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Negative Conditioning: Villagers In India Report Officials Turned off Electricity

UttarAutism is a world of behaviors. And behaviorists. We are familiar with negative reinforcement. And we do not like it. Torture is the ultimate negative reinforcement. I can't help but wonder if there are those in the demented world of Public Health who would choose to waterboard citizens to increase uptake.

Negative reinforcement is a method that can be used to help teach specific behaviors. With negative reinforcement, something uncomfortable or otherwise unpleasant is taken away in response to a stimulus.

I would say that if this story is accurate from India, the Indian public health agency is using negative reinforcement on the villagers. How far is that from the only slightly more subtle version of what is happening elsewhere? Like here in the USA. If you don't get your Covid vaccine there will be no college. Sporting events. Seating in restaurants.


Over 100 families of Chhibramau village in Kannauj district are living in darkness for the last three days because they didn’t want to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

“A team from the health department had visited our village on Wednesday morning. They wanted the entire village to be vaccinated. However, around 40 per cent of the villagers refused to take the vaccine because they believed that their immunity level would go down for a few days and they might fall sick,” a villager, who didn’t want to be named, told reporters on Friday.

The medical team called the sub-divisional magistrate and informed him about the resistance.

“The SDM arrived in the village and tried to convince us to get vaccinated. When we kept refusing, he suddenly got furious and called the electricity department officials. They disconnected the power supply in our houses on the order of the officer,” the villager added.

“Even on Friday, some officers came and asked us to get inoculated, failing which they would take legal action against us. We know that they cannot take any legal action, but the way they are threatening us is alarming,” Mahendra Singh, another villager, said.  Read more at Telegraph India.


False Scientists

Emmainphiledelphia, that is so sad that India’s health body in connection with WHO has taken safe, effective options away to help with Covid. Blood on their hands...
Yes, Morag, social credit score will be a reality and you can see why/how. Even in Alberta Canada someone has found a direct tie with the World Economic Forum to Alberta Health Services, it’s shocking.


The attack on the citizens of India continues:

WHO Celebrates As Indian Health Regulator Removes Ivermectin from Its Covid-19 Protocol

"After India finally gets somewhat of a grip on its deadly second wave, one of its health regulators just took away one of its main lines of defense.

India’s Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) has executed a policy reversal that could have massive implications for the battle against covid-19, not only in India but around the world. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives, could be at stake. The health regulator has overhauled its COVID-19 treatment guidelines and removed almost all of the repurposed medicines it had previously recommended for treating asymptomatic and mild cases. They include the antibiotic doxycycline, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, ivermectin and even multivitamins. The only medicines that are still recommended for early treatment are cold medicines, antipyretics such as paracetamol and inhaled budesonide.

“No other covid-specific medication [is] required,” say the new guidelines, which also discourage practitioners from prescribing unnecessary tests such as CT scans."


Folk can look for the humanitarian hin-end in that situation if they so wish, but it's not to be found even with a flash light ,a torch ,or a searchlight .
An experiment within an experiment ,probing the possibilities of commune compliance towards?
Social Credit China's Digital Dystopia In The Making - You Tube
Shackled and tethered and joined at the hip to a social credit score?
If the Global Public Health experts don't know when they are over their own limits and boundaries ?then they must still be going through their developmentally young playing about with their own silly wee selfies stage of development ?

Foster The People, Run better run, YouTube

False Scientists

I wanted to add that the 70% vaccination rate being asked for now fairly common everywhere. It boggles the mind how they got away with so many taking an experimental shot (no animal testing, not finished phase 3 trial for 2 more years!)
But it shows the power of negative reinforcement: no freedom, masks...unless you do as we ask.

