AAP Further Divorces Itself from Treating Children with Autism
Reader, Reader What Do You See? Tie Dye!

Free Everyone Now


Britney Spears’ plight has been in the news. It is terrible when people claim to know what is best for you, and can impose draconian restrictions on your job, right to travel, and even forcing medical procedures upon you. The nation has been put under Conservatorship. 



Britney Spears FULL Conservatorship Hearing (Leaked HQ Audio) Opening Testimony

Britney Spears has been enslaved. I hope she gets out. Heartbreaking.

Uncovering Britney Spears’ Dark Past | #FreeBritney (Part 1)
Thrown into the spotlight at 10, she was incredibly talented and incredibly exploited. She started out as a sweet innocent child.


Tonight a commentator on Tb in reference to pop singer Spears pointed out that not far away from Holly Wood are tons of tents full of mentally ill people that have not had a conservatory what ever put on them.

It is all about money

Well yeah. Money was there to save her?

Even without much money though
My in laws had something made up maybe it involved the courts , maybe the banks? That their son could not walk into a car dealership and buy a car on credit. That he could never pay off. Something he had done several times.

I am confused about the whole matter

But what I do know that anything that damaged mental health causes lots of life long pain

There are some people needing jail time at the federal agencies.

We continue to watch the same ole play out even with the Covid vaccine. Heart swelling. No big deal, roll up those teenage sleeves. Babies next


To fanatical Libertarians on both left wing and right wing . We need "Conservatorship" for the good of humanity yes there are many abuses.
"Conservatorship" in most states and countries is a long difficult process and nearly all who fall under these mental health . People under "Conservatorship" need to be under these complex legal arrangements for their own good because they are too insane or idiotic to think clearly. I.E severe mental illness or moderate to severe mental retardation. I agree these ridiculous Covid-19 related laws and rules went way too far but most of these rules have relaxed in the past few months. These absurd Covid-19 rules has little to do with actual "Conservatorship" as no one said you can not have sex or see a bad influence "friend" or give or withdraw consent for medical treatment among other restrictions.

Brittany Spears is a butt ugly moral degenerate like most pop singers. I would rather a beautiful belly dancer entice me in a Cairo restaurant and sing along to her sultry voice.


Does Britiney have a mental problem?
She was doing some pretty strange things.
Talented girl, able to make money but something - there. Was it just drugs, or was it drugs making a mental illness worse, or just mental illness.

They put her on lithium. That means it was or is bipolar.
I have one with bipolar.
I did everything wrong with her.
I kept thinking she was a talented - able to function human being.
I should have protected her from herself more than what I did.
I wish I had taken the car.
I wished that I had not allowed her the choice of staying in Michigan when we moved back home. That was more dangerous that I probably understand even to this day.

Unlike Britney, she hit rock bottom and had to make some decisions that saved her life. But what is my role as a parent. I should have seen to her more.
Even after she made the right decisions and worked hard, she struggled.
More additional vaccines on her way of becoming a nurse and then another after she became a nurse again pushed her into strange behaviors, and illogical life choices.

So there we are.

As a parent I should have done more. That is the role of a family that loves you. Now what is the role of government and people that could care less if you live or die; a whole other discussion and totally different. .


Oh Pooh!
The Zero Covid Cult's, Policy and Procedure Manual, along with The Criteria and Guidelines Assessment ,needs a good scrub down with a wire brush and a bottle of Lysol !
Sneezels By A.A.Milne Famous Children Poem .

We are stronger as meekness is strength ,and strength comes from conscience and compassion!

Our strength, skill knowledge and experience is used to laughing at "Bullies" big or small?
Runrig & Paul Mounsey An Toll Dubh YouTube
"Dubh" can mean dark heart or dark intentions,in Gaelic.

Jerry Martinez

It's funny how those in charge of our conservatorship, think we have forgotten our history. Many have ,but some still remember. Remember if you got measels before the measles vaccine was made, you didn't need it, you were considered to be immune, because you had the antibodies for measles. Oh those devils in charge, they say it doesn't apply with covid 19, even if you have the antibodies, you still need to be a robot and get your covid-19 vaccines.
Oh I remember my history and will be passing, no thanks!

Bob Moffit

It is bad enough living in a nation that has become a "conservatorship" .. what makes it even worse is who are the people running our "conservatorship".

As the man said many years ago .. "These are times that tries a man's soul ….

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