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Genes Genes the Grant Funding Machines

Hey, Baylor??????   GONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Anne Dachel

Baylor College School of Medicine in Houston recently announced that their researchers have identified genetic mutations ‘linked to autism.’

This research was covered by KHOU TV Houston in the story, 1 in 54 kids diagnosed with Autism, Baylor researchers studying why.

Actually they aren’t.

I’m sure the grant money for this study came with the stipulation that they stick to the script that autism is a genetic disorder lots of unfortunate children are born with. It’s important that autism busywork like this continues so the public thinks that the medical community cares about autism.

How do I know this?

Everything in the piece is meant to downplay the health and humanitarian disaster that autism represents. Reporter Lauren Talarico provides the blanket definition that understates any of the horrific symptoms children and families have to live with:

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder. It can affect speech, social interactions and the ability to communicate.

(No mention of parents changing the diapers on their non-verbal young adult son who wears a helmet because he bangs his head on the wall endlessly.)

Likewise there are no words like crisis or epidemic used. Instead Dr. Olivier Lichtarge, professor of molecular and human genetics, uses phrases like ‘a surprisingly large number of children’ to describe two percent of U.S. kids with autism.

While we are told that one in 54 children are now diagnosed with autism, there is not one word about the unstoppable increases that have preceded it: 2004: one in 166, 2007: one in 150, 2009: one in 110, 2012: one in 88, 2014: one in 68, 2018: one in 59, (also in 2018: one in 40 according to a separate study published in JAMA), one in 54, 2020.

Somehow Lichtarge thinks that looking for mutating genes will matter when the rate eventually reaches one in 10, one in 5. 

Lichtarge shows no embarrassment over the complete failure of the scientific/medical community to figure out anything significant about autism despite billions of dollars in research funding and 20 years of trying.

This is how lost they are:

More and more children are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and researchers are trying to figure out why.

“It is a rising fraction for reasons we do not understand," Dr. Lichtarge said.

Doctors are not sure what causes it.

“The basis of autism is not quite clear. It’s obviously genetic. It also may have an environmental interplay,"

“There is every reason to hope that we can understand it better in the near future," he said.

Lichtarge cleverly sidesteps the issue of an environmental trigger that marks these genetically susceptible kids for lifelong damage with the singular, vague mention of ‘an environmental interplay.’ Yet this is something he has no interest in exploring.

And don’t think the horrific number of one in 54 kids matters really. Notice the phrase is “1 in 54 kids diagnosed with Autism,” not 1 in 54 kids with autism. 

This is a neat way of saying that the rate may be the result of “better diagnosing” and it’s has used for two decades as the catch phrase to mean that more kids don’t actually have autism. They’ve always been here; more are being diagnosed.

No one wants to prevent autism

We are told that the endgame of identifying those “harmful mutations....linked to autism” is merely so “scientists can develop the best treatments.”

All in all, there are no findings here that will help a single child.

Talarico also fails to ask why Lichtarge isn’t interested in adults with autism and looking at their genetics and their treatment plans.

 Of course Lichtarge won’t have a problem finding kids to study; they’re on every block and in every school. Too bad he doesn’t want to use some of his funding to look for the elusive one in 54 adults with autism..

Predictably the photo companying the piece show a cute smiling girl painting a paper covered with colorful puzzle pieces. And thus it will remain: the eternal mystery of autism, the puzzle no one wants to solve.

Ann Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Wow! I am honored to be in such an intellectual company!
Thank you, Pogo, Angus, Bob, Emma et al!
My question is much lower brow though: for ANYTHING to be considered genetic, there must be a disease history in the family, does it not? How many of us could point out grandpa Joe who was non-verbal and wore a helmet?
And don't we all realize, with dismay, that our autistic children are not likely to procreate?
Therefore if any of our ancestors were autistic, they probably didn't have any offsprings.
Just down to earth common sense argument against any genetic theory...


Emma Philly! That was a great link.
I wish I could find a copy of that old documentary from back in the 90s about the beginning of AIDS according to the CDC.

I thought it was odd at that time that they spent so much time on the Hep B vaccine and why they were giving it to the Gay community. Kind of off topic, or so I thought at that time. More like guilty bunch of mad scientists.

