WXXI Rochester Dismisses Medical Racism: The New Apartheid
New Jersey? Which Exit? 1 in 14

Eric Clapton Video from Oracle Films

You might want to take video of this exclusive on your phone, so when YouTube takes it down, you have proof it existed. Eric Clapton is going way out on a limb to speak out about what happened to him when he took the jab. It almost cost him his lifelong career. I saw many people on Twitter immediately writing him off - after decades of loving his music from the days of Cream to today. It's amazing that as soon as someone speaks the truth about their vaxperience, the "We are the world, we are the children" community turns on him like a rabid dog. Fans drop him. We know better. Welcome, Slowhand. We're sorry you are here.



Gene Simmons of the rock band Kiss has labeled me evil and the enemy, in public.
Therefore, in public, I would like to say to Gene, make sure you get your booster shot and keep a clot buster on your nightstand.



Define Anti Vaxxer? Because with this type of septic semantics, in politics, in motion, "we-All- Lose!"

Health and Social Care Secretary probed in public by Dr Liam Fox .
NHS Greater Glasgow Health Board, taught us how to probe a politician properly, with the whole availble professional toolkit , and listen to the response ?
Lockdown Sceptics
News Round Up Articles 18-6-2021
Article "Matt Hancock hints NHS has a decreased duty of care for anti-vaxxers "
Off -Guardian's Kit Knightly .


Thank you, very good interview .
The Green Book . Chapter 14 a 7 May 2021 Guidance Covid 19 Vaccinations
Contraindications and Precautions.
Looks like ,sounds like and reads like the guideline criteria, indicates for you to get back in the queue ,
for the Covid 19 Booster injection as soon as it becomes available ? Oh What!
"The Cult Mantra says the benefits of the injection outweigh any injection adverse events or reactions "
Reads like the health and safety risk assessment could fit onto the back-side of a postage stamp!

Angus Files

Stage 1.Denial

Stage 2. You loose all your friends from your former life.

Stage 3. Even your family have problems being in the same room as you (shh! dont mention vaccines).

Welcome Eric and co..

Eric Clapton 'ostracised' by famous friends over anti-vaccination stance


Pharma For Prison




You can do it the low-tech way and record it on your phone, but this video is actually shareable on purpose. If you click to expand the information below the video, there is a link to a download site that is simple to use. Then you have the mp4 on your computer.


Did you think of Thoreau when Clapton said he'd like to be an annoyance to the forces behind all this? ("Let your life be a counter fric­tion to stop the ma­chine.") I appreciate your point about family. It takes a lot of bravery to lose people you love, or lose their respect.

Donna L.

Wow. So much raw honesty and vulnerability in this video. It's rare to see the entire gamut of the vax-injury experience all in one talk, from the societal coercion to get the vaccine in the first place, to the hopelessness of realizing nobody can fix the damage done to you, to the alienation and ostracization that comes from speaking out about what really and truly happened to you...
A huge thank you to Eric Clapton for being brave enough to speak out in an increasingly hostile world gone mad.


What would Jesus Sing?
(With apologies to Eric Clapton)
"A Shot in the Arm"
"Put that Mask On"

I would like to challenge Eric to produce his own version of kiddie Covid propaganda music.....


Mark of the Beast grocery store opens on Bill Gate's home turf....

Amazon Introduces Consumer Surveillance Technology to Full-Size Grocery Stores

"Amazon says that when customers arrive at the new store in Bellevue, Washington, they’ll be prompted to pick a checkout option and that traditional checkouts will still be available when customers need them. If customers choose to use the Just Walk Out technology, they can enter the store by scanning a QR code in the Amazon app, inserting a linked credit or debit card, or SCANNING THEIR PALM (emph. mine). They are automatically billed for the items in their cart once they leave the store."
Next step will be linking to vaccine passport.
Is this in anticipation of no middle class workers available in the near future?


No Vax, No Phone - Pakistan Province Blocks Sim Cards Of The Unvaccinated

"Pakistan is expected to spend more than a billion dollars in the next fiscal year to import COVID-19 vaccines to inoculate around 100 million people. The trouble is, anti-vaccine groups have sprung up around the country and have deterred some from taking the vaccine. In response, one local government in Pakistan has a new weapon in its war chest against vaccine hesitancy: disable the SIM cards of mobile phones of people who decline to get jabbed..."
In China, you must have a cell phone to participate in the buying and selling Beast System.


Eric Clapton says he would love to be an annoyance to them! OH so close to my heart there. YES, annoy them, break their hold on the vast masses of the population.

But he don't want to lose the respect and love of his children. In other words he does not want to be an annoyance to his kids.

Neither did I, that is why I did not stop my daughter getting three series of Hep B when she became a nurse. I did try to stop her getting the DPT vaccine. But she did anyway. Now; I don't have to convince her - I do not annoy her when I speak of the latest things happening in the anti vaccine world, or should I say making vaccines safer, or the green the vaccines --- but really there is no such thing as a safe vaccine. We have done the whole spectrum now from really Pro vax to reluctant vaxxer to ANTI VAX. .

Angus Files

"A B.S. radar" title of the new song Eric?

ALL FOR THE BETTER GOOD no worries guys you can admit to the deaths as there is no come back...

Covid in Scotland: Four deaths caused by adverse effects of vaccines
The figure was contained in a National Records of Scotland report.


Pharma For Prison


Gerardo Martinez

Like I have said before vaccine injury is only "Rare" if it does not happen to you. Once it does happen to you or a loved one it can last a life time. Kudos to you Mr. Clapton-Keep up the good fight!

Bev Johnson

Bob Moffit; agree with your analogy of tv being a virus. I took the cure a few years back and turned it off.


How does one make a copy video of something on youtube?


It's grounding to hear from you this morning EC.

The slide with the two old guys made me laugh really hard, and that's a good thing of course, so thank you from across the pond from a longtime fan.

Covid goes away when you stop watching TV.

Bob Moffit

I was struck by a cartoon in this video .. it showed a television reporter interviewing two obvious Amish men … the reporter asks: "Why hasn't covid affected your community? The Amish man answers "we don't watch television">

It struck me because I have the same question of the thousands of homeless people living in encampments in most of our major cities .. tents and boxes are lined up for blocks and blocks .. with no sanitation facilities visible to the passerby … yet .. for some unfathomable reason .. I haven't heard of homeless people .. no social distancing .. no wearing masks … no personal hygiene ritual handwashing .. no vaccinations …

Violating everything we have been told … day after day … for months on end … yet … we don't see reduction in homeless encampments … maybe NOT WATCHING TELEVISION IS A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE.

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