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Eating Your Own: Severe Nonsense

Earlier this week, I was looking at Twitter and checking our notifications.  What caught my eye was the photo we use on Anne Dachel's amazing posts cataloging the monstrous increase in and costs of special education around the globe. Then I read the Tweet and thought, "Hey, I know that name." I had to think back many years to a collegial conversation she and I had. Jill has an organization called something like the National Coalition for Severe Autism. Here at AofA, we say over and over that the more severe versions of autism have been totally buried by neurodiversity. I would consider any org focusing on people like many of our readers' own children an ally. The Tweet says otherwise.  Below is my exchange with Jill. 
I no longer engage at the curb level. I have weathered the worst kind of verbal and written abuse from trolls on the Internet. Below is our exchange.

KR hi jill'
Followed by more charm.

KR Respect
Wacko antivaxx nonsense is quite heavy, but all of us here have the strength to carry it until the end of our lives, we will never, ever drop it.

KR disagree

Golly geewillikers, Jill is pulling out the big guns. Ridiculous! Rants! Laughingstock! And the deniers' most favorite shield "PSEUDO-SCIENCE!!!"  (You have to say that in your best Monster Truck announcer voice.
Kr nicest

We ain't going nowhere. If you can swing it, shoot us a donation. There are far more Jills and shills than dollar bills in our world.  Thanks.  Bonehead Betty, aka Kim.





cAMP, adenylyl cyclase has to do with calcium channel blockers?
Has to do with sugars?

Sounds plausible. It all sounds plausible as I sink tiredly into too much information.

Nick is gin considered a sugar - and glucose or what?


Sir is O really putting down Christianity is getting old and I am tired of it. I can't help it that you never searched out something greater than yourself.

Nazis knew about fluoride. Tons of studies have come out about aluminum and fluoride interactions.
Worries about EMF, but not connecting the three. . Books have been written such as the one by J.B. Handley telling us that is the bases of inflammation. New studies are finding aluminum in brains by Professor Exley . I am going to a sandstone spring in Daniel Boone National Forest to get water and then add to that what ever Dr. Crouse suggest to get that special type of silica acid to take aluminum out of the gut.

But there is more than that going on isn't there? Is there aluminum, or fluoride in this new covid vaccine. My understanding there is not. And yet we get inflammation of the heart in young people Vascular problems -- which is again inflammation.


Hello Jill...

"Light has been presented to me, in spite, of you...Dear Ms. Leading I regret to inform you..."

Tim Lundeen

@sir_isO thanks for the info about aluminum, fluoride, EMF and cAMP. Much appreciated!


And excuse my typing, I just woke up again. I'm a bit of underground psycho.

But seriously. Trump is worthless, Carlson is a typical pointman, etc. Controlled opposition, at best.

There is no aspect of their narratives that isn't manufactured.


"Trump/Fox News/Tucker Carlson/Covid 19/Greedy pharma pushing the vaccines to a level of ridiculousness/ Ingraham Angle/ Israel reports of heart inflammation and on and on."

Absolutely not. I understand the irony, but I have to make to make clear.

I have zero respect for any of that. When you recognize that they souled out, and thus have to read scripts...your apparent reference to "scripture" will be clear. And I despise abrahamism, while I'm at it.


Thanks Carolyn M for the run down on Jill, cause I did not know who she was either.

John Stone: Covid 19 and this pushing of the vaccine may expose the lies.
Might, because some/ well a lot of us are super slow - mark on forehead of Cain.
Unless our babies have an outright seizure right after a vaccine -
Even then we have some pharma troll messing with our minds that even blogged on this very sight many years ago about how they just were taking their kid from the waiting room into the doctor to get a shot; and it started seizing. Kids just have seizures some times for no reason, but not the vaccine.

But inflammation is hard to spot, and not out right seizures -- yeah; but after you see it, you will always know the signs too. It is kind of like staring at one of the pictures that you see one thing and after you stare a while you see another and can't be unseen ever again. .

I knew my Dad was having inflammation after his flu vaccine; after my children , husband and even myself.

The kids would run a high fever, but adults not so much.

Six months later after my father's flu shot he had a heart attack. He had gained weight, not much, but in his belly. This inflammation does cause weight gain I think. He seemed to have trouble getting his breath, a little. Hmm, right after my DPT vaccine back when I was 21; my boss said I was always sighing and making him think I was bored or aggravated with him. NO! I was smothering . My husband has breathing problems, his oxygen levels plummet if he has very busy days.

Of course starting to drag your feet a few weeks after a vaccine is easily missed like the liar that says the seizure just happens -- things just happen.