Kim for everyone

There’s no need to engage Jill here. You can find her social media to chat. We wish her well and bid her ciao.



Schizophrenia is also thought to be genetic, perhaps involving dozens if not hundreds of genes. Now some common sense from E. Fuller Torrey:

"....Rather than having a heritability claimed to be as high as 80% by some genetic researchers, the current study suggests that the heritability is in the range of 30%, a level similar to that of many human autoimmune disorders. The study, titled Schizophrenia as a Pseudo-Genetic Disease: A Call For More Gene-Environmental Studies, is co-authored by E. Fuller Torrey, the Associate Director for Research at the Stanley Medical Research Institute and Robert H. Yolken, the Director of the Stanley Division of Developmental Neurovirology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The new study details the limitations of genetic research studies on schizophrenia over the past two decades in terms of its effect on the diagnosis and management of individuals with schizophrenia. The study suggests two reasons why the heritability of schizophrenia has been overestimated. The first has been the incorrect use of twin studies. The second is that some nongenetic causes of schizophrenia have pseudo-genetic characteristics, thus misleading researchers into thinking that these effects are only related to genetic factors...."

The study is here:

Decades of Family Vax Injury

So, of course it's genetic for some. Genes influence your mitochondria, your glutathione, etc. And the ability to clear toxins is therefore influenced by genes.

The dose of toxins in earlier generations was lower so the damage was lower. As the dose goes up, people with those same genes get more harmed.

In the 1940s and 1960's family members had vax reactions. In both cases the family dr was empowered and encouraged to stop vaccinating the entire family, not just that one child. So my younger uncle never got a vaccine in the 1940's. I didn't get several in the 1960's--from a doctor who diligently fully vaccinated all of his 9 children. He said with my eczema I "looked like" a child who could not tolerate vaccines. I also had strabismus, which I now know is a mercury overload problem. I am suspicious that toxins make you more likely to have trouble immunity wise fighting viruses, and that might be why the combo of DPT and MMR harmed my son so terribly. (He is blessedly doing pretty well now).
Another clue: we grew up in a steel town. Toxic overload pushed over the edge by injected heavy metals? I pray that we get some loud whistleblowers that the MSM CANNOT silence. That we reach the tipping point. That Senator Rand Paul interviews the CDC Whistleblower next.


There IS a genetic component to autism. People born in the developing world either do, or do not, have the genetic ability to tolerate their Country’s infant/toddler vaccine schedule.

Rachel Hotez, was obviously not genetically capable of tolerating her Country’s infant/toddler vaccine schedule. I’m still waiting for Peter to produce his daughter’s gene sequence that proves she was simply born that way.

Angus Files

No doubt the autism no genes finders will be on the list sometime,Alas !No gongs for anyone from our side, funny that!

AstraZeneca creator on brink of deleting Queen's email as he's made CBE

Others on the list include Oxford vaccine developer Professor Sarah Gilbert and the former chair of the UK vaccine taskforce Kate Bingham who have both been handed damehoods.

Pharma For Prison


Brian James

Apr 1, 2021 Why Autism is more prevalent among boys in today's world

Autism is increasing in huge numbers all over the world. The United Nations recognised April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day urging all its members to take up the social cause and raise awareness in the society.

AUGUST 21, 2020 Autism—The Most Glaring Aspect of the Deterioration of Health Among Our Kids?

The numbers: We’ve watched the numbers explode with no end in sight. Over the last 20 years the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have routinely updated the autism rate: 2001: one in 250
2004: one in 166
2007: one in 150
2009: one in 110
2012: one in 88
2014: one in 68
2018: one in 59
2020: one in 54


