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Springsteen Launches Clot In The USA Tour on Broadway

NYT Commenters Triggered By Mere Suggestion

C7DD5335-F30C-4002-BBA4-52075844F883A young man, only 20 years of age, died during a surgery to repair his pitching arm and news outlets everywhere reported it. I saw The New York Times' article on Facebook, and read with grim curiosity. When I read that he had suffered a blood clot, my curiosity grew grimmer. Just last week, the CDC cancelled an emergency meeting to talk about heart problems in young adults who are Co-Vaxxed. The J&J brand was temporarily halted for suspected blood clots. The Astra-Zeneca brand has reports of blood clots. So, having this basic information in my head, I bravely commented with respect and without grandstanding, to ask if the young man had been Co-vaxxed recently. He's a ball player at a University. It stands to reason that he was. But oh how I triggered commenters! See the horse in the photo, kids? That's Roy Rogers' trusty steed who was named Trigger, I thought an actual gun trigger would be untoward. And social media is less likely to shut down a post with a photo of a horsey.

Take a look at the comments in response to my comment on Facebook below. NYT vaxolytes can't even handle the mere mention of a side effect. They immediately pulled out the old "what's YOUR degree in, lady?"  "STFU!"  How dare someone who is not an epidemiologist comment on side effects!  I thought that was an interesting comment, likely inserted by a pharma troll. Lots of syllables in epidemiology for the average reader. You can hear the cognitive dissonance rattling around in their brains.  Boys, boys, boys, I have a PhD in vaccine injury. 

This is what we're up against and what has been bred into people for now two decades. Vaccines CAN NOT be questioned even when the likelihood of a connection is sky high.













Angus Files

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines linked to heart inflammation in rare cases, MHRA says

Pharma For Prison


Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology is making the media rounds....

He had this to say on Tucker Carlson:

""[O]ne of my concerns are that the government is not being transparent with us about what those risks are. And so, I am of the opinion that people have the right to decide whether to accept vaccines or not, especially since these are experimental vaccines," Dr. Malone said, pointing to the fact the vaccines are not formally approved but instead being administered under Emergency Use Authorization.

"This is a fundamental right having to do with clinical research ethics," he said. "And so, my concern is that I know that there are risks. But we don't have access to the data and the data haven't been captured rigorously enough so that we can accurately assess those risks – And therefore … we don't really have the information that we need to make a reasonable decision."

"Malone said that in the case of younger Americans, he "has a bias that the benefits probably don't outweigh the risks in that cohort."
But, he noted there is no substantive risk-benefit analysis being applied to the vaccines."

The High Wire also did an excellent extensive interview with Malone on Thursday.:
Episode 221: THE mRNA INSIDER


Sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie....

From an article by Whitney Webb:

A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction

"Wellcome Leap currently has four programs: Multi-Stage Psych, Delta Tissue, 1KD, and HOPE. HOPE was the first program to be announced by Wellcome Leap and stands for Human Organs, Physiology and Engineering. According to the full program description, HOPE aims “to leverage the power of bioengineering to advance stem cells, organoids, and whole organ systems and connections that recapitulate human physiology in vitro and restore vital functions in vivo.”"

"HOPE consists of two main program goals. First, it seeks to “bioengineer a multiorgan platform that recreates human immunological responses with sufficient fidelity to double the predictive value of a preclinical trial with respect to efficacy, toxicity and immunogenicity for therapeutic interventions.” In other words, this bioengineered platform mimicking human organs would be used to test the effects of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, which could create a situation in which animal trials are replaced with trials on gene-edited and farmed organs."

