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Can’t Say it Any Better

Stop look listenBy Cathy Jameson

Several friends asked me if I’d seen the emails yet…you know, “The Emails”.  I actually haven’t.  Sitting here Friday evening typing this post, I still haven’t read Dr. Fauci’s emails that so many are talking about.  I will make a point to carve out time to look at what’s been discovered.  I have a feeling that what I learn will not shock me though.  Fauci hasn’t been looking out for the people very well.  He hasn’t been completely honest in the past about other important topics either, including vaccines. 


Just reading the headlines about The Emails has left me speechless.  Since so many others are able to chime and across many platforms, I’m posting their words instead.


Tucker Carlson’s commentary has been spot on from the beginning of the pandemic.  He gets straight to the point with solid references, especially when he’s talking about Dr. Fauci.  Carlson has revealed so much and wants the truth out there.  I appreciate every word of this recent clip, including when Carlson says, “Watch Fauci lie.”   


Investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson, has also kept the public in the know.  In a report that came out before The Emails surfaced, she shared that scientists have been afraid to step forward.  “The scientists I talked to don’t want to be quoted by name for fear of repercussions in today’s politically-charged environment.”  What an awful predicament!  To those who are not afraid, thank you.  You’re honesty is noted.


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has been the best at asking pointed questions.  When no mainstream reporters dared, Rand keeps putting Dr. Fauci in the hot seat. 


Fauci’s pants were on fire for some time already, so that hot seat probably didn’t burn him too badly. 

Terrance K. Williams is another one that tells it like it is.  Check out his reaction to Dr. Fauci and The Emails.  Oh, man.  Oh, man!

While not a recent dialogue, this interview from Euginio Derbez is a good reminder that Dr. Fauci was stringing us along lots longer than some people realized or cared to admit. 


One more person I trust more than my government right now is JP Sears.  Ahh, JP.  He’s a beautiful soul who is absolutely not afraid to speak up.  If you haven’t checked out all of his observations about what we’ve witnessed and dealt with over the past year, go back and listen to his other videos.  You are in for a treat! 


If you have heard some great commentary elsewhere, please share the link with the rest of us.  I love it when we find other people who love to tell the truth.  I love it even more when we can share that information with each other. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



@Still with Trump

"Patents by Inventor Anthony S. Fauci"

These are all of his HIV related patents. Patents on HIV "gene therapy" could be lucrative.

Still with Trump

Is there a list of any and all medical patents held by Dr. Fauci and the related revenues ?

I would guess he has traveled the world for free the past 40 years to various meetings & probably often gets to take his wife along.

Not bad for never having to see a real patient and paying for malpractice insurance.


Thank you Cathy for the links. Really thankyou. Sears, never heard of him.

What is the woman Chinese scientist that escaped from China and Tucker interviewed?

She said China released it on purpose.
She said you can make all this stuff, but to put it all together is on purpose?
I think I understood her right.
When Tucker asked why; she said how was she to know the reasons the evil communist Chinese do what they do.

Then we have Fauci saying that the Chinese would never do this on purpose interview and uses the reasoning that they would be infecting themselves. I just thought it odd that he even brought it up - that they did it on purpose. Did you all see that? That is suspicious all on it own?

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Cathy. The worst crime against humanity ever perpetrated against a too-credulous population. This, finally, will bring the pharma murderers and their enablers in the political class and the media to their knees, once the true number of victims becomes known. Life imprisonment is surely too light a punishment, but then, I don't believe in the death penalty, so it is the only option. Cowardice, greed, and incompetence rule this great country at all levels of government, and the same is true in the UK.

False Scientists

Just saw a report that a virologist named Anderson who informed Fauci the sars cov 2 virus could have been engineered has now deleted his Twitter account—5k tweets gone.

Angus Files

Another brave enough to speak out ..

Dan Osborne refuses to take Covid vaccine - and won't let his kids have it either
Reality star and dad-of-three Dan Osborne said he 'won't put that s*** in me or my kids' as he ranted on Instagram about the Covid vaccine


Pharma For Prison


False Scientists


This is some really good information by Amazing Polly on the full story (the lab grown vs naturally occurring is only part of it and may in fact be a ploy to distract from the larger picture)
Bill Gates and the gang, with their 2030 Agenda and their “decade of vaccines” have used government money (many millions) to fund a huge gain of function and wildlife/emerging diseases/viruses grift. Of course Gates, WHO, U North Carolina, Wuhan, Rockefeller U, Tom Frieden, Dr Daszak, Ralph Berrick...even Fauci’s wife Christine Grady-head of Bioethics and human experimentation are all involved. All happening under Obama’s nose, too. This is sick and needs to be stopped.


If it wasn't such a conflagration of human tragedy it, would be comical.

Summit News -News From The Summit.
Article 4 June 2021
Scientist At Centre Of Lab Leak Controversy Put in Charge Of The Lancet's Task Force To Investigate Virus Origins.
Message in a bottle?
Karma and the milk bottle. YouTube
Passed yer eyes in a jiffy.Oh jings!?
I think this yin is another one, heading up yon Ross River Virus the wrong way, with no back paddle available !


Age of China Worship, Vaccine Worship, TikTok, LGBTQIA, Tumblr, the ND movement, etc.

What’s happening in NY schools? Disastrous, massive psych hospitalizations of its own children: https://www.lossofbraintrust.com/post/nyc-12-000-incidents-of-police-removing-kids-from-school


What has happened to America? Is it really “white supremacy” and Christianity causing this? Really?



Great clips. It’s disturbing how many news outlets are ignoring Fauci’s lies.


I've despised Fauci ever since I read this interview where he talks (lies) about vaccine safety:

It turns out Fauci has been a "liar and a fraud" (Kary Mullis's words) for decades. HIV=AIDS was a scam. AIDS is a real disease but it's NOT due to a virus. The CDC faked (nearly) everything just like COVID-19. As AIDS czar, Fauci's actions led to the deaths of millions + more today with his supression of HCQ and Ivermectin + his push for dangerous EAU vaccines.

I'm one of the "lunatics" who don't believe infectious viruses are "real" (and are actually exosomes instead). But I'm thrilled to see Fauci in the hot seat for this (even if he's "innocent" in this regard).

Bob Moffit

Del Bigtree's ICAN … Informed Consent Action Network … 2:00 EST every Thursday but you have to search for internet connection .. well worth the time and effort .. Tucker Carlson gave ICAN credit for publishing all the Fauci emails.

I suspect the origination of the Covid PANDEMIC .. resulting from GAIN OF FUNCTION research that had been properly BANNED in United States .. was FUNDED IN PART BY MONEY WITH FAUCI'S FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER IT .. will FINALLY cause Fauci to be ousted from his exalted position as the GRAND WIZZARD OF OZ ON COVID ..

However … his behavior as our GRAND WIZZARD demands a full and complete investigation as to the actions and policies he INSTALLED .. such as … his deceitful characterization of HDQ as dangerous to anyone taking it .. probably resulted in THOUSANDS of deaths to those who because of Fauci were denied this life-saving drug.


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