Johns Hopkins on Self-Spreading, Self-Propagating, Transmissible Vaccines
The Criminalization of Dissent

My Vax Is Better Than Your Vax! Mine is Better Than Yours!!!

Putin gun
Check out my guns, ladies and gentlemen, aaaalllll of them.

(Thank you to PJ for the heads up!)

My stars and garters, could we be on someone's radar?  Little old us? Pshaw... 

Is Russia’s Covid vaccine anything more than a political weapon? Observers say the Sputnik V jab is aimed more at sowing political division than fighting coronavirus

It seems The Guardian UK may have picked up on our observation that the Sputnik V from Russia has a Twitter account that is basically used for political bragging rights. Russia's Sputnik V On Twitter: I Must Break You

How this surprises anyone, that Vladimir Putin's nation would puff out its chest and declare superiority, is beyond us.

Hitting back via its official Sputnik V Twitter account, Russia has denied the vaccine is a political tool, or that safety or production capacity are potential issues. “Politicisation of vaccines is unethical and costing lives,” read a typical recent tweet. “Sputnik is undoubtedly one of the best vaccines in the world,” said another.

Meanwhile, "back at the ranch," Americans are being "deplatformed" (a ridiculous new word brought to you by Google, Facebook and others) for speaking out on vaccination and medical rights and safety while this punk of a Vaccine is tripping about the Internet without a care.

I was instantly reminded of an old advertising jingle for Ken-L-Ration canned dog food. My dog's better 'cuz he eats Ken0L-Ration.




Shots are a tube that could be filled with anything. We really don't know what is in each vaccine. We are told that the human DNA from the growth medium that gets in the "brew" has been shredded. But how do we know some isn't whole? This is certainly an area for further study.


Exposed: Government-Sponsored Experiments On Trafficked Aborted Human Fetuses At The University Of Pittsburgh

"Publicly available information demonstrates that Pitt hosts some of the most barbaric experiments carried out on aborted human infants, including scalping 5-month-old aborted fetuses to stitch onto lab rats, exporting fetal kidneys across the country, and killing infants delivered alive for liver harvesting – funded by U.S. taxpayers via the National Institutes of Health, and in particular Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID office."

"Dr Fauci Spent $400K To Conduct Secret Experiments Transplanting Scalps Of Aborted Fetuses Onto Living Rats"

Certain researchers have a penchant for crossing animals and humans. The sky's the limit.....


Emmaphiladelphia, I wonder if human/animal DNA in vaccines can cause:

antisocial behavior,

abnormal social attraction to animals,

psychotic and violent behavior,

lack of sleep,

repetitive and restricted interests and behaviors,

animal-like sensory and eating behaviors (eating everything with fingers, eating only very certain foods, major meltdowns/extreme vomiting over certain foods) etc.

When I watch that Real Look Autism video (the Messy Eating episode) I want to cry. None of the videos (from that old channel) even remotely mention aluminum/toxins in autistic brains, let alone vaccine aftermath.

Rare side effects from the AstraZenica and Johnson & Johnson vaccines may have been seen in 15 year old animal studies.
Article - Ida Irene Bergstrom and Marianne Nordahl. 23 April 2021 .

States Health Authorities were aware of the animal studies .
But the studies wern't part of the agency's assessment of the AstraZenica and Johnson & Johnson vaccines . " OH WHAT! "

Do the Emergency Use Authorisation 's " Puddle Jumpers" Health and Safety Review ?
Need a "Air Hunger " Token resuscitation attempt or what ?
Nose to tail scoping scouts indicate "yon crew" need to get.
Ear marked - Ring fenced - Spear headed - Dove tailed and streamlined to the last puntuation point of " Define Safe and Effective ?"

Their Evidence Based Standards would appear to have left us humans , well and truly " Plucked Again" Vioxx fashion , with Regulatory forensic flunkies, health and safety competency and capacity, being about as useful as an extra deck chair on the Titanic ?
Dance Band on The Titanic - Hamish Imlach - YouTube .

Ronald N. Kostoff


That link didn't work for me either this time. I searched Bitchute for vaccine martin and found the link


I want to apologize to Grace Green as when I posted this:

I was not aware you could not understand it. It is about government coercion.



