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AAP Further Divorces Itself from Treating Children with Autism

FF60DDCC-9B90-4407-894F-79972FD95A9BThe American Academy of Pediatrics has never embraced or even feigned curiosity for medically treating autism to improve childrens' lives. In fact, they have actively worked against families desperate to help their kids. For decades. Below, Safeminds reports that they have distanced themselves even further, denying medical testing for metals, mold and other environmental exposures. This is a travesty. The AAP toolkit has two things in it - psych meds and referrals to early intervention or school. The doors seemed to have fully closed on the era of autism as a diagnosis that needs any attention. What a sin. AAP - Vaccinate. Medicate. Abdicate.


Association Claims No Need for Metal, Mineral, or Environmental Toxin Assessments

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Council on Environmental Health has urged pediatricians and families across the country to stop using several clinical tests for children with autism and other related disabilities. This recommendation, among others, is included within a broader campaign called “Choosing Wisely,” which encourages evidence-based health care that is considered truly necessary and does not duplicate or harm. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now believes that urine testing of children with autistic behaviors for metals or minerals is unnecessary. They also frown upon analyzing hair for environmental toxins for the same cohort of children. Additionally the AAP has called for the cessation of chelation challenge urinary analyses for children with suspected lead poisoning. Mold sensitivity testing was also in the organization’s crosshairs. They feel it should only be reserved for children displaying distinct allergy and asthma symptoms. Furthermore, the campaign’s recommendations indicate that, in most cases, pediatricians should not use measurements of environmental chemicals in blood or urine to make clinical decisions. A spokesperson for the AAP’s Council on Environmental Health stated that tests or treatments claiming to diagnose childhood diseases based on chemical measurements may be misleading or based on a false premise and believes that parents should rely on pediatricians to address concerns about chemical exposures.

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Journalist Sharyl Attkisson reveals FOIA Dr. William Thompson email to colleagues:

"'You are a pathetic liar': CDC at war with itself on vaccines
'If your friends did what you did to me, I feel very very sorry for you and them'"

Brian James

Mar 11, 2021 Major league pitcher, Greg Swindell

MMR Vaccine Made My Son Autistic


Warrior Mom

Same old same old. No surprise.

Angus Files

all the allopathic quacks we met over the years adopted the ethic of if you see something you shouldn't say something,- and never reported anything autism vaccines nope! If they had they would have self detonated their career faster than a suicide bomber. That's the shameful culture the government's have indoctrinated the medical profession into and they just cant over night un-indoctrinate this sad fear culture .Shame on them all.

Pharma For Prison


Jeanne J


According to the National Fragile X Foundation and the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex organizations, the rate of autism in those populations is 15% and 1 in 6000, respectively. The 15% rate given by the National Fragile X Foundation actually includes ALL identified genetic disorders, including Fragile X, Tuberous Sclerosis, and Down syndrome. That leaves a whopping 85% of individuals with autism from NO KNOWN GENETIC ORIGIN. One of the first (and only) recommendations that pediatricians offer when a parent goes to them with concerns about their child's development, regression, etc. is genetic testing. So, one would assume that genetics is one of the few medically appropriate interventions that pediatricians actually pursue. It is time to move on from looking to those genetic disorders as the answer to the autism epidemic!

Here are the links to those organizations: https://fragilex.org/understanding-fragile-x/fragile-x-syndrome/autism/

My recommendation to anyone who is beginning the autism journey with their infant child is to start a medical savings account, crowd source funding (i.e. Go Fund Me, etc.), ABLE accounts (including asking grandparents/relatives to contribute to these accounts in lieu of any funds they would have otherwise contributed to a college fund), or seek out local/national medical grant sources and find DAN, biomedical and functional medicine doctors who can actually help restore the health of their child when they have the best chance of doing so. Forego any use of the insurance-covered members of the Medical Industrial Complex, who will only want to vaccinate and track your children, except for injuries and surgeries. Please, unhook from the Matrix!!!

