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Who is Going to Pay for Autism?

Autism checkYesterday, I saw a post on Facebook from a friend in our boat that posed a question: Who is going to pay for what they did to our kids?

The "Who" is a long list of culprits. The "What" is another story.

Today's world has many conversations about pay backs, getting what you are owed, finding someone else to pay for your mistakes, or choices.  Tuition debt forgiveness comes to mind. Great for those who qualify who think the idea is laudable. (And who wouldn't?) It's a slap in the wallet to those who either chose not to attend college, paid their debt or are still dutifully paying every month. The idea is laughable to them.

Below is how I commented. It's not my usual cheery approach. It's raw. It's how I feel. Worse, I know that in 1, 5, 10, 20 years, there are millions who will be asking a similar question after adding the C vax to the regimen. Same answer.

We are. The parents (or in my case, parent.) Our kids were the test generation for this Covid catastrophe. There is NO FEAR of V sin-ation in the average American. When the world embraced autism as a gift, a special kind of difference, that was the groundwork to make sure our stories died on the vine. We tried to warn the others what hurt our kids. We were shut down. And now parents think only of unicorns, saviors and messiahs when they see a needle. They turned the fear of the product into a fear of not having the product. On the backs our OUR kids. That's what autism's gift was to the world. Pharma dependence and a junkie-like need for "protection."




Dr Andrew Wakefield ,Did the alarm bells, same as fire brigade fire prevention provisional officers did with Grenfell Tower Fire ,but was given a total duff ear,before that high flat fire was a conflagration of a Pitiful disaster
Practitioners are not fiert or frighgtend of criteria and guideline stoogies !
Practitioners who know what to do will get the job done ! prevention officers general health and safety
We will get over covid ,because covid alwaws has been treatable , with or with out vaccine intervention?
Runrig - The Dancing Floor [Live Version ] YouTube
"Nice Guidelines percieved as toxic from 2019 --" Best Of Luck to them ?"


Hey Bob M. I always appreciate your comments. Let's start with Not calling Chicken pox a disease. It's several days of itchy skin. I read that in the UK kids go to school with it so that others in the class can catch it and get over it. Having this short term illness gives immunity for life. The Chicken pox shot -1996- lead to people of all ages becoming at risk for Shingles. Being exposed to a child with Natural-Wild, Chicken pox worked like a booster shot to protect people from Shingles. Now, few if any kids get Chicken pox. There goes natural immunity. I also read that people who had natural Measles can't get certain cancers. As a child growing up in my neighborhood, everyone got mumps, measles, chicken pox and most did not need to call a doctor. Certainly none were in a hospital. Those simple childhood illnesses (NOT Diseases) helped to build a child's immunity and strength. By the way, I believe that New Zealand may also have direct marketing of drugs to people. Thanks for your comments on AoA.


1 in 30 Japanese children have autism?

This is from last year! Outside Japan, nobody seems to have talked about it:

Link again:

It will have disastrous consequences.


Japan is an ableist society that does not care about the disabled there were two mass murders of disabled people in that country very recently. Autism or any disability should be the priority of the Japanese government as well as that of Taiwan and South Korea, Recently a disabled (most likely he had epilepsy) child along with his mother starved to death in South Korea this family was refugee from North Korea. The supposedly democratic government of South Korea has minimal welfare or social security disability protection monies for families. South Korea and it's government and society will not shut about about how evil Kim Il Sung is... yet it lets it's own disabled and elderly people down. Ableism is common in Taiwan also, but their government is doing a little better than South Korea and Japan to help those with disabilities.
Japan has the nuclear meltdown issue that they are denying to save face due to that society's xenophobia, ableism and classism. The disasters related to nuclear meltdowns are playing a role in disability and disease both non genetic congenital and conditions acquired later in life

Greg Hill

Along the same line as calling it a "V sin-ation," perhaps we should call wherever we live (name your country) a "vax-sin-nation."


As for autism in Japan, it’s not just Aspergers or Hikikomori. There’s also very tragic, real, debilitating cases of the disorder.

If you have a decent grasp of Japanese language, and you watch news videos about Japanese life, you may stumble upon videos of Japanese respite home news, or news about people in Japan with autism and comorbid intellectual disability- particularly severe intellectual disability (重い知的障害 ・おもいちてきしょうがい- heavy intellectual disability).

The Japanese word for autism (自閉症 ・じへいしょう-self closed illness) refers to the extreme social isolation and restricted interests of the patient.

Hikikomori? Aspergers? Overdiagnosed? I’ve seen heartbreaking videos of autistic Japanese children (and young adult men) beating themselves with their fists! One 18 year old guy in rural, mountainside Japan was so self injurious, he bit himself and he bruised his face, chin and chest! And he grunted nonstop. That’s not an overdiagnosis.

