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One in Every 22 Schoolchildren in Northern Ireland Has an Autism Diagnosis

Abadnonned schoolThank goodness for Anne Dachel, who refuses to ignore the ever increasing autism numbers and the affect on schools around the world. Autism is yesterday's news everywhere it seems. It's front page news in most of our homes though. And we will not set it aside for Covid or anything else. Autism is in our DNA and our name.

By Anne Dachel


Up from one in 24 last year

Last week I posted that 4,500 kids in Northern Ireland were on waiting lists for autism assessment.

Some families were waiting for 4 or more years just to get a diagnosis for their child, and we were told that 4,500 was probably an undercount.

NOW comes the announcement from the BBC that almost 5 percent of kids in NI have autism. 

WAIT…while we're told that there are 13,000 children in the six counties with autism, imagine the real number if they added another 4,500 to that number.

STILL we’re told that nothing is really wrong. The increase is not a real increase at all.

"Increased awareness and the effect of the Autism Act NI, which was passed in 2011, have been highlighted as potential reasons for the rise in diagnoses…."

It’s mind-numbing how this can continue with no demand for an investigation into the never-ending increases. What will it take for officials in London to wake up to this disaster? One in ten children? One in five with autism?

Keep in mind that LAST MAY the Belfast Telegraph  announced that one in 24 children in school in Northern Ireland had autism.

Now this year it’s one in 22 and just like in 2020, the rate change is the result  of  “an increase in awareness and understanding of autism.”

Scarier still is the fact that 86 percent of these children are getting special education help.

May 20, 2021, BBC News: Autism: Almost one in 20 NI schoolchildren have diagnosis

An estimated 4.5% of Northern Ireland's school-aged population has a diagnosis of autism, Department of Health figures show

Almost one in every 20 school-age children in Northern Ireland has been diagnosed with autism.

More than 13,000 children between the ages of four to 15 have a diagnosis of autism - an estimated 4.5% of the school aged population.

That is according to new figures published by the Department of Health (DoH).

The proportion of children with autism in schools in Northern Ireland has more than trebled in a decade.

In 2020/21, 4.5% of children aged four to 16 had been identified with autism or Asperger's syndrome, up from 1.2% in 2009.

While the DoH cautioned against direct comparison between years due to changes in the ways autism data is collected, they said an increasing number of children with all ages were being diagnosed with autism….

The number of children of school-age with autism has been increasing by about 10% a year for the past decade.

Educational support

While most pupils with autism have Special Educational Needs (SEN), about 14% did not have any SEN.

Some parents have previously told BBC News NI of their struggle to get appropriate support for their children's education….

Increased awareness and the effect of the Autism Act NI, which was passed in 2011, have been highlighted as potential reasons for the rise in diagnoses….

Check out the stunning number of stories about the special ed crisis in Northern Ireland in the UK on my website, Loss of Braintrust.




Tim Lundeen
that letter is checkmate!
thanks for sharing.


But this also seems to be happening:

"Northern Ireland has some of the highest-achieving primary school pupils in the world in maths, according to major international tests. NI pupils ranked seventh out of 64 countries and regions in the Trends in International Maths and Science Study (TIMSS). They are only behind pupils in Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Russia....In Northern Ireland, about 4,500 pupils [ages 9 and 10] in 150 primaries sat the tests."


Tim Lundeen

Excellent letter summarizing the differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated in NY.




Pfizer et al benefited from the threat of Death on a Massive Scale! from coronavirus. Your child doesn't have something infectious that can be portrayed as a Threat to All Humanity!

Ditto for the person in my life with a neurodegenerative disorder. People offer sympathy and shrug. I can't tell a terrifying story that threatens an untold number of people.

It sucks, Gayle. It does. But this whole Warp Speed thing was never about helping people. It was about making a profit for drug companies, and it used people's fear of death to accomplish its aim.


Thank you to TOB for saying I make a good point about how unfair the situation is that the millions of money and research done for the corona virus at warp speed is truly unfair to us, the families of vaccine injured children who have been waiting YEARS for a CURE for autism. This proves it can be done so why aren't they doing it and ignoring our desperate plight all these years?

@Angus and Bill

There is definitely a China component to all of this pandemic madness. I have seen two videos now that detail how the U of Manitoba had seven Virologists, bio weapons research persons with top secret clearance who worked with Chinese military. Some were quietly escorted off the premises sometime early last year. Also saw a video synopsis of the extent to which China has bought up agricultural land, unlimited foreign investment even a foreign investment protection act from Trudeau justifying troops on western coast. Chinese buyers have also ratcheted up our housing costs to where citizens in Vancouver can’t afford rent. Apparently this is happening on US west coast as well.
Lastly here’s a video on handlers and politic$ behind the PCR test
Whatever it all is doesn’t add up to good health that’s for sure!



You make a good point. Having serious illnesses in my extended family that are not coronavirus, I've been upset by the tunnel vision and the magic money of the past 14 months. It's tragically unfair.

Of course, if serious researchers looked into it, it would be clear to everyone that the modern autism epidemic is iatrogenic. That's the problem. No one can even admit that the state of the host is what kills in coronavirus, not the magically powerful superbug. They could certainly never admit that we've created a nightmare for autism families with our vaccines and assorted other drugs and chemicals.

