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Reader, Reader What Do You See? Tie Dye!

9AC86D1F-0882-4C6D-8F58-C7E518068407That's my oldest daughter. She has worn a magenta top and blue jeans during the day for as long as I can remember. At least a decade. It's her choice. And she gets to make some decisions for herself -- like any adult. Until yesterday, when I "helped" her.

Kim: Here are jeans, choose the pair you want today.  Here are socks! Choose the pair you want today. Here are your cool NEW white sneakers! (Also a huge departure and leap forward from black Uggs.) And look! A beautiful pink tie dye shirt!"

Miss M: No. Small shirt.  (That means her usual short sleeve Hanes magenta T shirt.)

Kim: How about big shirt? (That means a sweatshirt, and always solid dark pink.)

Miss M: NO! Small shirt.

Kim starts singing Sesame Street theme song as distraction, changes words "....come and play wearing a new tie dye shirt!"

Mia: NOOOO! Small shirt.

Kim:  OK, Miss M. Here's your small shirt. (She put it on.) Looks great. And here's the BIG SHIRT! (As I begin to pop it over her head.)

I held my breath. UP went her arms into the sleeves!  YESSSSSSS!!!!

Miss M wore the new pink shirt all day!

I'm proud of her.

Tie dye! My oh my!

Big shirt! Big milestone!



Bravo! Take a bow, ladies. You are amazing.

Angus Files

definite forward gain Mum, well done!

Pharma For Prison



Great job mom and Miss M!


She looks great, Kim. Cool shirt, amazing mom, and a young woman still growing and making progress as an adult (which is more than I can say for myself most of the time).

Bob Moffit

It's the little things in one's life that make life worth living.


Pretty in pink!

I have all boys. No pink in my house. I'm jealous.

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