False Scientists

Emmainphiladelphia, yes, I’m sure all the players involved with Event 201 are thrilled with how well all their ‘flood the zone,’ fake death footages, fear propaganda has worked. Unfortunately for them approximately 30-40 percent will not be taking their poison. Many first dosers won’t take the second. I hope the people of India stand strong in the face of this not so subtle pressure. Sadly, this kind of obvious tactic wouldn’t be used with people in a higher sociology-economic background.
Interestingly Canada is currently being ripped apart by tragedies exploited to have people despise their own country. The 215 First Nations graves, although profoundly sad, has been known for decades and now a Muslim car accident (again truly sad)...
It seems the powers that be want us to get to that post-national state and soon. Even in the US I see an msnbc reporter feel threatened by all the American flags. Good grief we are all being manipulated 24-7


A timely and relevant interview with Brian Gerrish, co-founder of the superb UK Column and Reiner Füllmich, the top German lawyer and human rights warrior.

Messing with your head: the government’s psychological war against the nation explained. (THE ANTIDOTE TO BRAINWASHING IS INCREASED UNDERSTANDING. ARM YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE!)

"This interview fully exposes the “pandemic” hoax for what it is and has been from the outset: a psych-engineered attack on human freedom complete with mind games designed to cow and introvert the populace.
This interview is quite an education.
Arm yourself with knowledge!"

"we have come to the conclusion that “the other side”, as we call them, is using two major tools. One is, of course, psychology, psychological operations; and the other, which transports this psychological operation, is the mainstream media."

"So I would say to you that our analysis of what has happened with Coronavirus is seen very much against the background of what was happening politically, and in particular the use of applied behavioural psychology and propaganda."

"A critical document which we found in 2010 was called Mindspace (you can find it very easily by searching online for it as a PDF document). In that document, the Government admitted that it was using applied behavioural psychology to influence how it designed policy and how it implemented policy.

At one particular point in that document—in fact, it’s at the bottom of page 66, if I remember correctly—the Government boasts that it can change the way people think and behave, and that people will not be aware that this has been done to them. But it adds the caveat that if they do realise that their behaviour is changed, they will not know how it was changed."


"But a whole village, cutting off electricity -- how will the people act? Will they be humbled, or angered? Do those in power no longer fear a lot of people(the public) getting mad?"

Well, the government pharma enforcers should hope that a snake charmer isn't living in the village......



In the 15 months that COVID 19 has existed in the US, infants & toddlers have been required to be vaccinated against 16 diseases multiple times.

COVID 19 is the new measles because no one ever paid attention to Jan.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsh.....



I may say something other than your assessment. I don't have additional energy to care. Goodbye.


Can you do people like that and get them to do what you want?
Would you not risk making them so mad --- They dare risk that?
Carrot instead of a stick I would have though. You know like giving out a chance for guns in W. Virginia, a chance for a million dollars in Ohio. Chance of Crispy Cremes for those that not had to give up gluten and not having seizures. We just got a new copy of the Epilepsy Advocate magazine in and the first article is "How to Start The Keto diet" I tell you though Mercola is right; intermittent fasting.
Peter Ausprey is right too -- that coffee full of fat in the morning for breakfast is kind of like eating your cake and still having it.
Have breakfast with that, and still be fasting.

But a whole village, cutting off electricity -- how will the people act? Will they be humbled, or angered? Do those in power no longer fear a lot of people(the public) getting mad?

Kim for Bob

That was the Milgram Experiment at Yale. John Stone wrote about it many years ago - Paul Offit and the Milgram Experiment. Link below.

Bob Moffit

There is a psych study of normal people asked to initiate an electric shock to a guy … every time the guy gives the wrong answer to a question he is given .. every time he answers wrong .. the "normal guy" administers the electric shock .. at increasing level each time. The guy is seen pleading with the "normal guy" to have mercy on him as he has a bad heart and the increasing shocks are going to kill him if it continues. The "normal guy" begs the man in a white coat who is conducting the research to stop the shocks .. but .. the "white coat" doctor insists he continue until eventually he administers a LETHAL SHOCK … knowing it will kill the guy .. he does it because the guy in the WHITE COAT told him to do it and he would not be responsible for KILLING THE GUY.

Study proved "normal people" can be induced to actually KILL someone if told it was okay by someone in power .. such as … the guy in the WHITE COAT.

It explained why so many "normal' people participated in mass exterminations of people .. simply because someone in POWER told them it was okay to do it.

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