Then there is that bit of red face my father had. . Grumpy, sleepy too. Joints or muscles hurt a bit more. They don't want to move around much.

Or my daughter after her required three Hep Bs to become a nurse -- could not turn her head -stiff, and high SED rates ( one of them medical test) .

Jill is an idiot. to have two children, get it pointed out to her, and still just can't catch on.

Genesis in the first of the Bible tells the story of Cain, Abel, types of food - two brothers are the two types of energy, ketones and glucose. Killing is one type of energy e drowning/killing out the other which was what our bodies preferred. Got preferred that sacrifice of animals over plants.

But there is more: Cain's punishment besides the mark on his forehead (being slower in mental clarity) was to be denied the inability to figure out nature.

Genesis 4:12
When you till the ground, it will no longer yield its produce to you. You will be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth."

As in the most stupid of all time phrase repeated again and again: Correlation Does Not Equal Causation. ----- except when it does.

So Jill can't figure it out. A lot of people can not and that is why we have this opportunity swirling around us right now! Thank you; Trump/Fox News/Tucker Carlson/Covid 19/Greedy pharma pushing the vaccines to a level of ridiculousness/ Ingraham Angle/ Israel reports of heart inflammation and on and on .

John Stone

It is an interesting speculation at this point just how much of the social/political order revolves round the assertion of vaccine infallibility (totem) and denial of vaccine harm (taboo). Something which might have been supposed fairly incidental to modern culture almost turns out to be its main theme. I had a peculiar non-exchange this week with a senior British medic this week. The good gentleman was mostly being realistic about the heavy footedness of the response to Covid but his letter had to be prefaced with pouring scorn of members of the public who were too uneducated to vaccinate, although it turned out that he too had doubts about whether the vaccines actually worked. You might ask if they did not work or you were not sure whether they did it might be better not to have them. We deduce in fact not that we know whether they are safe and effective, but nevertheless this is what you believe - as a matter of simple education - if you wish to enter society, or be taken seriously, and of course it is what is actually preventing people from thinking straight. I sent a reply which was published in BMJ on-line but it was no surprise that he did not respond:

Covid vaccines: What does Andrew Bamji know which I don’t?
Re: The covid-19 pandemic took power from the people Kamran Abbasi. 373:doi 10.1136/bmj.n1410
Dear Editor

As ever I read Andrew Bamji with great interest [1] but I simply do not comprehend the statement:

“… it is clear that many of the public are simply not informed enough to make informed decisions; the strange concerns that have been aired over the risks of coronavirus vaccinations are a case in point.”

By now several correspondents here including myself have tried to elicit what knowledge there is to rely on except the appeal to authority (which is a kind of ad hominem in reverse) [2].These products involve novel technologies, were prepared for the market at breakneck speed, the manufacturers were indemnified, the trials are incomplete and cannot be completed because of unblinding, exceptional numbers of injuries are reported even if not confirmed, we cannot know about long term safety and effectiveness for years [2]. Moreover, he himself seems to question further on whether effectiveness has been established. I would like to know what information could over-ride these important gaps?

[1] Andrew N Bamji, ‘Re: The covid-19 pandemic took power from the people, 7 June 2021,

[2] Responses to Razai, Chauhry, Doerholt, Bauld and Majeed,

sir isO

Oh and please excuse my typing and usage of words there...I just barely woke up and I have some issues myself.


Btw, I have something to link the very peculiar prevalence of fluoride and aluminum (and EMF, but I'll keep that out of this context).

cAMP, adenylyl cyclase.

Aluminum is a very specific binding compound for fluoride to essentially aggravate/disturb cAMP function. It is very obscured research and topic this, I have never seen anyone mention it in the context of vaccinations, autism (and general mental dysfunction), and it is quite important.

Unfortunately I'll be linking to a thread I made on "conspiracy theory" (it's anything but, actually, entirely propagandist psyop site, employed agents, pushes typical media/industry narratives).

But feel free to peruse and research that for yourself, you'll likely find the implications quite significant.


Well, personally, I'd consider that a compliment.

But I'm about the least likeable person in the world and incredibly confrontational.

If someone with an agenda, accuses you, yet is *compelled* to mention you specifically regarding a specific issue and they are, so to speak, irrelevant in the discussion. That to me, is a case of severe insecurity. Perhaps because belief in her NIH interests (as a whole) are dwindling, I mean, after all, if a significant proporption of the population so rapidly turn against such institutions and you are beholden to them, I can certainly see why she's wearing her panties as a mask after getting it all up into a bunch. Smell those roses.


don't forget your second shot Jill, and call back in 3 months


I believe Escher maintains that there's no biological plausibility to a vaccine-autism connection, but I doubt she's read How to End the Autism Epidemic by JB Handley. Maybe she'll get around to it.