After that, it comes down to the fact that Pharma was able to sell the powers that be on Death by Coronavirus, whereas autism is not seen as lethal (even though we know that in many situations, for example, wandering/drowning, it is).

I read this the other day, and it struck me as a parallel situation: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/03064228808534381

The line about "We are unworthy of attention because we have no stories and no death. We have only asthma, and why should anyone be interested in listening to our commonplace cough?" just about broke my heart.

The writer goes on to say, of course, that Czechoslovakia under totalitarian rule has no stories because the people have been deprived of them by the government. That's true for autism families, too. Your reality is denied, and you're booted off Facebook if you try to tell your story. Death by Coronavirus is a story the regime has officially approved.

The work done on this site to pay tribute to the truth is a good thing in and of itself. If it one day succeeds in waking up the general public to the truth, it could change lives in an even more dramatic fashion. I pray that it does. For now, I salute the heroism of Kim and the small but mighty crew that makes this place what it is. And I will keep praying for justice and not selling out the truth in my own circles.

False Scientists

Emmeinphiladelphia, yes I remember that research! Just saw this in the papers-what can ‘health orgs’ be thinking to be giving untested vaccines to children for a disease that dissent warrant it!


What I posted yesterday about how quickly the medical establishment, CDC,NIH and researchers were able to so quickly pour millions of dollars of money into research for the corona virus I was not endorsing the use of vaccines that I also think caused my son's and thousands of others autism diagnosis. I was trying to point out that if all that money and the same researchers and medical establishment could do the same and put millions of dollars and hundreds of researchers to work on finding a CURE for Autism why aren't they doing it at warp speed?


The emerald Ile loves liberalism, Liberalism in mental illness and developmental disability, diagnostic criteria those are. Yes, there has been a significant increase in autism in the past 30 years, yes there are many environmental triggers but there is still gross over-diagnosis, what would have been ADHD and OCD themselves over-diagnosed the condition is now called "autism". Japan and South Korea and Israel are following the west in over-diagnosing "Autism". Japan and South Korea are over-diagnosing an uncommon form of social anxiety and depression unique to their lands a condition called Hikkokomori as "autism".


Thank goodness for Ann Dachel doing the "Sharp shooting" Clinical observations.

What a humongous brutal dis-service to people living with autism and their families.

What is the DSM -5 Criteria for Autism ?
Before around 1994 ? This condition was described as 4 Levels of Autism
The DSM Changed the definition and the nomenclature of Autism Towards total Chaos ? around 1994 Why?
Dustin Hoffman did a film "Rainman" around the same time?
Could he do the same for Cerebral Palsy?
Arthritis ?
Or even cancer perhaps?
Last time I heard on The West Coast NHS Dublin NHS equivalent dieticians were getting great results with prpperly led clinical exclusion diets ! Imagine that!

Runrig Eirinn.. YouTube

Angus Files

Irelands people has always been the target of control for thousands of years. We see the latest deadly attempt the needle.

Thanks Ann.

Pharma For Prison



Does anyone remember this story from 5 years ago?
Still relevant.

Dead doctors, nagalase and vaccines: What's the connection?

"As we all know, cancer is big business in this country. We're talking about a 124 billion dollar industry. A number that big is naturally a matter of "national security". One of our country's biggest products is cancer, so why anyone believes the system would ever allow a cure is beyond me.

As such, it should come as no surprise information about groundbreaking research on GcMAF's cancer-fighting ability has not been widely distributed. In fact, we didn't learn about it at all until doctors started dying for researching it. While those who worked with it claimed it has reversed autism and cured cancer in studies (studies which had to be kept on the low down), consider this on the flip side: if the body is somehow inhibited in any way from producing GcMAF, the person's immune system is utterly compromised, allowing for all manner of diseases. This compound (or lack thereof) is linked to autism, cancer, diabetes, you name it. Without the body's ability to produce GcMAF, a person is set up to get sick and eventually die."
"Here's the bombshell: many of these dead doctors believed nagalase was being PURPOSEFULLY ADDED to the vaccines.
Why? Population control."


Can someone post their childhood vaccine schedule?
Are they mostly light skinned? Any immigrants?
What is the average income level for these families?
Why is no one ever curious about the cause of THIS EPIDEMIC?
We should continue to track the numbers if these same children are given a Covid vax.

False Scientists

I had to laugh at a recent report in which the Irish leader dissed the US President Biden in favour of China’s leader—Xi’s handling of Covid. Everyone knows that Ireland is bought and paid for by the new world order—ya I said that. The fact that Hillary was named a Chancellor at a Northern Ireland university is quite telling. I bet this won’t be posted, lol.


Western news still has almost NO data on autism in Asia (mostly just South Korea + Israel). AOA used to talk about autism in China, yet no news about autism (especially severe cases) in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

Let alone in Africa (most known ASD rates are in South Africa).

I believe websites such as Japanese NHK News Web (in Japanese) + JapanTimes may provide
information about autism in Japan.

Bob Moffit


Science is pure.

I believe this to be the source document:


6.7% of boys and 2.2% of girls.

Future generations looking at the collapse of public health in the early 21st century will not puzzle themselves as to how it happened, which is a simple case of following the money, but how it went on for so long with most of the population simply accepting it.

Still with Trump

Any idea as to the "normal" prescription drugs & costs of a typical kindergarten class, 7th grade & 12th grade class in the United States ?

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