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NFL Turns Back Equality Clock

ED7EE8F7-C9AE-4B0C-A9F3-2BB82F95D199These are the latest NFL rules for players - vaccinated and unvaccinated.  Funny, I also just heard that Elkay's stock is skyrocketing as stadiums around the nation are doubling their number of water fountains.....

Do you think Tampa Bay will enforce these rules if high profile players like Tom Brady decline to be Co-vaxxed? Tom Brady has consistently taken the mind/spirit/DIET approach to health. He has been known for his rigorous routine and discipline throughout his career.  But his parents had a very bad run with COVID.  We can't speculate as to whether or not he has been or Water fountainwill be vaxxed, this is his personal medical information. But I suppose we'll know soon enough, when the media heaps praise or poop all over him.

The NFL's COVID rules will cause major inconveniences for unvaccinated players

...Fast forward to this coming season, and there are widely available and effective vaccines in the United States. But despite the NFL’s push to have its employees vaccinated, the player vaccination rate is lagging behind the rest of Tier 1 staff.

But with the newly announced COVID protocols, unvaccinated NFL players will be forced to decide between a super inconvenient season or a back-to-normal life. The league isn’t requiring players to get vaccinated, but it is making it clear to those who choose to remain unvaccinated that this season will feel a lot like 2020 for them.




Good morning. Below is the follow-up on Antonio Brown, he was suspended for 3 games along with a couple of his teammates for their part in the fake covid card. He should have known better than involving the chef.

A much better outcome for him than Allison Williams, the ESPN (Disney) newscaster who was pregnant and refused the vaccine, she was fired. Career over.

3 weeks of unemployment for Antonio and a lifetime for Allison.
Discrimination is ugly and so is Disney.


Aaron Rodgers in his own words. It's pretty cool...starting about 18:30 into the show.
Towards the end he asks:

"If the vaccines are effective, why are people getting covid ?"
"If the vaccines are safe, why are the manufacturers protected from liability ?"

The shaming, cancel culture is wrong. witch hunt.
Bodily autonomy is a right.
My body , my choice.
Health is not one size fits all.
Pandemic of the unvaccinated is a lie.

He did not lie to the league or his teammates.
He must wear a yellow wrist band like a scarlet letter.
He tests every day.
He wants privacy
I think he's a good guy and this will be my last post on him.


Bob Costas and Jimmy Kimmel really went after Aaron Rodgers last night.

They're clearly operators in this covid scam. And let's be clear, they're paid money by big Pharma to smear Aaron Rodgers. To embarrass him. To make an example of him. To sell more vaccines. To control America.

Don't forget your booster Costas, you are the disingenuous one.


Well, it's Aaron Rodgers turn to be smeared this week for not taking the covid vaccine. He's quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and led them to a Super Bowl win over the Steelers in 2010, he was MVP. I don't think his team should force him to take a dangerous jab that could easily end his career. The jab doesn't protect against covid, it makes it worse. I'm not too worried about him because he'll be paid during his time on the bench and ultimately will be able to return without the vaccine, but many others will not since they are not star quarterbacks for the Green Bay Packers. The others I'm talking about are America's children. At no risk of covid, yet forced to take a dangerous shot to go to school. It's starting this week and looks to be an ugly continuation of the forced policy on adults.


Going into week 7 of the NFL schedule I could easily fill my fantasy team with unvaccinated players.
These are intelligent people protected their God given talent.

What pains me this morning is that the players are all on out on the field - vaccinated or not, jamming np swabs twice a week or not, bogus pcr tests, home-made paper stock cards or real, they're playing football and earning a living - while Allison, a pregnant woman, was fired and is not on the field (sideline). It seems like a double standard. She was more easily replaceable than a star quarterback or running back. She was selected by Disney as an example and publicly fired.

I thought America finished with that sort thing with the Salem witches.


In NFL news, Disney has fired sportscaster Allison Williams for refusing the covid vaccine. She's pregnant and explains her principles in the linked video:

I think she made the right decision, healthy newborn babies are more important than Disney's profits.
She was one of their rising stars. Nothing against the others, but she was better...and now she's gone. That doesn't make the world a better place, just the opposite. Good luck Allison, it's likely I will soon join you in the ranks of unemployed IS professionals, teachers, nurses, executives, police, and sportscasters.


Deandre - you're the best, an athlete like yourself should not be forced to vaccinate.


