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The MaskFields vs The MaskCoys

Hatfield McCoy
Credit: PBS

Welcome to the era of sanctioned bullying.  And an assumption by many that their neighbor is a liar who is putting their life at risk. I call it, "The Maskfields and the MaskCoys." Read social media comments on articles about masks and/or vaccination. They are brutal and ominous.

The new civil war, where the Generals are Pfizer, CDC and Public health, have enlisted Trader Joe's, Costco, WalMart, Starbucks, CVS, Target each of whom have established policies that are sure to light the powder keg.

What's going to happen when people start removing their masks because they are fully vaccinated?

What's going to happen when people who never wore a mask continue to live their day to day lives without a mask?

What's going to happen when people who are fully vaccinated remain in a mask?

What's going to happen when people who are unvaccinated remain in a mask?

What's going to happen when people who are vaccinated and wearing masks see people who are not wearing masks?

I smell trouble. Fights. Verbal and physical. We are a nation where people scrum over the latest iPhone or Black Friday sneaker debut.  Major retailers are creating policies that I feel strongly will lead to danger.






Hi Siant,
I think the purpose of this was , as you say to shame the unvaccinated with a prominent mark easily visible ( in this case a mask)
Of course we already know the vaccinated can both asymptomatically shed covid, and can catch it with symptoms and effect others. We also know that most of the unvaccinated have already been exposed to Covid, and many many Americans already have natural immunity. Given that breakthoughs in COVID vaccinations have become so common that the CDC will now only track them if they end in hospitalization and death, and that those with natural immunity rarely catch covid again, it seems likely that those who have actually had covid are far safer from a "protect the population" perspective, than those who have just had a vaccine, who may soon need a 6 month to one year booster. With anthrax vaccine, the first shot wasn''t the one most people in the military had problems with. But by the third shot, all kinds of effects showed up that did not go away. Given that this vaccine is more reactive than most, like the anthrax vaccine, it is likely that some of the currently vaccinated will also be unable to keep taking the shot, and may join the ranks of the "unvaccinated" due to inability to take the boosters.
Right now though, since many vaccinated are also choosing to wear a mask, the "mask of shame" is probably not working out as intended. I think they were hoping to say the unvaccinated aren't wearing masks, so we have to implement vaccine passports.

Angus Files

SiAnt we live in all the Pr0- Pharma heads rent free! all day every day.

Pharma For Prison



I prefer not to vaccinate against the flu or covid-19. I have supplimented with 10000 IU of vit D3 daily for over a decade and have confidence in my immune system. I'm in my 60s. I wear a mask but foresee problems ahead.
People who didn't wear masks were shamed for risking others health and foolishness in the face of medical advice.

Mask wearers will be identified as vaccine avoiders and can expect similar future shaming as the vaccinated unmask.

I wonder what will happen if the unvaccinated go maskless, even with drastically reduced presence of the virus in the wild.


I am actually fairly pleased with the way the stores are handling things. It looked like the CDC change in rules was deliberately designed to make it impossible to buy food without providing medical information and presenting medical papers/a vaccine passport, ( or being publicly shamed for not doing so) but the big food stores, sensibly, aren't biting.
They must realize that in many areas around 50% or probably more ( since most vaccinated folk in nursing homes aren't out shopping) of their customers are going to be offended, and a percentage of the vaccinated aren't going to want to show papers either. Most stores are either choosing blanket mask policies, or recommend unvaccinated wear masks without demanding vaccine proof; either way God bless them for supporting the basic civil liberty of being able to buy food or clothes in stores. (And they may also realize that most of us will boycott anyone who wants medical information to allow us to shop.)

Gary Ogden

I shopped at Trader Joe's for twenty-five years, until in December, the manager, with a Karen standing behind him, verbally assaulted me for my free American face. The employees were always nice, but management sucks. Never again will I shop there. I shopped at Sprouts for a few months (until July), until they wouldn't let me shop there any more. The employees there were always nice, too. I may go back. I switched to Walmart in July. I go every week, The first few times the greeter asked if I had a face-diaper. I answered, "No," and went in. After about the third week of this, he recognized me and merely said, "Good morning." Except for this nobody, neither employee nor customer, has ever said a word about my free American face. Say what you wish about Walmart, the employees and customers are nice, and they are helpful. I see fewer and fewer people wearing the ridiculous things. Even the National Park Ranger at the entrance station had a free American face last weekend. They will never go away, but I think we're making progress.

Bob Moffit

Heard Candice Owens describe our "new world" where we are fully engaged in playing that old "SIMON SAYS' game .. where a child is given a command and unless the command is preceded by SIMON SAYS .. the child is supposed to ignore the command.

In our "new world of Simon Says" … SIMON IS DR FAUCI .. who changes his commands at will .. one day don't wear a mask .. the next day wear a mask .. the next wear two masks .. everyday SIMON SAYS something new .. wear a mask indoors and out .. wear a mask only indoors .. wear a mask if fully vaccinated … don't need a mask if fully vaccinated

We outgrew SIMON SAYS as children .. who knew I would be playing SIMON SAYS in my senior years of life.


I do a lot of outdoor exercise and never wear a mask now. Nobody seems to care, and many are actually happy to see a smiling face. I shook a guy's hand the other day.

I'm also pleased to announce the half-masked look is coming into vogue at my grocery store where you can sort of lower your mask and breathe through your nose unobstructed and get away with it. Again, nobody seems to care...they're too stressed out from the last 15 months, or they're dealing with personal health issues.

covid is a bioweapon and so is the vaccine, i do believe, masks will do little. perhaps some C and D, and put ralph baric in a super max with his buddy tony, so it doesn't happen again....

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