Behaving like a schoolyard bully must pay pretty well.

Carolyn M

Here's is some background on Jill Escher:

Jill is a past President of the San Francisco Bay Autism Society of America. She is the current President (and one of the founders) of the National Council on Severe Autism.

Jill Escher has two children with severe autism - a son and a daughter. If I remember correctly, she believes that her children's autism was caused by an exposure that Jill's mother had to a substance which affected her mother's eggs, and that damage was passed down through Jill to Jill's children.

Jill has read Dan Olmstead's and Mark Blaxill's book, "Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts About Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families and Our Future". She posted a review online in which she praised the part of the book which discussed the continuing increase in autism, and then proceeded to "trash" the causation part of the book.

I have seen at least one parent of a child with severe autism (online via Twitter) try to persuade Jill to modify her position concerning vaccines. That parent was unsuccessful - even when pointing out that Jill was alienating potential allies with her hostile online attitude.

Jill also at one point was advocating for developmentally disabled children/adults to be the priority for vaccinating with the COVID vaccines.

A side note: the current Vice President of the National Council on Severe Autism is Amy Lutz. She is an advocate of ECT for children/adults with severe autism who have aggression/self-injurious behavior. She used it for her son. (Please note: I am NOT an advocate of ECT). If I remember correctly, Amy Lutz and Alison Singer were also founders of the NCSA.

As for the NCSA website blog, I have not seen any biomedical treatment advocated.


She appears to have offended others besides Kim and AOC:

FROM 2017
"Why Won't The Autism Society Rein In Jill Escher's Bigotry?"


"In 2019, she was invited to present at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences about the importance of research on germline exposures."

Did she get a grant from Fauci?
Her theories are a great distraction from a vaccine connection.
In that sense, AOA would be a direct threat to her "business" interests.


Perfect responses Kim! What a piece of work this what’s-her-name is. Never heard of her.

Who the heck is Jill Escher?

Imagine the ego involved in even thinking there are groups of people out there who desperately desire your full respect! I'm pretty sure anyone who's parenting a kid/kids with severe autism gave up the thought of seeking respect from strangers way back when our kids were little and we had to try to just get them through the freakin' grocery store. (or when they're teenagers and we have to just try to get them through the freakin' grocery store...)

I've been doing this boneheaded autism thing for over 20 years now and I've never even heard of Jill Escher. She sounds charming.
Loved your responses, Kim. :)

Angus Files

Why is there a vaccine damage payment unit Jill? red pill Jill? get it here...keep reading.

Pharma For Prison


Jerry Martinez

Goodness who is this Jill person? We can agree to disagree, but why do you have to mean and ugly to us? And you work with children who have severe autism?
Well I guess the thousands of vaccine injuries/ billions of dollars$$$ in awards since the late 1980s are wacko and bonehead events. If you truly work with severe autism families, please condut history/ interviews with them, you maybe enlightened as to when and what caused their plunge into autism.
In the meantime I am happy to be a wako and bonehead. I too do not desire your approval or respect. Praying that u will open your heart to all of us together involved in this fight. Blessings.


So Jill Escher has her own theory about environmental cause of autism -- components of general anesthesia? No doubt, she developed her theory at least in part because of personal experience, yet she bashes those whose *personal experience* points towards different environmental exposures leading to the same outcome?

She may very well be on to something in considering components of anesthesia, but with her vicious Twitter conversation alone, she has proven that she should never, ever be trusted as an advocacy ally. Or as anything else.

In addition to the ever-growing prevalence of autism, there seems to also be an ever-growing prevalence of monstrous behavior towards other human beings. I guess we can thank her for being a prime example.

Paul Picha

I'm hurling in my morning Cheerios... what a disgusting human being!
Good job taking the high road, Kim

Betty Bona

As a person who believes that vaccine injury is totally connected with the autism epidemic, I have people telling me we'll have to "agree to disagree" all the time. It makes my blood boil!!! It means they aren't going to listen to a word I say. Everyone has their own triggers, and that is definitely mine! It is not a conversation starter, but it doesn't seem like Jill had any intention of having a real conversation. She just wanted to show her distain for "anti-vaxxers". It's too bad she won't hear what we have to say, because, if she has a vaccine injured child, she'll probably vaccinate him or her with the Covid vaccine. I hope she does not learn the hard way! Sometimes I reply (to the statement that we'll have to "agree to disagree)" by saying that if they are not willing to have a scientific discussion with me on the merits, then I will simply leave them to their uninformed beliefs. I just recently got that reply from a niece about the origins of the pandemic. She had not noticed that the mainstream is now supporting the idea that the virus is a lab escape. I love my niece, but I did tell her how much I hate that expression. Then I simply let the conversation go. She'll learn that one soon enough. As I say, I hope Jill does not learn the hard way. I don't wish that on anyone, even people with no couth like Jill.