And yes, it is part of Wellcome Trust


Hi Kim,
Given that Emma said she did not mean to post the comment, could you delete it please?
Ron, Thank you for all your posts over the years. Please keep posting. Watching someone get driven away from this site due to speculation ( that is most likely wrong anyway) about their personal information, which , as we have been told , was published in error, would be heart breaking.
(If needed, for anyone, there is always the option of using another screen name, and continuing posting that way. Your voices are too important to lose.)
Hans Litten,
I am not sure about your figures ( yet). It does not seem among the friends and family who are vaccinated that I am currently seeing one in 15 with a long term injury, yet. Over the extended numbers of vaccinated folk that I am personally aware of; several cases of joint inflammation that weren't an issue previously, one older person with ischemic bowel disease and rectal bleeding, one friend of a friends' grandfather who died soon after being vaccinated, and a workmate of my husband who now has severe worsening of his heart condition, so he can no longer work.
Th workmate got diagnosed several months after the vaccine, so long term effects may take months to show up. though given the huge numbers of vaccinated people in the world, including some family and friends, I hope they all stay safe. At the moment, most of them seem fine. It seems likely that in our circle of family and friends, despite most refusing the vaccine, we know upwards of 100 to 200 acquaintances/work mates/nursing home residents who have been vaccinated, possibly even more...
Looking at statistics for heart conditions and deaths during 2021 in various age groups will probably end up giving the cleanest figures showing the actual effects of the vaccine. I am going to be doing an ongoing search for death rates particularly in teenagers and young men during the coming year, since that is data that is almost impossible to hide, and it is very obvious what would be causing an increase in deaths in that age group.


@ Kim

That was sent to your attention. I thought you screened before posting. I wasn't trying to publicly out anyone.
Sorry you didn't catch it.

I too have respected his posts. It was out of character to suggest that more than 50,000 had died and just leave us hanging. That's when I decided to look up his name.


More than that! Sounds like MUCH, more than that. 50,000.

Sounds like the doctor on the Ingraham Angle when asked how many could have been saved with easy access to cheap/old drugs like ivermectin and hydroxycholorquine

Ingraham asked could 10,000 been saved -- and his reaction was that number is pitifully low, 100,000?
At least he says.

So how is that going to go with these vaccines?

They don't care, it is just numbers. Stalin told us about large scale murder just being a statistic. This is now who we are under. This is who rules us. Scary times.

What is Colleen Boyle doing now a days? I ain't heard much out of her.

John Stone

No one I know more completely appalled by every deep state enterprise than Ronald - an honour to know him.

Kim for TOB

Thank you, TOB. I've told all commenters - they have a right to privacy, and we do not allow outing or any kind of antagonistic engagement. Have at that on social media, not here. Our commenting rules are fairly open - I rarely delete comments - unless they really break our moderation guidelines or are so far off from the actual post as to be irrelevant. Thanks. Kim


Emma, based on a couple of searches, I think you have the wrong individual. More to the point, though, I don't think it's great for any of us to try to "out" each other. Speaking out on any social media platform with one's real name takes real bravery in a world where people lose their jobs for expressing the "wrong" viewpoint.

Just my humble opinion, and I don't mean to step on your toes, but I'd rather hear more information and ideas than have people scared away from the platform. And if a person who once worked for a corporation that has been involved in some bad things ends up coming around, I'm not going to hold his past against him. IMO, we need more whistleblowers.

Jeannette Bishop

I have trouble keeping up online, but I fear the death toll and morbidity for 2021 is going to be far higher than we saw in 2019-2020, and they'll do their best to make out that it's due to the “COVID-19" (CovertOperationVaccinationID2019?--personal speculation) virus and/or any ensuing “variants” (wasn't Bill Gates on record "predicting" we were likely to see another pandemic 10 times worse very soon?). I read/heard the US government has contracted to purchase 330 million vials a month. Isn't the U.S. population about 350 million? One injection a month? Meanwhile some researchers are expecting a wave of autoimmunity over the next 10 years from simply these two (or one) preliminary spike protein generation technology (as well as something magnetic) injections.

The constant talk of variants (to make it seem the virus is getting past natural immunity and initial vaccinations) may make getting vaccinated seem more pointless, if not more dangerous, though. If the public does, hopefully, stop buying the vaccine narrative, I fear other vectors of destruction will intensify, and additionally I hope the public will stop buying the narratives about these as well (hopefully without abandoning hope altogether!)!