Don’t know if Del Bigtree knows this. Came across a little gem in the book:
DEADLY DECEPTION by by Robert E. Willner M.D., Ph.D. pub 1994. It mentions Fauci by name twice… remember this is way back in 1994.
On page 5
When an epidemic destroys its susceptible population, it ceases to exist. In other words, it is the inability of the individual's immune system that determines the degree to which an individual "falls ill" or whether or not he becomes ill at all. As Pasteur is purported to have exclaimed on his deathbed, "It is not the organism; it is the terrain!" If this were not true, then everyone, in the examples cited above, would have gotten the plague or the flu and all would have died. In fact, the first disease on earth would have been the last! The deceivers of infamy have succeeded in creating a chain of events that have destroyed logic and common sense, and in their place, established the following "Commandments" for science, government, the press and the public:
The Ten Commandments of Fraud
1. Coincidence is proof of cause and effect.
2. Circumstantial evidence is direct evidence.
3. One example proves the rule.
4. One guess supported by another guess creates a fact.
5. Saying it is so, makes it so.
6. Don't confuse the issue with facts.
7. Proof is unncessary and should be avoided.
8. Lie, lie, lie, and they'll believe it.
9. Silence, ignore and suppress the truth.
10. Replace reason with dogma, fraud and blindfolded fear.
The repeated use of these commandments by the conspirators prompted T. C. Fry to comment in his book, The Great AIDS Hoax, "...the presence of what they call HIV in the disease [AIDS] is no more proof of cause than the presence of flies in garbage proves that the flies are the cause of garbage." There could be an exception however, if you consider that the "AIDS Gang": Robert Gallo, Anthony Fauci, William Haseltine, Max Essex, James Curran, Flossie Wong-Staal, Dani Bolognesi, Margaret Fischl, Margaret Heckler, et al., are the flies; then indeed, the garbage was created by them!

On page 30
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, a co-hort and supporter of Gallo, published a paper in 1985, in which he stated that the world's number one cause of T-cell depletion was malnutrition. Fauci also knows that malnutrition is the number one cause of immune deficiency diseases. Fauci must be suffer-ing from memory deficiency caused by those well-known corrupting organisms — power and money!
Result was the deaths of many from being prescribed very toxic AZT. Too toxic even for treating cancer patients. Deja vu.
Free to read full Book at:


The science is clear:

Don't vaccinate and your autism risk goes to near ZERO.

Before 1987 (the year the new vax schedule was implemented under National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which included the new bioengineered Hep B vaccine given to newborns) the "autism" rate was 1/100,000+. That is the smoking gun. Also, in 1981, the CDC gave an experimental Hep B vaccine to members of the gay community in New York City. This group was also the first to be diagnosed with "AIDS". Dr. Fauci made his career researching this "epidemic" and acquiring NIH patents for "treatments."

1984-A young Dr. Fauci lectures the plebs on the AIDS epidemic......
AIDS/Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIH, 1984)

Controversy on Aids origins:

1978–1981: Is HIV-AIDS linked to CDC’s Hepatitis B Vaccine Experiment?

L Land

I remember years ago reading that autism was not genetic because autism does not have a physical component. ( I think this was likely to support the refrigerator mom crap)
They say everything is genetic now but what are examples of “birth defects” (sorry a more up to date phrase is needed here) that don’t have outward physical characteristics?
Because I’m thinking that if genes are damaged in some way there would be other indicators (yes I’m comparing to Down’s syndrome).


Mabe dr lipcharge slept through genetics class, he's pretty far behind.

The deal is genetic diseases have a constant rate in our population, like PKU below, it affects 1 in 10,000 now, and since it's genetic, it always will. The RATE in our population will never change.
Paradoxically, autism has increase from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 10 or more. Any moron can see it's environmental. I'm not saying dr lipcharge is a moron, he just needs to stay awake in genetics class.

Still with Trump

With over 3 billion DNA base pairs in the human genome, I would guess those at Baylor will soon return to ask for more money, after finding some promising new Autism markers and variants.

About a decade back, did not Autism Speaks set up a world wide database where anyone could log in and help search for the Autism gene ? How is that project going ?

Bob Moffit

“The basis of autism is not quite clear. It’s obviously genetic. It also may have an environmental interplay,"

Where is the scientific EVIDENCE that autism is "obviously genetic"? Of course there is OBVIOUS GENETIC CAUSE TO GENETICS … unless your entire career is built upon GENETICS being the CAUSE of everything you research.

Much like the carpenter who only has a hammer in his hands .. EVERYTHING WILL BE TREATED LIKE NAIL.

When throughout HISTORY did mankind suffer a GENETIC PANDEMIC? NAME ONE???

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