You bring up an interesting point. No one talks about the HUMANIZED mice that have now become the standard animal "models" used in research, including vaccines.
"Closer to human: Mouse model more accurately reproduces fatty liver disease"

On another note:

Maskless shopper stands up to California Home Depot Karen.
Tells them he'll take his ten million dollar business to Lowes.
Viral video:


I remember watching “Messy Eating: Real Look Autism Episode 2” and the boy is hyperlexic, he compulsively eats with his fingers. It feels natural to him. Even though he has culinary utensils.

I thought “that’s monkey behavior”, autistics are NOT monkeys at all, that’d be a rude remark. But does monkey DNA in inoculations cause this behavior?

This is where society’s acceptance of a debilitating spectrum gets us.


On yer Marx -get set-go
Caustic competition ,it's all about the next big cash cow ?
It's enough to put ordinary "Compact Communities " hin -ends, in tae a sore spasm !

On yonder hill there stood a cow
It's not there now
It must have shifted .
William McGonagall 1825-1902

New vaccine technologies .Novel dart delivery system Daktari style ?
DAKTARI [Theme Song] YouTube

Sally Doughty

Hi Ronald,

Would it be possible to repost the link to the video that you recommend?

I have not been able to access the video using the link provided.


Ronald N. Kostoff

This video segment is the most instructive six minutes on the injection I have heard (


Just found this on a Twitter account which picked up one of Del Bigtree's tweets...the following:

The world's most vaccinated country against Covid is now experiencing an enormous surge in cases and is locking down. Dr. Bossche being vindicated? I honestly hope he's been incorrect about his assertions, but this isn't good news.

Laura Hayes

3rd injection being planned for those over 50 in Britain:

Bob Moffit

@ 4Bobby

I too watched Tucker's comments on vaccines with great appreciation .. my only question for Tucker is: WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN FOR TWENTY YEARS??

I am very thankful Tucker FINALLY found courage to speak about the many colleges that are REQUIRING students to get COVID VACCINATION … which Tucker warns is a clear violation of their RIGHT to decide for themselves what drugs, medication and vaccines they accept .. as he said: "MY BODY, MY CHOICE" .. and he also said what I have been saying for TWENTY YEARS .. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" VACCINE … ALL DRUGS AND VACCINES HAVE RISKS FOR SOME ….


I do not recall ONE event that I attended .. beginning almost 20 years ago with Jenny McCarty's 'GREEN OUR VACCINES" massive rally in Washington DC … numerous similar heavily attended RALLIES FOR INFORMED CONSENT CHOICE in many cities, ALBANY NY .. TRENTON NJ … ATLANTA GEORGIA .. to name a few events and rallies that received ZERO media coverage.

Though Tucker's show is probably less than ten years on the air .. none-the-less .. the issue of MY BODY, MY CHOICE has been IGNORED FOR TWENTY YEARS.



Say it ain't so!

JFK Library Gives Gretchen Whitmer ‘Profile in Courage’ Award for Coronavirus Response

"“I am humbled by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and the Kennedy Family for their recognition,” the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee said.

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy and her son, Jack Schlossberg, will present the awards during a virtual ceremony airing May 26.

Kennedy claimed Whitmer put her own life “at risk to keep others safe.”"



Replace "how are you doing?" with "Are You Vaccinated?".


@Bob Moffit

Right you are.

And what is the LEGAL DEFINITION, passed by Congress, for "Domestic terrorist" and now "White supremacist?" Words have meaning. If these legal definitions are repealed, their claws will retract. Never forget, the Executive Branch does not make law. Any EO or legal definiton of who the Alphabets should go after, must be based on a law passed by Congress.

Tucker Carleson addressed this very topic:

"Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden declares war on 'White supremacy.' What does he mean by that?"


I hear ya.
Imagine a land where you eviscerate a leader for considering force to deter ongoing riots where laws are broken and people are killed when you favor the politics of the riots, but when you don't like ones politics you sanction and encourage the violation of civil rights of the full contingent where most broke no laws. That would be a serious abuse of people and power and would be accurately described as the criminalization of dissent. I won't mention where this is currently happening. as someone might interpret it as dissent or something.