Jill in MI

What are they going to do when the autism rate is one out of two? Back in the old days they were so condescending when I would ask about diet or ask about things that I was reading that I thought would help my daughter. They always acted as if I were desperate and clutching at straws for answers, which I most certainly was. It really made me angry, which was very galvanizing. Here we are 28 years later. My daughter has a job two days a week and has an active social life. We were very, very lucky that she chose to work as hard as we did in her recovery process. We were also blessed with some amazing teachers. I shut my ears to the doctors because they just sucked all the energy out of my body. Energy that I needed to help my family survive. I think that the mothers of these future generations will be just as angry and desperate as most of us were. These mothers and fathers will also seek answers in the places that will eventually help them. Maybe that will be the end of the AAP.

Laura Hayes

And then there is this from the AMA:



Elaine Dow
I understand those institution were over crowded and abusive but some people are so insane or idiotic they need to live in such a place for their safety and the safety of others.
far-left hates institution because of exaggerated claims of ableism and racism and the "institutions" involvement in eugenics. The far-right also hates such places because of their greed of not wanting public dollars to fund any kind of health care. Also the far-right's "freedom" this and that non sense. e need to reopen the "institution" and lock up the violent insane like those who are assaulting mostly other homeless people in skid row and using drugs out in the open irresponsibly. Also those with severe mental retardation who are also a danger to themselves and others and are unable to care for their own basic need s like hand washing or using the toilet unassisted which used to be a requirement for a group home placement in lieu of a developmental center in most states and provinces. The left wing American Academy of Pediatrics and the far-right American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons also would hate "institutions" for reason similar to what is above. Good doctors and people in general should realize that good jobs and patient safety are the name of the game at today's "institutions".
I support the reasonable use of "biomed" and "chelation" but these will only help with one medical problem in autism. Autism parents should also look into the possibility of Fragile X syndrome and Tuberous Sclerosis as partial causes of their child's misery.


If they do run any labs --- it is the high SED rates.


AAP Causes the Autism by injecting Newborns, toddlers and children with Neurotoxic Aluminum leading to Alzheimers in later years, Cancer causing Formaldehyde, Tumorigenic Fetal Cell DNA, cells from Pigs dogs cows, monkeys (Simian Virus 40 known to cause brain tumors) a form of antifreeze, ether, polysorbate (Reduces fertility) and other TOXIC Ingredients to stop normal childhood illnesses that forever built their immune system. It was reported the other day that 1 in 14 children now have Autism in NJ which represents most of our country as NJ looks and other areas dare not look. Is it any wonder that the organization that commits the crime does not want people to know the origins? They are trying to safeguard Their Future by harming kids and others.. Look, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women now get cancer. Some say that when a 2 year old child dies from cancer its because of the food, water or air but a 2 year old has not yet eaten enough food, water or breathed enough air to cause Leukemia and other cancers plus 1 in every 285 little kids now get cancer. That is something that did not exist in previous generations!

L land

Next time I go to the Dr and they want to draw blood for CBC or Comp panel or whatever I am going to going to say no and point to this!

Accounting firm - haha
(Sad but too true)


First - Thank you, parents who commented before me!
Second - I think I have treated my son autism pretty successfully, and the very first thing my DAN doctor did was ordering all those labs - hair, urine, challenge, everything.
As I realized recently, he was using Dr. Buttar protocol for transdermal chelation, supplementation, exclusion diet, etc.
It took a few years, but my previously non-verbal severely autistic son graduated from high school with a diploma and is currently in community college...
New parents - pediatrician is not your friend. But there are biomed options for your child, and all is not lost. Believe me!


This is really disappointing to hear, from Choosing Wisely in particular. Their earlier guidelines were generally about reducing screenings of healthy people when the screenings themselves were risky, e.g., involved radiation exposure. To tell doctors not to screen a child who has an illness for toxins and allergens that may play a role in exacerbating that illness... At some point, it's like why have a doctor at all? Just let a robot dispense the pills.

