illicit drugs/old parental age etc.

She doesn’t want anybody to dare question nor take away mandates + recommendations for vaccines.

She thinks powerful biomed therapies - such as aluminum detoxification, GAPS diet, WAPF, probiotics etc are “crazy antivaxx woo”/“child abuse”.

the NCSA and related groups are enemies against our very fragile, violent, socially unable, medically ill children and adult dependents.

Angus Files

Feel for you Kim when ours goes down we have a nightmare of a time from himself "man fix electric" man fix electric now! accompanied by door slamming etc total friggen meltdown.I have a generator a small campsite one and fire that up if need be, just to keep his computer going even although there might not be any internet ,but he does know damage limitation reduced by 50% in my head as its then just the internet-wish someone could explain that one to him.

Hope your back and running soon.

Pharma For Prison


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