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Take Me Out to the Shell Game! Keep Me Away from the Crowd!

Hidden ball trickBuy me some peanuts and Crackerjack.  Wait, wait, wait, no peanuts, anaphylaxis is extremely dangerous and should never, ever be tempted. And no one will want Crackjack unless there's a Covid shot inside as the prize.  Seems the joke was on Major League Baseball last week, when eight vaccinated Yankees tested positive for Covid.  As of yesterday, the number was nine players, vaccinated and positive for Covid. Why now they field their own team!

I've heard at least five cases among my circle of friends who have been vaccinated with at least one dose, and soon thereafter contracted Covid. And then proceeded to get their second dose, to be "safe."  We have no idea what having active Covid while taking in the vaccinations does short or long term.

Baseball's "oldest ruse" has been replaced by CDC and Fauci, who was born in Brooklyn when they still had a team. Unfortunately, despite the vaccine, none of the Yankees were Covid "dodgers."
(The dying art of the hidden-ball trick dates back to the early days of pro baseball, with seven successful executions documented in 1876 alone. This ruse occurs when a baseman conceals the ball instead of returning it to the pitcher.)



Even worse?

We have SJW LGBTQTIA+ BLM ACAB communist/socialist activists on Tumblr glorifying:
anti-European sentiment,
aggressive anti-Christian sentiment,
anti-cop and anti-military sentiment,
the normalization of autism and chronic illnesses,
and glorifying vaccines.

54% of our domestic juvenile population has chronic, life-threatening illnesses/disabilities? Back in 2011-ish? How high is that now?


FDA emergency-authorized the Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J products without ever giving a darn about whether they affected transmission. We now have 1/3 of the country walking around, breeding more infectious (and possibly more harmful) strains of this coronavirus.

This is what Geert Vanden Bossche was talking about in his many (censored) interviews. The man loves vaccines. He just knows that these vaccines, given to masses of people at once, in the middle of a pandemic (not to people on an island who have some control over what lands on their shores), result in the breeding of stronger and stronger variants.

Of course, even though he loves vaccines and worked for Gates, Vanden Bossche has questioned the use of a sacred cow product, so no one in power will even engage his ideas. More's the pity. I would bet the house that new lockdowns are put in place by Christmas here in the US as the feds realize that nobody who took these EUA shots is protected from being observably sickened by whatever is circulating six months from now.

I've read some things masquerading as news saying that vaccinated people have a First Amendment right not to be forced to associate with the unvaccinated. Where is the right of folks who want to live as the good Lord made them, to escape the manipulated viral ecosystem created by a few corporate overlords and credulous bureaucrats?

Some of the folks here may remember the Mister Rogers opera about the windstorm. Vanden Bossche is Hildegarde Hummingbird.

Bob Moffit

Not to worry … the Yankee players are examples of "BREAKTHROUGH POSITIVES" .. which is our public health experts saying .. THE VACCINES DON'T REALLY WORK WELL . ARE UNRELIABLE PROTECTION AT BEST .. BUT .. TAKE THEM ANYWAY .. IT'S YOUR PATRIOTIC DUTY.

(MLB recently cancelled their all-star game scheduled to be played in Atlanta because the State of Georgia passed legislation requiring a photo-identification to vote in all elections. Now that very same MLB is denying fans access to stadium unless the fan can present evidence of having been vaccinated. So a photo-ID is "racist" .. but .. a document showing vaccination is not? Beam me up Scotti)

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