Outrageous Expectations
Parents in Tiny Minnesota Town Say "No" To In School Clinic

The Genesis of the Man Made Epidemic

COVID Pecs10 years. 20 years. 25 years. 30 years. How many years have we been waiting for the government and media to recognize that autism is a man made epidemic, and start asking the questions we've been shouting for 10 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years and longer?  Age of Autism was created by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill while they were writing their book, The Age of Autism Mercury, Medicine and a Man Made Epidemic. The book was critically acclaimed in our circles and soundly ignored or worse in mainstream circles, like so many other books that exposed the reality of autism.

The Washington Post, long an adversary of the vaccine safety community, has asked if the novel coronavirus could have created a man made epidemic. Imagine that. Just 17 months after we first heard the name of this virus, hard questions are "allowed."  Months. Not years. Why?

Renewed focus on Wuhan lab scrambles the politics of the pandemic

Senate Democrats lined up alongside Sen. Josh Hawley (Mo.), one of their least-favorite Republicans, to support a measure urging the Biden administration to declassify intelligence on whether the novel coronavirus originated in a Chinese lab. A Democratic-led House subcommittee is pledging an investigation into the virus’s origins, including the lab’s safety record.

And President Biden, in an unusual public statement, directed U.S. intelligence agencies to “redouble their efforts” to determine the cause of the pandemic, suggesting that while the virus could have jumped from animals to humans, it also could have escaped from the lab.

I started to wonder, what if the catastrophe of Covid lock downs and now the unbelievable rush to coerced vaccination with 3 or more brand new vaccines that are still experimental in use are going to help people to understand the autism epidemic that began in the early 1990s?  What was a conspiracy theory might now open eyes.



Won't take the jab?........We have mosquitoes.

Here's what they were up to in 2009:

Mosquitoes used to deliver malaria ‘vaccine’

"In a daring experiment in Europe, scientists used mosquitoes as flying needles to deliver a "vaccine" of live malaria parasites through their bites.
The results were astounding: Everyone in the vaccine group acquired immunity to malaria; everyone in a non-vaccinated comparison group did not, and developed malaria when exposed to the parasites later." "The study was done in a lab at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and was funded by two foundations and a French government grant.
"This is not a vaccine" as in a commercial product, but a way to show how whole parasites can be used like a vaccine to protect against disease, said one of the Dutch researchers, Dr. Robert Sauerwein."


Why Are Gates and Pentagon Releasing GMO Mosquitoes in Florida Keys?

"Despite strong resident protests, the US Environmental Protection Agency and Florida agencies have approved controversial release of millions of genetically-modified or “gene edited” killer mosquitoes into the Florida Keyes. At the same time the controversial Presidential Science Adviser nominee of Biden is involved in development of the CRISPR technology being used to genetically modify everything from the mosquitoes to the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus mRNA “vaccines” to gene-edited salmon. How Bill Gates, the Pentagon and the eugenics lobby come together now is alarming to put it mildly."

Study on DNA spread by genetically modified mosquitoes prompts backlash

"Now, a team of independent researchers analyzing an early trial of Oxitec’s technology is raising alarm—and drawing fire from the firm—with a report that some offspring of the GM mosquitoes survived and produced offspring that also made it to sexual maturity. As a result, local mosquitoes inherited pieces of the genomes of the GM mosquitoes, the team revealed last week in Scientific Reports."

Paradise altered: EPA approves first release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida Keys

"Skeptics of Oxitec’s GM mosquitoes include local residents, physicians, scientists, and environmental activists. Many of these opponents say they aren’t anti-GMO, but disagree with how the approval process has been handled. One group has even kept a running list of what it sees as Oxitec’s wrongdoings since it first began experimental releases. The list includes Oxitec’s lack of disease monitoring in the countries where it has released mosquitoes; the unknown price of its technology; and complaints that the company has overstated the success of some of it its trials.
“I cannot trust this company. I cannot trust this technology,” says Mara Daly, a resident of Key Largo who says she’s been following Oxitec’s plans for nine years."

"Are scientists to blame for Zika virus? Researchers released genetically modified mosquitos into Brazil three years ago
Didcot-based firm Oxitec genetically modified mosquitoes in 2012
They were released into Brazil to target disease-carrying insects
It has led to claims the modified bugs could have sparked Zika outbreak"

Thousands of the first genetically modified mosquitoes to be released in Florida

"But not all residents are on board. In February, about two dozen protesters demonstrated against the genetically-modified insects, reported the Miami Herald, and questioned the company's success.
Last year, similar mosquitoes were released in Indaiatuba, Brazil, as part of public health efforts against dengue and suppressed up to 95 percent of disease-carrying Aedes aegypti, according to the company. But emails obtained by an activist group reportedly found that much of one government paper reporting a 62 percent suppression rate was written by Oxitec. "


Monoclonal antibodies (like Trump used) used to treat Covid 19 in India

Covid antibody cocktail unlikely to lead to mutations, rational use vital: Dr Gangakhedkar

"Dr Raman Gangakhedkar also said that rational use of the antibody cocktail based on evidence is "vital". It should be administered as early as possible, within three-ten days of the patient testing positive for Covid-19, he added.

