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New Jersey? Which Exit? 1 in 14

Greetings_from_New_JerseyThere's an old joke in the Northeast, when someone says he is from New Jersey, you ask, "What exit," as if New Jersey is nothing more than the Turnpike. As we used to say as kids, "It's a location joke, you had to be there." Ra ba bump. But the ever rising autism rates in the Garden State are no joke at all.

By Anne Dachel

June 15th headline in the Asbury Park Press announced an autism rate in one school district in New Jersey of one in every 14 kids. This is more bad news for the state which already leads the nation in autism numbers, one in every 32 children.

Notice that researcher and study author Walter Zahoradny once again throws up his arms in confusion, unable to explain what’s going on. Furthermore, he expects things to get even worse.

(See my story on Zahoradny from last year)

NJ’s autism rate is still climbing. In one district, one in 14 third graders is affected

New Jersey's rate of autism among children has always been high, but some of the largest school districts — including Toms River, Newark, Jersey City and Elizabeth — have rates even higher than the state average.

And in Toms River, the state's largest suburban school district, the autism rate is more than twice the state average, with one in 14 8-year-olds in the district on the autism spectrum, according to the first study to compare a cross-section of districts in the state.  

Toms River’s autism rate is likely a harbinger of the rate all New Jersey districts will see soon, the study’s co-author said. In nearly all the 74 districts studied, the research showed a steady increase over time in the rate of students with autism.  

“It feels like some kind of science fiction,” said Walter Zahorodny, co-author of the study and an associate professor of pediatrics at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, of the data he presents to educational and parent groups. To say that 7% of 8-year-olds in one school district — and 5% of 8-year-old boys statewide — have autism is shocking, he added, “but in reality, this is true. And it can’t be explained.” …

As monitoring continues in future years, “It’s very likely we will find even greater numbers of children with autism in what we consider underserved communities,” he said. 

New Jersey’s numbers have to be taken seriously because, as we’re often told, they do the best job monitoring the incidence of autism. It seems we’re on a downward trajectory that’s only gaining speed when it comes to what autism is doing to our children. We’ve been warned: ‘It can’t be explained,’ so learn to deal with it. It’s our future.



"babies born during covid who often had delayed vaccines, may be safer than the rest of their generation."

We won't know because their mother likely got the Covid jab. Out entire population can be taken out with a round of new mandatory "taxable vaccines" if the proposed House legislation becomes law.

John Stone


Yes, you remembered correctly - latest Northern Ireland figures showed that two-thirds were at the highest level of educational of disability (stage 5).



Hi Bill,

It would be great if you were right, but it seems like for the most part the facts point the other direction. There is a big difference between adults who self diagnose, or who are diagnosed extremely late in life, who have had both successful careers and a good social life, and the diagnoses of kids in schools. Schools generally don't want to give out IEP diagnoses unless they are very sure of the need, because it costs them money for services.
From several different sites, or any quick web search , around 30 to 40% of the children diagnosed with autism cannot speak.
That is a lifelong disability, not "malingering".

And New York and New Jersey recently made it almost impossible for any child, regardless of medical history , to refuse a vaccine and still get an education.
Some children who are automatically REFUSED an exemption
• History of fever of ≥ 40.5° C (≥ 105° F) for < 48 hours after vaccination with previous dose
• History of collapse or shock-like state (hypotonic hyporesponsive episode) within 48 hours
after receiving a previous dose of DTP/DTaP
• History of persistent, inconsolable crying lasting > 3 hours within 48 hours of receiving a
previous dose of DTP/DTaP
• History of extensive limb swelling after DTP/DTaP/Td that is not an Arthus-type reaction
• History of stable neurologic disorder
• Immunosuppression
History of Guillain-Barré syndrome

So fever, seizures, collapse; just keep vaccinating because no one is financially liable for what they do to the child.

I am trying to find the statistics from the UK that John Stone provided in the past, which have different rates of severity of diagnosis; as my memory serves, rates in the most severe categories have continued to go up.

Group homes in the U.S. ( another marker of severity) now have waitlists for years.