Hans Litten

Posted by: Ronald N. Kostoff | June 24, 2021 at 04:15 PM

You cannot leave us hanging like this ?
You are familiar with the "usual" names who visit here ?
& to some extent you must trust which side we fall on regarding the vaccine program
I have known your name a long time.

If you are able to & you can share, please , please let me know what you can see ?
Any and all information will be gratefully recieved - the whole world needs to know ?

Ronald N. Kostoff

Tim Lundeen
Hans Litten

"Are you referring to Dr McCullough's analysis? He says:

"“We have now a whistleblower inside the CMS, and we have two whistleblowers in the CDC,” the doctor revealed. “We think we have 50,000 dead Americans. Fifty thousand deaths. So we actually have more deaths due to the vaccine per day than certainly the viral illness by far. It’s basically propagandized bioterrorism by injection.” --"

More than that!

Hans Litten

@Ronald N. Kostof
@ Tim Lundeen
@ Laura Hayes

I have had an attempt at a very basic calculation of the immediate fatality rate from the vaccine (within the first month or so). Based on the 50,000 dead figure versus a suggested uptake of 45% .

Very rough estimate, I think maybe 1 in every 2000 vaccinated is dying shortly afterwards ?
And I have no idea of the maimed rate but it must be absolutely huge. 1 in 15 ?

Feel free to contradict any way you want ? My assumptions are very scarce and primitive.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Ronald N. Kostoff | June 23, 2021 at 06:59 AM

What is happening in the near future ? I appreciate the reply and validation

Thankyou Tim for the link to the 50k.

All further information is gratefully assimilated.
I revised the figure I had in my head down (35k +) thinking I was safer at 30k.

Dark times indeed, and the worst of it is they still will not listen. RIP to them all.

@Laura Hayes

Yes they are using ‘incentives’ for pilots to take the Covid shot—route restrictions, money...passengers beware, there’s something special in the air

Tim Lundeen

@Ronald N. Kostoff

Re "Neither you nor Kirsch is correct. The under-reporting is far worse than a factor of five, as you will see in the near future!"

Are you referring to Dr McCullough's analysis? He says:

"“We have now a whistleblower inside the CMS, and we have two whistleblowers in the CDC,” the doctor revealed. “We think we have 50,000 dead Americans. Fifty thousand deaths. So we actually have more deaths due to the vaccine per day than certainly the viral illness by far. It’s basically propagandized bioterrorism by injection.” --


What a shame ,would there be a post-mortem request surely?

What is Antiphosphalipid syndrome?
Hughes syndrome, sticky blood, and Antiphospholipid Anti-body syndrome .

Silly online comments? How many beans in the bag Trigger?


Good for you, Kim.

Ronald N. Kostoff

Hans Litten,

"The VAERS database is under reporting the vaccine deaths by a factor of 5 !
The true number of US vaccine deaths is nearer to 30,000 (not the 5,888 number at all)
They are hiding 80% of them away in the unexplained column"

Neither you nor Kirsch is correct. The under-reporting is far worse than a factor of five, as you will see in the near future!

Ronald N. Kostoff

The WHO has been shifting gears faster than a NASCAR driver the last couple of days. Yesterday, they issued a statement to the effect (I didn't copy it down) that there should be a pause in child vaccination because of limited safety information. Today, they state:

"Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults, so unless they are part of a group at higher risk of severe COVID-19, it is less urgent to vaccinate them than older people, those with chronic health conditions and health workers.

More evidence is needed on the use of the different COVID-19 vaccines in children to be able to make general recommendations on vaccinating children against COVID-19.

WHO's Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) has concluded that the Pfizer/BionTech vaccine is suitable for use by people aged 12 years and above. Children aged between 12 and 15 who are at high risk may be offered this vaccine alongside other priority groups for vaccination. Vaccine trials for children are ongoing and WHO will update its recommendations when the evidence or epidemiological situation warrants a change in policy."