However, he also said that there is no evidence to indicate that monoclonal antibody treatment protects people from new variants of Covid-19."



"mRNA technology pioneer says Covid-19 vaccinated people can shed spike protein, Twitter says delete this
One of the pioneers of mRNA technology - Luigi Warren's Twitter account, has been suspended for now."
Must read article!

Angus Files

Going to get your shot?

West Virginia is organizing a gun giveaway to convince people to get their COVID jabs

West Virginia is giving away guns in a lottery to incentivize people to get their COVID shots.
Five hunting rifles and five shotguns will be given away through a series of lucky draws.
Million-dollar jackpots and college scholarships were offered by other states as vaccine incentives.


Pharma For Prison



The Anti-Vax Conspiricy - All 4 documentary shown on 1 June 2021
Who are the people behind the international anti-covid-vaccine movement and why are they doing it ?
This journey inside the astonishing world of the anti vaxxers finds out.

The Anti -Vax Conspiricy Documentary ? Playing school yard games of "Who flung dung!"
NHS call that type of behaviour "dropping a big smelly bed-pan in the hospital corridor, and then there is the splash effect tae get sorted out?"
I thought I was going tae fall off the sofa laughing . Aye right off it!

L Land

CDC is now in the city limits of Atlanta as of 2017. (so called Atlanta in DeKalb)
Decatur is in DeKalb Courthouse is more lovely now.
Didn’t know (or forgot) about the Yerkes location in Lawrenceville (sorry)


There has been some thinking done; I heard it mentioned on the TV opinion shows: that so many federal agencies are located close to Washington D. C. making so many workers of those federal agencies mass together, and become a voting block of their own. Most of those working for federal agencies live out in the suburbs of Virginia; the political climate of that area of Virginia; just out does the rest of that state's population. The voting issues is what ever supports the employees of federal agencies, and not the rest of the population of Virginia.

The thought proposed that federal agencies should be made to disperse through out the United States.

CDC would be a sterling example.

But I see that the entire federal agency of the CDC has infected Georgia, or at least that city and the surrounding counties that the CDC is located in.

So, a lesson to be learned here? Well I think it means that no matter where these agencies are located -- they must be made small. They were suppose to protect us, instead they join forces with those that they are suppose to protect the public from, and prey upon the very public that supports them with hard earned tax dollars. Ain't that a surprise of how it works?

Gary Ogden

L Land: What county is Decatur in? There is a lovely old courthouse there.


@Ronald N. Kostoff
Totally agree. Dr. Bhakdi called it early on. I can't see how they didn't know.

@False Scientists
"The sad thing about the Dr Bridle information is that it’s coming too late."
That is certainly true for many people. Dr. Bridle et al had to go to Japan to get someone to do the analysis of where in the body the spike protein goes. Why? Why didn't the vax developers have that data handy? Those that are of the control arm will have the GOLDEN DNA.

@L land
Yes, the CDC is in Dekalb County, which also borders on Fulton County- not far from Atlanta. Good catch. However, there is ALSO a second Yerkes Primate center in Gwinnett County.


This spike protein is not the kind of thing you want in your body. The Lewy bodies in the mice exposed to spike is alarming. Apparently there's no lab test for Lewy bodies since they're inside your brain messing up translational folding. So you really don't know for sure if you have Lewy bodies until after you die. They can guess based on when you lose physical function in relation to cognitive function but they really can't say for sure, at least that's my understanding. I think the one guy said 100 % of the mice died in about 2 weeks, so in human years that's 1.5 years.

Here's the checklist for Lewy body dementia in case anyone got the vaccine....


False Scientists

Interestingly Orac discusses recent studies in terms of safety for Covid vaccines. Also interestingly, he does not include the U Guelph, Dr. Bridle’s peer reviewed study.

False Scientists

Mike Adams suggests the next action by the powers that be will be a false flag event involving a “deranged ant-vaccine person” at some vaccination site, similar to the bizarre Comet Ping Pong shooter (that miraculously shot their computer server) and discredited the child trafficking issues raised from the Podesta emails.
We’d be naive to discount this idea.

