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Previous Infection is Superior to Vaccine for COVID Protection

643DF2A9-4883-46B3-B09A-EAF6F106115APrevious Infection is Superior to Vaccine for COVID Protection

By Cassandra Chambers

Millions of Americans have been infected with COVID and survived. We must examine the important question of whether they are now immune to the disease or whether it is advisable for them to receive injections of one of the Emergency-Use-Authorized shots – Pfizer, Moderna, or Jansen (Johnson & Johnson).

In a news briefing on May 5, Dr. Anthony Fauci highlighted three recent studies addressing immune response with and without vaccination (Reynolds et al, Leier et al, Stamatatos et al.) and declared, “We need to get vaccinated because vaccines are highly efficacious. They are better than the traditional response you get from natural infection.” The net conclusion of the studies he cited was that, based on antibody response, vaccinated people who had a previous infection are more protected from future COVID infection than both people vaccinated but not previously infected and people who are unvaccinated but previously infected.

As these declarations of virus protection and vaccine efficacy were based on antibody response, it would make sense to check current immunity status by having antibody levels checked, but that is not what is happening. According to the CDC,

Antibody testing is not currently recommended to assess for immunity to COVID-19 following COVID-19 vaccination or to assess the need for vaccination in an unvaccinated person. Since vaccines induce antibodies to specific viral protein targets, post-vaccination serologic test results will be negative in persons without history of previous natural infection if the test used does not detect antibodies induced by the vaccine.

In other words, even though scientists typically make conclusions about potential immune response based on antibodies in the lab, checking for antibodies in the real world – in your body – is not a valid way to detect your immune status. Also, the reference to “antibodies induced by the vaccine” seems to indicate that people who have been previously infected may have a broader immune response than vaccine recipients who were not previously infected.

Is there any real data (not lab-based) demonstrating an expected immune response for people who have been previously infected compared to vaccinated people? As a matter of fact, there is. A UK study with over 25,000 participants published in The Lancet on April 17 showed that having had a previous infection “reduced the incidence of reinfection by at least 84%.” Read more at American Thinker.


Angus Files

Poor shareholders this news might weaken their investment - better not to report it...but anyway!

Fresh blow for AstraZeneca as vaccine is linked to another dangerous blood condition in Europe - while regulators review four cases of brain clots linked to Johnson and Johnson's single-dose jab that UK has bought 30million doses of

Five cases of capillary leak syndrome reported after AZ vaccine on continent
Condition sees blood leak from tiny vessels into muscles and body cavities
The issue could mean AstraZeneca jabs being banned for the under-40s
J&J vaccine was also linked to four cases of brain clots, one of which was fatal
Use of the jab was stopped in North Carolina following 18 'adverse reactions'

Pharma For Prison



Carlson: Fauci Deserves to Be Under Criminal Investigation
Video and transcript. Also mentions Covid natural immunity.


Frederic, can you point me to the studies showing that people who had the virus and then got the vaccine had better health outcomes following a second infection than people who had the virus twice without ever having had the vaccine?

It does look like there's something disingenuous in the claim that more antibodies are better.

If the number of antibodies produced by having had natural infection are sufficient to fight off an infection with a minimum of symptoms, THAT'S ALL YOU NEED.

You don't need a vaccine to make you produce twice as many as you need.



Yes, the details are in this weeks The Highwire show.

Here's an interesting theory about another Fauci email:

Fauci is being sacrificed? Who is this adam gaertner?
"Out of the entire 3234 pages of emails, the only one (that i can find) that actually discusses the actual lab protocols for viral infection assay is written by Adam Gaertner addressed to Fauci.
p.2286.....Sent from my iPhone Beg in forwarded message: From: Adam Gaertner (b) (6) Date: March 11, 2020 at 6:16:40 AM ED

To: "Fauci, Anthony (NIH/NlAID) (E]" (b)( Subject: Coronavirus bioweapon production method"

Fauci knew of "Coronavirus Bioweapon Production Method" in March, 2020
Video shows actual email from FOIA dump. I think the Reddit comment is noteworthy. I pointed out in January 2020 that the CDC and American and French universities were involved in the Wuhan L4 lab biosafety training. Around the same time GreatGameIndia reported that the virus had an HIV insert and concluded it was lab made. They were forced to retract that statement. The Wellcome involvement is also interesting. They are also involved with Pirbright and animal vaccine studies. All roads lead to The City of London.


Emmaphiladelphia-- "Jeremy Farrar of Wellcome Trust", was also one of the signatories of the Peter Daszak orchestrated Lancet letter used to shield "gain of function" research and Daszak's Eco Alliance from the scrutiny it deserved. Daszak was used extensively by PBS (Propaganda Broadcasting System, where the left acquire their beliefs) to shoot down the lab origins of SARS-CoV-2 and Daszak and Jonna Menet (also on the Lancet letter) were used by NPR (National Propaganda Radio) to claim zoonotic natural causes for the virus. To this day, both networks do not speak of Gain of Function or enhanced pathology work at the lab.

Intentional misleading, misinforming the public, but that's what the left chooses to believe.

Kim ME for Fred

Good morning, Fred. You visit us and banter back and forth - on a narrow range of posts/topics. I'm not sure I recall ever seeing you comment anything about the actual people, often children, with autism. Or ask a single question about well being. Or to express any emotion on a the main topic of this site. I hope your bedside manner is better. Thank you.


Two worth reading:

The same pattern everywhere? Mass vaccinations triggering spike in covid deaths
Could the deaths be from the vaccine? The spike protein alone causes Covid symptoms.