NCSA is a fraud!

They blame ASD on the birth parents.

They won’t shut up writing ALMOST SOLELY about adopted ASD kids whose parents abused drugs/alcohol/etc - IGNORING kids born healthy who regressed into vaccine induced ASD.

Even worse?

They bash biomed.

Kate C

As far as I can tell, Jill Escher has her own theory about what causes autism, i.e. components of general anaesthetics. She is using her own resources to explore her theory. She has the same problem as we all have. Nobody with the power and money to do so will put their efforts toward finding the cause of autism. And without the cause effective treatments will not be found. Bringing attention to the rapidly rising numbers has not made a bit of difference to the people who can do something about it.

Bob Moffit

One would think Jill would have learned not to trust public health officials on ANY ISSUE .. after all .. for decades they insisted AUTISM WAS THE RESULT OF "COLD MOTHERS" WHO DENIED THEIR INFANT CHILD AFFECTION AND LOVE. These are the same people who INSIST THE BENEFITS OF ONE SIZE FITS ALL VACCINES ALWAYS OUTWEIGHS THE RISKS … which is not only scientifically improbable .. it is far more likely IMPOSSIBLE.

In any event, I think everyone by now should have lost all confidence and trust in our public health agencies and the main stream media that promotes their .. now proven .. LIES. The very same public health agencies and media that have protected the vaccine industry from being held accountable for the declining HEALTH in our children .. where 54% of children have a chronic autoimmune disorder .. some life-threatening, all life-long and life altering .. is being proven deceitful every day the covid PANDEMIC continues .. suddenly the probability of Covid having escaped from that US govt funded GAIN OF FUNCTION lab in Wuhan is gaining momentum .. while all evidence is proving Hydroxychlorquine is very effective treatment that was DELIBERATELY proclaimed DANGEROUS and prohibited from being administered to patients … estimates THOUSANDS could have avoided DEATH if our public health and medical professionals had affirmed it's EFFECTIVENESS.

Over 5,000 deaths from "experimental Covid vaccine" reported … thousands hospitalized after vaccination .. demands to vaccinate children as young as six months in spite of growing numbers of children suffering heart inflammations in 12 to 15 age group already vaccinated. More DEATHS reported in six months of covid vaccinations than reported in five years preceding vaccine … and still there are those who call all who question these obvious problems .. WACCOS …

We are paying and will continue to pay extreme consequences of COVID AND "WARP SPEED VACCINES" for future consequences yet unknown .. such as .. fertility …



We need new autism blogs.

These mindless Zoomers might actually shut down AOA!

Zoomers - who brag about their basic “Japanese language skills”, LGBTQIA+ pride, BLM anti-white sentiment, SJW activities, Tumblr accounts, HAES, transgenderism, homosexuality and pro-vaccine mandates, etc...

these fragile zoomers can’t stand the truth!

Must be all the aluminum + gazillion other vaccine adjuvants.

What was the USA like 50 years ago?

Dr William Gaunt

People like Jill have no problem ignoring the tens of thousands of parents who watched their children vaccinated into autism. Selective exposure theory is alive and well.

Jonathan Rose

Yes, Jill Escher was rude, but she gave AoA a boost simply by linking to it and suggesting that we're not wrong about everything. Some of her followers may read AoA and conclude that we're not so crazy after all. She may feel compelled to publicly insult us precisely because she agrees with us about everything except vaccines as a cause of autism, and she wouldn't want her funders to think that She's One Of Them. A couple of years ago she complimented me on one of my historical studies of autism, and our correspondence was quite cordial, in spite of our differences about the vaccine issue. As I wrote to her at the time:

"even if we agree to disagree about vaccines, we agree emphatically on just about everything else. We agree that autism is an epidemic (or rather pandemic) of fairly recent origin, and the increase in diagnosis is mostly or entirely real. We agree that it's a disaster (not a gift) for those seriously afflicted, as well as their families, and that the media focuses on the highest-functioning cases to the neglect of the lower-functioning. And I think we also agree that because there was so much denial about the autism epidemic, there has been no preparation for the big wave of autistic children who are now becoming adults, and who now find that there are few support services for them after age 22. "

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