For all


Ronald N. Kostoff


The Bridle interview was excellent. However, Dr. Bhakdi has been making that exact point for months. I looked at the problem, and some studies have shown that injection site is highly vascular, and many practitioners want injections to circulate to minimize discomfort at the injection site. So, some injected material will stay in the muscle and some will go into the blood stream. This is not new information, and to design a vaccine that will result in spike protein manufactured in the circulatory system (probably mainly in the endothelial cells) is most irresponsible.

False Scientists

The sad thing about the Dr Bridle information is that it’s coming too late. Most doctors/scientists didn’t have the backbone to stand up for everyone early enough. Many have recently caved in and got the vaccine in Canada and elsewhere, even our young. I am deeply disappointed that Trump didn’t do more to discourage all that. Some of the most worried, vocal scientists and doctors caution that all this “lab caused”/ man-made aspect to Covid is just a distraction from the real issue which is the fear-mongering, faulty PCR testing and coercion to take the untested vaccines. I now feel i have an obligation to stay in the control arm of this giant lab experiment.


1 in 35 children in USA, and 1-in-30 five-year olds/kindergartners alone in Japan.


Est. 3.2% of 5-year-olds in Japan have autism spectrum disorder: study


It is good to see Rand Paul asking a few questions of Fauci. I believe he said 60% of NIH is vaccinated to covid which means of course, 40% is not and falls in the vaccine hesitant or auntie vackser category. That's a pretty high percentage and doesn't instill confidence in me. Those people must know something about aluminum or blood clots or autism or something. Investigating the causes of these so called pathogens is important if we're ever going to find the truth about 'something'.

L land

FYI. The CDC (and Yerkes) are in DeKalb county Ga
Neighboring county to Gwinnett


So much to unpack here. I have long believed the autism epidemic was not accidental. Do you know that Simpsonwood no longer exists? The infamous retreat center was sold to GWINNETT COUNTY, GA torn down and turned into a park. In that same county resides the Yerkes Primate Center, used by the CDC for animal studies. Remember Dr. Bradstreet, who was successfully treating autism with GcMAF and ended up "suicided" in a river in North Carolina after a Federal raid on his GWINNETT COUNTY, GA office? "Dr. Bradstreet and his colleagues also learned that the nagalase protein was not present in children at birth but was somehow introduced into autistic children, they felt, during the immunization process."

Gwinnett County, Georgia is about 30 minutes from CDC headquarters in Atlanta.

Also, please read this just released info that confirms that the vaccine spike protein does indeed enter the bloodstream, and can potentially wreak havoc:

"In this interview, “Alex talks with Dr. Byram Bridle, an Associate Professor on Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph about new peer-reviewed studies that suggests there may be terrifying reasons side effects such as heart inflammation, Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia, and other serious issues may occur in those who have been vaccinated.”

Uploaded about 9 hours ago on YouTube. Audio and text only, Dr. Bridle comes on at the 1:30 mark, clip is 9:55 duration in total. He states he has all the peer-reviewed studies to back up his claims, and he is putting together a short report on these findings as a matter of urgency I would expect."

Bob Moffit

DELAY … DENY … HOPE THEY DIE …. has been the strategy of the AUTISM DENIERS .. the very same career bureaucrats that profit from the covid PANDEMIC … WHO, CDC, NAID, NIH, FDA, on and on … the covid pandemic has provided the PUBLIC HEALTH SWAMP with ever increasing POWER and PROFITS …

Suddenly some are voicing loud protests over vaccine passports … and I find myself asking these suddenly AWARE folks … WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR DECADES … as State after State eliminated all PARENTAL exceptions to recommended and approved vaccines for their CHILDREN … no more philosophical, medical or religious exemptions … get your child vaccinated or your child will be DENIED ACCESS TO PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION …

1 IN 35 on the AUTISM SPECTRUM … 54% of children suffering a life-long, life-threatening, life-altering chronic autoimmune disorder .. and the same folks who are today resisting vaccine passports SAID AND DID NOTHING TO DETERMINE WHY OUR CHILDREN ARE SO DAMAGED???


I absolutely think, believe and hope this is the case. Hence the mad dash to vax before everybody connects the dots and the whole house of cards comes crashing down. This could be the thread that, when pulled, unravels the whole sweater ...

Gary Ogden

Unfortunately, the "intelligence agencies" are the least trustworthy of all government agencies, but good for Josh Hawley, for Rand Paul, and Senator Kennedy from Louisiana, for asking Fauci real questions. But the origin of the autism plandemic will not be investigated because they already know. External threats, like the Chinese Communist Party, get airtime in Congress, but internal ones are just business as usual.

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