The S1 protein of SARS-CoV-2 crosses the blood–brain barrier in mice
The S1 protein is a subunit of the spike protein.

Frederic Chopin

The Israeli study found protection EQUIVALENT between vaccination to natural infection, yet the data Fauci discussed showed vaccination + natural infection was better than either alone.
Ah those little ice age Icelandic volcanoes right? Surprised you’d bring that up again.

Angus Files

Chop its called adding, when there is no virus in the first place the answer is always zero.

Pharma For Prison



The Fauci Wuhan coverup uncovered:

Fauci email to CDC head Nancy Messonnier, dated February 13, 2020:


The official USG group will be convened by NAS. Bob Kadlec is the person with direct knowledge of that. In addition there is an ad hoc group informally led by Jeremy Farrar of Wellcome Trust. This group has about 15 people, all of whom are highly respected scientists, mostly evolutionary biologists who are convening by e-mail and conference calls (I have been on two of these calls since Jeremy invited me) to look at all of the bat, pangolin and human coronavirus sequences to try and determine the evolutionary origin. This is not my area of expertise and so I have backed off and am leaving it all to Jeremy.
VIDEO 38:30

Sounds like the Simpsonwood playbook.
Do you trust Wellcome? LOL!

Anita Donnelly

I am 99% sure I had COVID before we knew it was COVID, in Feb 2020.
-I live in San Fran and was exposed to international variety of people by riding BART
-While I was sick, I opened my mouth and couldn't talk
-I felt an elephant on my chest
-My 18-yo ASD son was also sick with the same thing--for 3 weeks--but when he got tested, it was not the flu.
-I had a red thing on my eye
-I was out of breath
In July we both got tested for antibodies but did not have them. Then they said that isn't valid after 3 months of having the infection.
How the heck can we get tested in a way to show this definitively? Why on earth is this not standard yet?
There is a part of me afraid it WASN"T covid. I told my husband if I do croak from COVID politicize it and say "had they investigated vaccine injury when it happened to my wife and son, she would have felt confident getting this vaccine. But since they lied about what happened to our son, she didnt trust the CDC" . The end. " And no one will cover this, of course.


And Fredrick you don't understand cause you don't want to understand.
Just like you did not understand why an Earth Science teacher would be teaching about volcanos causing a little ice age for 500 years. I let it go back then, but that is just too--- obtuse --- for lack of a better word.


Francis Collins is also very nervous. Over talking Martha yesterday about not much; something about those conspiracy theories.

Francis Collins the gene man; that was going to find it all was in the genes and never in the vaccine for autism.

Well he is scared. Hope bad things for him as well as Fauci.

We still can not get hydroxychloroquine to this very day or ivermectin to this very day. In spite of all the studies that are coming out.

David Foster

Frederic, from the Israeli study previous infection did protect better than vaccination:

Vaccination was highly effective with overall estimated efficacy for documented infection of 92·8% (CI:[92·6, 93·0]); hospitalization 94·2% (CI:[93·6, 94·7]); severe illness 94·4% (CI:[93·6, 95·0]); and death 93·7% (CI:[92·5, 94·7]). Similarly, the overall estimated level of protection from prior SARS-CoV-2 infection for documented infection is 94·8% (CI:[94·4, 95·1]); hospitalization 94·1% (CI:[91·9, 95·7]); and severe illness 96·4% (CI:[92·5, 98·3]).

What's not covered here is the research showing that previous natural infection protects you from variants whereas protection from vaccination can be problematic.

Also very relevant to this discussion is the research cited in this article from the Children's Health Defense:

Scientists Challenge Health Officials on Vaccinating People Who Already Had COVID


@Frederic Chopin

"I'm confused."

Yes, you are.
Try pulling yourself out of the swamp and standing on dry land. Then you can see clearly.


Anthony Fauci FOIA emails:

Frederic Chopin

"The net conclusion of the studies he cited was that, based on antibody response, vaccinated people who had a previous infection are more protected from future COVID infection than both people vaccinated but not previously infected and people who are unvaccinated but previously infected."

I'm confused. How does that translate into "Previous Infection is Superior to Vaccine for COVID Protection"?

Bob Moffit

I suspect the Covid vaccine will finally bring the vaccine madness to an end .. as more and more people are questioning why Covid vaccine is being pushed upon people who are not at serious risk of Covid .. such as … CHILDREN AND THOSE PREVIOUSLY RECOVERED? Where the hell have these suddenly AWARE people been for DECADES … as newborn infants are administered HEP B vaccines to protect them from a disease that is unknown in infants unless mom had it???

Finally some in media questioning origination of Covid … and the growing likelihood it began in Wuhan LAB … not WET MARKET … and Fauci's obvious conflicting interests during entire PANDEMIC .

All of them .. CDC, WHO, FDA. NAID, IOM, HHS .. can no longer be trusted with protecting public health … THEY HAVE REVEALED THEMSELVES AS SWAMP=RATS.

Angus Files

Totally avoidable, totally tragic. Its now the children's turn to be guilty it seems. When our kids were vaccine damaged we the parents were left with the guilt but now its the kids who are going to be left with the guilt as pressure put on key workers.

Mum, 43, 'died with blood clots' four days after having AstraZeneca Covid jab
'I know it's a small percent [of people that have blood clots after the vaccine] but my partner was healthy. Within four days she had passed away'.

Pharma For Prison



"They are better than the traditional response you get from natural infection.”

Whopper alert!

Gary Ogden

As far as I know, and Dr. McCullough recently repeated this on the Highwire, there is not a single documented and verified case of re-infection from the 'Rona anywhere in the world. I suspect that, like measles, the immunity from having the infection is life long.

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