We wait in breathless anticipation of what they will offer tomorrow!


Marjorie Taylor Greene Urges Parents to 'Protect' Kids as WHO, CDC Split on COVID Vaccine

"Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is pushing parents to fight back against children being vaccinated against COVID-19, in part, because the World Health Organization (WHO) isn't recommending they be vaccinated."

"Given the limited studies of vaccinations in children and the low risk that COVID-19 has posed to young people thus far, the international health agency has advocated for wealthier nations to vaccinate their high-risk populations first and then donate extra doses to lower-income countries."

As of 6-22-21, in her home state of Gerogia, HOME OF THE CDC, they are only 37% fully vaccinated.
What does that tell you?

Angus Files

Well said Kim.

My brother went into the quack(he still does sadly) with a sore shoulder expert diagnosis" you probably had Covid. who needs to make it up.

Pharma For Prison



Just as RFK Jr successfully pointed out that Hank Aaron never had an autopsy, Glen Greenwald has proven that Officer Sicknick, the Capitol police officer whom died shortly after the January 6th (trigger warning - see what I did there) riot, passed away because of a stroke. Now it could very well be that the stress of the events on the 6th triggered (sorry, can’t stop) his stroke, however, *no one* ever asked if he had been CoVaxxed. As a federal employee working in and around the Capitol, my guess would be he would have been one of the first in line for the vaccine and the timeline of the (neyhehehe - that’s a Roy Roger’s horse sound) riot checks with when he may have had an adverse reaction. I am not a Trump supporter & I do not believe that he won the election, however, the extent to which anti-Trumpers went to exploit the death of Officer Sicknick makes mentioning this possible vaccine reaction significant, as it highlights the opposing party’s deference to Pharma. The real fascists are the people who let industry run our government and our daily lives. There could be no greater, real time manifestation of Lincoln’s famous line:

I have two great enemies the southern army in front of me and the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in the rear is the greatest enemy.


Outrageous U.S. News article says “autistic children don’t need any metal, hair, or urine testing”.



And plus I can't read them anymore.
It is just makes me so mad.
It is bad when you have this thought that if only you could slap them across the face.

Hmmm, that is why people are more polite face to face than across the safe distance of the typed internet word .

Cowards. Oh and rude bullies as well.

I always heard that bullies are most often cowards.


Don't read them, just go on commenting.
I have long given up reading nasty, stupid idiot's so called thoughts. Cause they really ain't go any.

Hans Litten

Lets try that again without the typing errors.

The VAERS database is under reporting the vaccine deaths by a factor of 5 !
The true number of US vaccine deaths is nearer to 30,000 (not the 5,888 number at all)
They are hiding 80% of them away in the unexplained column

It was obvious they were lying becuase the EU figures (16k) versus UK (1k) versus US (6k) should be in line proportional to the territorys population.

Hans Litten

Vaers database is unreporting vaccine deaths by a factor of 5 !!
Actual Death cound is nearer 30,000 and rising

Laura Hayes

A while back, when United Airlines was talking about making the new injections mandatory for its employees, I commented here on AoA that that should give flyers pause…given that injected pilots could suffer serious, life-threatening adverse injection reactions during the same flight, leaving passengers without functioning pilots. To that end, 4 British Airways pilots recently died in the neighborhood of one week of one another. Read about that, and about a new initiative, Freedom Travel Alliance, here:


Amazing that the NYT even posted your comment!
Great job standing your ground and continually challenging the narrative!