[NFL] With an And, But, and So? [ACL] it's an emergency!
So, if one of "The Team, Blown out" and rupture their cruciate ligament on the pitch ,will they prefer to wait for a vaxed first-aid crew, to stretcher them off it, aye right off it, or what?
Because that's their options ,that's their choices ,so they can take it or leave it ?
But ,if they prefer to wait for vaxed assistance, we could tell them ,from a distance, how to bandage around their sore knee, their own selfies , using a corona knot technique ,as a good luck amulet !

Very good article, " Re -Evaluating Mask Mandates Part 1 - Science gives way to the talisman "
Article By Masla V. Kylova , C2C Journal .


Especially evil is the DAILY testing.
What is on the ends of those nasal swabs?

The U.S. will be a better place. They are nothing but glorified gladiators.


David Foster, I'm glad you brought up the ostensible reason for the meeting cancelation.

I read the ACIP email last night (18 hours before the scheduled start of the meeting) almost in disbelief. Is there really anyone who believes that CDC folks who scheduled the emergency meeting (back on June 10) didn't know whether CDC employees would be working today? Company and federal holidays are built into Outlook meeting scheduling tools. It's not as if they were using a handmade paper calendar on the kitchen fridge.

And is it a worse insult to black American families to work on the day before Juneteenth, or to keep pushing a product that harms young men while waiting an extra week for a discussion that we can all agree is an emergency? There were folks raising the alarm the way the situation demanded during the June 10 VRBPAC meeting, and now CDC is trying to shove it all under the rug. It stinks to high heaven.

Margaret J.Jaeger. ( grandma peg)

Actually a Good Idea…that will protect the ..unvaxxed ..from the carriers in the vaxxed groupies…while they’re shedding the active case induced by true vaccines,,and from the other flu germs they may be carrying. OR..they could get the hydroxychlor
….protocol and prove they’re non-toxic humans..or that other one that has come to light lately that actually work against all flu’s and maybe malarial infections too the way hydroxy …does. Something… like…?? ectim…dr,approved….

David Foster

The CDC states that they rescheduled the discussion about myocarditis in young people in observance of the new Juneteenth federal holiday, so they will include this discussion in the regularly scheduled ACIP meeting next week June 23-24.

That said, I have absolutely no expectations that this discussion will be anything other than the same CDC "lipstick on a pig" whitewash that characterizes all of ACIP's meetings.

Bob Moffit

Update on previous comment:

CDC has CANCELLED their emergency meeting on covid adverse reaction reports of Mycardia stating there is no EMERGENCY need for their meeting.

Also had a chance to view Sean Hannity show last night .. he had three guests .. parents of West Point cadets who are being officially shamed … by fellow cadets and superior officers .. for not getting vaccinated .. all three parents say their cadets have had covid and anti-bodies to prove prior recovery … as I said .. THIS IS MADDNESS RUN AMOK

Angus Files

Butn then they always shy from vaccinated V unvaccinated comparisons.
Riddle me this, if your highest scorer, most successful player year on year, on year, was unvaccinated.. Huh? Runnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

Pharma For Prison



Yeah, Bob;
We already know the out come of this emergency meeting .

Such an emergency was this emergency meeting, that it was announced it would be held two weeks after the emergency became prominent -- on a Friday, before the weekend. So every one can calm down and forget before Monday. News on Friday might not pick it up and repeat it over and over again either.

Gary Ogden

Just cross out "White" and "Colored." and they can use the old-fashion ones! How convenient!

Bob Moffit

This is MADDNESS …. every day reports of covid vaccine injuries continue to rise .. over 5,000 deaths reported .. thousands of hospitalizations … children between 12 & 18 are suffering myocardia .. which is inflammation of heart .. while some very credible scientists are warning the vaccines are still EXPERIMENTAL and have no idea of long term affects decades in the future .. especially on FERTILITY of men and women … both very susceptible to loss of fertility for rest of their lives.

(Today … one of our prestigious public health organizations … either FDA or CDC .. are supposedly holding some kind of "hearing" on rising reports of myocardia … and … we can predict it will end with public announcement there is not enough evidence to halt vaccines in young, healthy men and women .. much like saying .. "Nothing to see here .. move on"




Let's be honest, blood clots can hurt athletic performance. Yes, it's true. So some of the guys in the locker room that run straight up mountains during the off season may not get both of their covid shots. I mean, what's their chance of dying of covid ? Are they really going to be able to bench press 400 pounds and block a guy named Watt after getting a blood clot ? No, of course not. They'll get side effects that ruin their career and personal lives.
Tough choice for them. Take the shot and risk your career. Don't take the shot and accept flagrant discrimination. Tacitly accept bs from the man, accepted with your paycheck. This poses a moral or ethic dilemma that I could never understand. Have a great day you guys.

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