I hope the rates are exaggerated, and that we will find many of these children grow up to independent lives without disability, but I am not sure that will be the case.
On the bright side, if age at vaccination is a huge factor, then the babies born during covid who often had delayed vaccines, may be safer than the rest of their generation.

Angus Files

Once Upon a Time in Bills Pharma Planet..and they all died tragically ever after ..The End.

Pharma For Prison



What was the movie title I am thinking of?

Oh, "Kill Bill"

LOL You do just want to shake 'em.

Covid 19 on the television news is bringing some realities to an other wise dull population.

Inflammation. Inflammation destroying nerves and hearts and blood clots. And discussion on how a vaccine might be more dangerous than a virus to kids, and young adults.

Our country is in decline. We all can feel it, Well a lot of us can feel it .



Wholly genetic disorders (such as Fragile X) cannot - i repeat, CANNOT - account for the explosion in ASD rates.

Can you tell the difference between ASD (especially SEVERE autism), ADHD, and OCD?

You probably think all autism is like Chris Chan or Temple Grandin, don’t you?

Both of these high-functioning, independent, academically normal, highly verbal people DO NOT represent the majority of ASD cases. And Chris Chan is a dangerous clown!

In places like California, diagnostic criteria for ASD isn’t getting looser, it’s getting stricter. More and more ASD cases are much more severe than in the past.

More comorbid disorders and gastrointestinal diseases. More developmental delays and violent behaviors. More needs for intensive OT, PT, SLP, SIT, MT, special diets etc - which simple ADHD and OCD wouldn’t as intensively need.

Why is the U.S. education system failing - and the USA itself is on a severe decline, facing a possible COLLAPSE within this century - because we are no longer a nation of intelligent, healthy, wise human beings.

elaine dow

Didn't New Jersey mandate the flu shot every year for school, starting this vaccine at 6 months and also pregnant mother getting one plus DPT? If they mandate the co-vid vaccine, this will be a catastrophe along with the other vaccines. I am sure the pediatricians will include it with the other vaccines at the same time. Insanity. Soon all the children will be affected. My hearts breaks.

Kathy Sincere

You're full of Bull Hockey, Bill. I can't expend the time or energy to say more. I'm too busy caring for my autistic son.


More proof autism in way over diagnosed. 1/14 are you serious more like 1/140 at most? There are many profiteers to this over diagnosis of autism some examples are the for-profit and some "non-profit" developmental disability and psychiatric service agencies. These include Social Vocational Services, Loovas Institute, Kaiser Permanente and hundreds of others. Look at real autism
and its rare genetic conditions like Tuberous Sclerosis and Fragile X and not malingered 'autism" which is really ADHD and OCD which are mild "mental illnesses". Malinger is to grossly exaggerated an illness or injury or mental illness for some kind of obvious benefit like money, along time of work, and even reduced sentence during a criminal trial.


thank you so much for those excerpts.

Angus Files

Even the ones who have been vaccinated and who are not autistic the gene pool will have been weakened , ill` er etc.
Vaccines kill and they know it, they cant get there quick enough to kill us all AUTOBHAN SPEED.

Pharma For Prison



What is scarier is that New Jersey I found out as the best monitoring system for autism.

So that means 1 out of 14 is in the rest of the 50 states as well.

Never mind what 1 out of 2 looks like; what does 1 out of 14 look like?

I think it will be like the
Kentucky mountains back in the 30s and 40s. Run down homes, no plumbing, cause it is tore up and no one fixes them. Hoarding cause of never picking up trash, dumping dishwater out the back door, so it is all greasy around the door, human waste outside around the perimeter of the house (not even an outhouse with a hole dug deep) All because of an inability, taking no interest, have no energy to mow, and pick up? Talk about a filthy environment. It is going to be something beyond surreal when they are worried about holes in the ozone taxes, or carbon dioxide taxes for false environment threats as people die of cholera and typhoid and the plague and who knows what else will come from lack of sanitation. .


Maybe we should be glad nobody tried the "better diagnosing" canard this time? I'm old enough to remember when a paragraph on "better diagnosing" was de rigueur in articles like these. There was a long stretch of the article on earlier diagnosis in Toms River than in surrounding areas, but the impression I got was that public school administrators expected all these kids to have been identified by the time they were in kindergarten or first grade.