Sadly there are more coincidental victims:

Jacob Clynick: 13-year-old Michigan boy develops myocarditis, dead three days after second experimental Pfizer mRNA shot

Sang Ho Baek: George Mason University baseball player is first in history to die from Tommy John surgery if you believe mainstream media

Stephanie Wasil: 50-year-old California educator develops blood clots, dead eight days after second experimental Moderna mRNA shot

Belgium: 12 fully-vaccinated retirement home residents dead after contracting COVID-19

VAERS: vaccine reporting system has recorded more than 500 spontaneous abortions after experimental COVID-19 “vaccines”

Hans Litten

& then there is this too : (is this dynamite ? ) Incendiary ?

Silicon valley inventor/entrepreneur Steve Kirsch claims “inside sources” told him the true death count is 25,800 and that the CDC has been “reclassifying” most vaccine-related deaths. These are serious accusations and given the ubiquity of “anonymous sources” spreading fake news it is unwise to relay this information unless it leads to citable evidence.

Fortunately, Kirsch did not only cite an anonymous source. He also provided instructions for accessing these “hidden” deaths from the CDC at the 20:20 time mark of this video. Following these instructions, I downloaded the CDC file and found that the “unclassified” death rate trend “coincidentally” follows the vaccination trend with remarkable consistency (Graph 2).


Hi Kim,
Thank you for making them think! You know there are going to be some people reading the comments who are thinking; yes, what about the heart conditions and clots...

In point of fact, an epidemiologist deals in identifying and treating and disease, not in identifying and treating vaccine injury or medication side effects, and they are not necessarily even doctors.

In fact, there is no branch of medicine that specifically identifies and treats medication side effects or vaccine adverse events. Maybe immunology is the closest?

I am very sorry for his death, and believe that if it is vaccine related, his family and friends have a right to know.
This seems to occur again and again; you read about someone dying post vaccine from a cardiovascular event ( which typically involves one of three things, clots, hemorrhaging, or a heart condition, all of which are now linked to vaccine adverse events) and the follow up then says "so it can't be vaccine related.." Huh??

It does seem that covid infections can also cause heart conditions, but if we are worsening mild conditions with vaccines, and causing clots and hemorrhaging, then we may end up seeing a huge increase in cardiovascular, stroke and clotting deaths, as well as things like kidney failure and ischemic bowel issues from clotting.
A workmate of my husband who was a good worker and very involved in his job, had a mild pre exisiting heart condition and got vaccinated. He is now, post his vaccines, seriously ill, needing to wearing a constant heart monitor and can't leave his home to work, due to severe heart issues. He is sure though, that it can't be vaccine related, because he did have a mild heart problem earlier.


Sang Ho Baek: George Mason University baseball player is first in history to die from Tommy John surgery if you believe mainstream media

Blood Clots flag.

Laura Hayes

Another link documenting deaths and adverse reactions following “Covid” injections in the EU:

Bob Moffit


Could it be THEY have some similar … personal .. "conflict of interest" … such as Fauci and Dashak have in strongly denying any possibility that Covid somehow "escaped" from that "gain of function" lab in Wuhan?

One thing is certain … none have experienced what our families experienced … a child who was seriously injured .. including death .. from a vaccine. CDC reports 27 DEATHS of young healthy children between 12 and 15 years of age … over 5,000 reports of deaths from covid … numerous reports of blood clots following vaccine .. thousands of hospitalizations following vaccine … the carnage is increasing DAILY .. and … eventually I suspect the reckless determination to vaccinate entire globe with an EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE will go down as the greatest public health man-made disaster in history.

Laura Hayes


Consider posting this link in the NYT comments, featuring an esteemed cardiologist, who talks about the serious, and inexcusable, risk of myocarditis for young men aged 16-24 following injections for “Covid”.

Also, you might ask the NYT commenters if one must be a plumber to diagnose a leaky faucet? An electrician to determine a burned out light bulb? A dentist to notice a chipped tooth? A doctor to witness, suspect, or diagnose a vaccine injury?

Keep at it, Kim!


No they can’t handle any mention of the possibility. And any side effects from vaccines are always “better than getting covid.”


Do routine surgeries gone wrong normally make it into the New York Times? Maybe there's more to this story.

Call an epidemiologist stat!

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