Can you say Banana?
p.s. Those who would enter a capitol building illegally should be prosecuted. Not many outcries about an unarmed Ashli being shot.



"I am glad that so many millions will be protected from Covid when they may not have been able to get the slightly better mRNA products."

On what scientific evidence do you base these claims? What vaccine technology does Sputnik V use?

"Covid deaths there are believed to be as much as ten times the reported number and may be at ten thousand Covid deaths a day. Or many more than that."

Most Indians have open cremation rather than burial. Do you have satellite photo data to back up your claims? How many of the dead were already vaccinated? Who is tracking this? Is there proof that a new strain of Covid is circulating there? Has it been physically isolated? (no models) Do they use PCR to determine cases? What is the cycle rate for this ? How do you know?


Excellent segment on Tucker Carlson if you have the time to watch. Sorry I don’t have the link.

I made the mistake of watching John Oliver the other night. The point of the entire show was to push the vaccine. John tried to quell fears by talking about VAERS and proclaiming that someone o de submitted a claim that a vaccine caused them to become the hulk. He implied that this absurd example was reason to discredit every other report.

Bob Moffit

@ Laura and Visitor

"The Criminalization of dissent" has been launched on anyone who participated or even attended former Pres Trump .. STOP THE STEAL" rally in Washington on January 6 … all government agencies .. FBI, DOD, CIA, DOJ .. have labeled participants DOMESTIC TERRORISTS .. unleashing a virtual army of combined agencies to identify, monitor, arrest and prosecute .. held without bail .. some in solitary confinement .. anyone suspected of what amounts to CRIMINAL TRESPASSING inside the Capitol.

Reading "The Criminalization of dissent" reveals dissent on many issues .. vaccine compliance and questioning the integrity of our last Presidential election …. will no longer be TOLERATED by GOVERNMENT … in many countries outside as well as in UNITED STATES.

Odd .. the only "domestic terrorist" shot and killed on Jan 6 was an unnamed woman named Ashli Babbitt .. shot by a still unidentified Capitol police officer for reasons unknown as Ashli did not appear to be an imminent threat to anyone .. especially the officer who had secreted himself in a hallway .. did not identify himself or order Ashli to surrender.


Sputnik V has been an excellent vaccine from the beginning, showing between 91 and 92% efficacy, including on tests published in The Lancet:

I have looked for adverse events caused by it since last summer: there must be some, but I haven’t seen any reported on. It costs ten dollars a dose and can be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures. Sixty countries have bought or placed orders for it. It was the first shipment to arrive in Mexico City, and more have followed. Several European countries have bought or placed orders for it, and manufacturing plants are being set up in several countries outside Russia, in India, Europe, and Latin America.

I think it’s both funny and impressive that Sputnik V has its own FB page with many thousands of followers, a Twitter account, Instagram, and several other social media accounts. Users are invited to post photos of themselves making the V sign with their hand. Raffles are held with a free trip to Russia as the prize. We spent decades touting the benefits of capitalism; we should be happy that Russia has learned to compete so well on our terms.

I am glad that so many millions will be protected from Covid when they may not have been able to get the slightly better mRNA products. Russia is already sending millions of doses to beleaguered India. Covid deaths there are believed to be as much as ten times the reported number and may be at ten thousand Covid deaths a day. Or many more than that. Those who are stepping in to help have my deepest gratitude.


“The Criminalization of Dissent” Thank God for the ACLU.

Laura Hayes

“The Criminalization of Dissent”, an important and excellent read:



Thanks for the links. I had already posted a link regarding Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) and its founder Imran Ahmed. His cyber bully activities should continue to be exposed. I think we need a Center for Countering Truth Suppression. Organized boycotts of businesses that give in to these bullies would be in order. The dividing of the Gates Empire will be interesting to watch. Practitioners of Biblical charity they are not.

Taking back our local governments seems to be the place to start!

Laura Hayes

Dr. Mercola is under attack:,29aa2596,29aa25a1&mid=DM875412&rid=1148934329&p1=955f71afbe6be0a1398ae381e9718487f176b0a3373b8e5e82544e54a1aff114&p2=20111104

Vail, AZ parents take back their school district and elect a new school board, which immediately ends mask requirement and ends the forcing, and recommending, of medical procedures by school board, including during a declared emergency:

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