I wish the reporter had spent more time with Joy Forrest (the special ed. director in Toms River) talking about the breakdown of different abilities, the costs to families, the costs to taxpayers, a day in the life of a child who needs the highest level of support, etc. It didn't really feel as if the schools' or families' stories were being told.


Not all of it is a mystery to everybody. Dr. Andrew Kennedy, once the bete noire of parents who witnessed their children regress into autism after vaccinations, has said this under oath:

Lawyer: There can be some type of triggering inflammatory response that can cause or lead to regressive autism?
Dr. Zimmerman: Correct.

Lawyer: And that science is accepted by the people in your field?
Dr. Zimmerman: Yes.

Lawyer: Other reputable physicians in your field?
Dr. Zimmerman: Right. People who work in the field of autism see, commonly see a relationship between infection, inflammation, and onset of regression.

Lawyer: And vaccines can cause the type of inflammatory response, in fact they’re designed to—to cause the type of inflammatory response that can lead to or trigger a regressive autism?
Dr. Zimmerman: They’re designed to lead to an immune response, and that may compound the immune response from an infection.

Lawyer: So in other words, kids who have this underlying mitochondrial disorder who are—have an ongoing infection are at an even higher risk of an injury from the vaccine?
Dr. Zimmerman: When combined, yes.

Lawyer: And as I understand it, sort of the key period or where a child’s brain is more at risk for these types of, or is more susceptible to these types of risk is somewhere around a year to 18 months?
Dr. Zimmerman: Or 24 months, in that area.

But why, why is everyone pretending this is all a huge mystery? Dr. Richard Kelley, a respected expert on mitochondrial disease (which may affect up to 40% of autistic children), speculated charitably:

Lawyer: I’m interested in whether you are going to take that position and express that view that the Centers for Disease Control is somehow guilty of fraud?
Dr. Kelley: I don’t have an opinion to say. They are clever in how they publish data to avoid public attention that there is an association [between vaccines and autism]. But I can understand why they did that. That is a bit of a cover-up. But it was done for a good reason, so to speak.

Deposition excerpts taken from Handley, J.B.. How to End the Autism Epidemic (Kindle Locations 4023-4025). Chelsea Green Publishing. Kindle Edition.


328,239,523 US Pop
22.3% Under 18
1 in 14 = 7.14 %

Calc: 5,228,386

Merck and Pfizer have given us 5 million children with autism.


I feel extremely hopeless.

One in 14 kids?

That’s much higher than the previous rates!

America is in sharp and serious societal, medical, nutritional, social, functional decline.

Add 1 in 14 ASD rate with rampant social unrest, the highest amount of mass shootings in the world, entire cities being destroyed by our own citizens, etc.

All our vaccines, politically correct nutrition information*, psychiatry, behavior drugs etc aren’t ‘saving lives’. They’re slowly taking them.

*GAPS and WAPF can successfully challenge our unhealthy food system.

Jill Escher, a fascist who LOVES aluminum, vaccines, and she wants to take down AOA for fighting against what’s destroying our country - I should ask her: Is this massive ASD rate caused by prenatal germ cells?

Bob Moffit

"We’ve been warned: ‘It can’t be explained,’ so learn to deal with it. It’s our future."

There is a huge difference between "can't be explained" .. and … "won't be explained"

Consider common sense …. THOUSANDS of parents have witnessed their precious child experience the same behaviors following VACCINES .. extraordinary high fevers .. stemming … head banging … loss of developed communication skills .. on and on .. eventually child is diagnosed as autistic.

When this fool professes autism "can't be explained" … he is being deliberately deceptive at best .. deliberately lying at worst .. either way … he remains among those adamantly opposed to conducting the vaccinated v. unvaccinated independent study of BOTH populations to ascertain if BOTH populations suffer 1 IN 14 children with autism.

Until this common sense study is conducted … it is simply a LIE to say autism "can't be explained" .. when the SINGLE MOST AGREED UPON CAUSE OF AUTISM BY PARENTS WHO WITNESSED THEIR CHILD'S "REGRESSION" FOLLOWING VACCINES REMAINS DELIBERATELY UNDONE.


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