I wonder how many family physicians will adhere to these guidelines.


Sounds like they are covering their tracks from the overwhelming evidence brought to light by Dr. Exley's research.

"An aluminium adjuvant in a vaccine is an acute exposure to aluminium"
Christopher Exley

My opinion is that pharma will replace the "old" aluminum adjuvanted vaccines with a new mRNA style.
Presto! Vaccines don't contain aluminum and mercury and therefore can't cause autism. Our vaccine history will be buried. The younger generation won't ever know what happened to our children.

False Scientists

“Choosing wisely” how convenient. Sadly this is not a surprising move. As Polly St George describes in her video, they likely choose the people at the heads of these ‘health’ orgs favoring personality traits such as low empathy, power centric, rationalization, maybe even criminal past. Canada has been infected by such minds. In her video below Polly details the Winnipeg level 4 lab that has allowed 2 incidents (2009 Dr. Michel Yao stealing Ebola samples—interestingly many are saying Ebola is man-made!) and 2019 (2 Chinese PhD’s stealing/transporting samples to Wuhan)
Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is going to extraordinary lengths to block request of full reports on the firing of these 2 recent lab scientists! It seems he wants to protect this Winnipeg bio 4 lab and its role in an international crime syndicate.
And now I have heard Canada’s Make a Wish Foundation will insist on all parents and siblings of participants being compliant with the experimental jab (even going against CDC advice against giving healthy children adolescents the vaccine now)
Stick a fork in Canada, it’s done—


I wonder which accounting firm wrote the new policy.


As I've often said before, when you see the words "evidence-based" run for your life. (and take your child with you.)

elaine dow

Joe's pediatrician never ran a lab or any kind. One quarter of a million milligrams of drugs and no labs. He is a criminal. The other day I watched a show about Pennhurst, outside or Philadelphia. It was on the History Channel about haunted buildings. I was for the disabled, mentally and physically. It operated from 1905 to 1987. It was based on Eugenics and that the disabled should be kept from society. I was so frightening that I still having restless nights remembering this show. It was suppose to house 500, it housed 5000. The horrific treatment of the patients and the attitudes of the doctors treating children was something out of hell. Families dropped off the children, to get them away from the rest of the family. My father wrote Disability legislation for congress after World War II. He worked for Social Security beginning as a legislative writer for President Roosevelt. He said when they original gave a benefit to retired parents for their disabled children, neighbors did not know there was even a child. They housed them in the basement and attic and kept this secret. He was shocked that you would treat another human being like this. It seems the cruelty of the pediatricians has not changed much, just a different method. In Maryland, at the Crownsville State Hospital, they performed lobotomies until the 1970's. Everyone must keep our children safe from the harm done by the medical community.

Bob Moffit

Gee ,,, the AAP is discouraging parents and treating doctors from seeking base "cause" of various neurological and physical diagnosis' .. dismissing them as "unnecessary" … probably because the greatest chemical invasion on the healthy child's immune system just happens to be the greatest source of APP financial reward … that being VACCINES. Can't have any questions asked how dangerous levels of various metals and toxic materials entered child's body in the first place.

What has happened to the ETHICS of our medical professionals???? These are the same "MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS" .. who denied Hydroxycholoquine (HDC) and Ivermectin .. to patients in desperate need to avoid hospitalization and almost certain death when hooked up to ventilators.



Boil in the bag assessment protocols ? About 200 different types of rice on the menu , official food and nutrition experts like, Uncle Bucks, boil in the bag rice for everyone ?
Using similar criteria and guidelines as factory farmed mushrooms , puplic should be kept in the dark and fed on well? mushroom food/ fertiliser !

Massive Asbestos Cover-Up by Worlds Industrial Giants .

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