I’ve even seen a 23-year old Japanese man with severe autism, intellectual disability also puke in the trash can, because he has a serious digestive problem, and he also hits himself nonstop and he vomits daily. Both of these videos were not in English, they were both in Japanese from Japanese news channels on YouTube. One of them was from NHK or something like that.

Like a few other people on this site, I am still sorrowful that AOA has stayed completely silent on severe autism in Japan. AOA has reports about autism in China, Ireland and England.


If one takes the point of view of The 5 Doctors, that the Covid vax is a bioweapon, it is easy to see that the war on the American population began with the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. The resulting NEW childhood vaccine schedule with LIABILITY PROTECTION for pharma kicked off the "autism" epidemic. This was a "slowkill" effort to cause widespread harm without alarming the sheep. It has been wildly successful. It is the boiling frog method. Brainwashing techniques to cover this up have been perfected over the last 30 years. Fake "vaccine safety" monitoring systems have been put in place to aid the coverup. Massive propaganda networks (social media, mockingbird media) have been put in place. Mandatory vaccine laws are now being implemented. And now we are at the next "pandemic" phase. Incredulously, citizens will take the "kill shot" because they have previously been brainwashed for years to "trust the vaccine" to keep us safe. It is only because of our fight over the years that anyone can see the current agenda. The widespread harm done to our children was intentional. Now they are currently trying to finish the job. Understand this, they intend for the problem to go away because there will be no problem left living.

To show how powerful their vaccine brainwashing has been, listen to this interview with a brave Canadian doctor who is exposing the current vaccine crime. Incredulously, he contradicts all he says by making the familiar disclaimer that he is not anti-vax nor a conspiracy theorist and that vaccines do not cause autism! The brainwashing runs deep.
Interview starts at 2:15


My son paid a steep price, poisoned by a pediatrician in California with a vaccine made in New Jersey.
We're done with them, forever.
The new generation is learning a lot about Pfizer and man made virus from Wuhan, and this is the price for group think. Many are dying right now, their final thoughts in their finals days silenced by censorship. It's time to pull Pfizer vaccine from the market, enough death already.


Kim, I’m impressed that you have any cheer left considering your situation. I’ll take raw over cheery any day when it comes to the Sheeple. Sorry, not sorry .

Good point too, Xileen. Those who had no sympathy for our kids when they were maimed, should dare not expect any from us in return when THEIR kids are sent off to be maimed for the “greater good”. Sorry, not sorry.


The Autism Epidemic may have been an early precursor for the population control rumored to be happening now. Who would want to marry someone who is mute, has odd behaviors and needs 24/7/365 care?

Not to mention the breakup of the family unit and the staggering costs, energy, worry and heartbreak of caring for an autistic child/adult! Rendering, usually the Mom, unable to lead a normal life and influencing the lives of every family member also.

If you think raising a teenager is difficult, try raising a teenager with autism.

Autism along with obesity, vaping, drug addiction, vaccine injury, fluoridated water, mercury amalgams, etc. and all of the circumstances that go along with these problems, is serving to make our young people so physically and mentally challenged, that building a military defense to protect our country is becoming unfeasible and getting worst every year.

For parents who think they have missed a bullet and are not at all concerned with the problems facing the autism community, think about this, if young people are called to defend this country, whose children do you think that will be?


Bob Moffit

The greatest motivating factor relied upon by our public health/pharmaceutical industries .. is FEAR .. which is promoted relentlessly by a media beholden to the pharma industry providing MONEY .. millions of dollars .. every day .. pushing pharma products in unending commercials.

As I understand it .. our country is the ONLY country in the world that allows pharmaceutical drugs to be ADVERTIZED .. and .. is also a country that provides "product liability protection" for pharma's biggest money producing product … VACCINES …

The SWAMP that allows our children to be harmed through vaccines includes politicians and federal regulatory agencies that have been CAPTURED by the pharma industry .. has proven itself incapable or more likely .. unwilling .. to create a system to accurately monitor ALL ADVERSE EVENTS FOLLOWING VACCINES .. instead they continue TRUST in the woefully incompetent VAERS system that is recognized as capturing less than 1% of adverse events …

If the true numbers of ADVERSE EVENTS were acknowledged by a MANDATORY REPORT OF ADVERSE EVENTS … the FEAR of the vaccine would soon outweigh the FEAR of many vaccine diseases .. measles, mumps, chickenpox .. on and on .. making the RISK OF VACCINES AS FEARFUL AS THE RISK OF THE DISEASE.

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