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Who is Going to Pay for Autism?


False Scientists

Hans Litten those are some scary changes in the blood cells. We are doomed in Canada. Premiers of Ontario and others are tying end of lockdown to 70% vaccination rate. Youth are desperate to gain their freedom back. Western University in Ontario is demanding that students in residence get the shot. I understand the vaccine companies are off the hook but it’s looking like class action law suits for certain institutions and governments who would enforce these requirements.

Ronald Diebel



Awesome HighWire show today featuring Dr. Peter McCullough and guest host Dr. Jim Meehan. These REAL DOCTORS hit it out of the ball park! Expose all the Covid vaccine lies. Make case for not vaccinating. Speak out against business coercion to vaccinate.


Angus Files

Its great these Drs still give hope and there is always something we can do however small its big.We had our son out boating at the weekend through a charity called Autism On The Water run by Murray Mac Donald a man(now) but when a lad he was in residential school with severe autism, We had a brilliant time and noticed that our son was a lot calmer talking etc and we were knackered.I looked up how sea air makes you tired got past all the BS and you find that the water and waves waterfalls etc cause negative ions which help get rid of free radicals plus more oxygen in the blood.

Homeopathy has never killed anyone and is hunted to death by the Pharma enslaved money before life ,but its OK for vaccines to kill as many as it can ..

Scientists claim to 'solve cause of rare blood clots in vaccines' and 'could fix it'

There has been 209 cases of the rare blood clots with low platelet counts after vaccination with the AstraZeneca jab with 41 deaths in the UK up to April 21, according to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.


Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten


Is there anyway to verify the truth of these photographs ?
Because if they are true, then surely its curtains for anyone whose blood behaves like this.

Hans Litten

This issue of the 5 doctors is astounding :


Disseminating vaccines

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