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I Spy Autism Spectrum Disorder

Spongebob kiddoIf you saw this report yesterday, how long did it take you to say, "I'll read it, I'll bet this cute little guy has ASD,"?  A feel good, tastes good story.  So glad Mom got help to pay off this order. I wish Noah had used our Amazon Smile charity account! :) 

Make a difference this Mother's Day. Shop for gifts at to generate donations for Age of Autism.


...There were 51 cases of SpongeBob SquarePants popsicles that 4-year-old Noah bought on Amazon and a lot of them melted, but his story also melted the hearts of strangers who donated money to help out his mom.

NYC Boy Buys Hundreds of SpongeBob Popsicles, Nearly Leaving Mom With $2,600 Bill


Not Made of Money

This is not all that unusual. We know of one single Autism mom who was bankrupted when her son (who was much older than four) ran up a five-figure debt from online gambling. Our own autistic daughter (in her 20s) once donated $500 that she didn't have to charity. When we explained the situation, the charity graciously refunded most of the money. But neither the online gambling outfits nor Amazon are in any rush to develop safeguards against autistic kids making exorbitant purchases when they don't understand the meaning of money.



This autism mom may have accidentally hit on a funding formula.
Parents of severe autism children could post "cute" pictures of holes in walls, broken furniture, broken arms, etc. and ask for GoFundMe donations to fix it. Give individuals a direct way to help. Get churches to sponsor the GoFundMe. INVISIBLE NO MORE!


The news won’t talk about autism anymore, especially the more severe/vaccine induced varieties.

Especially not the ones involving regressive autism, DTAP induced projectile vomiting and high pitched uncontrollable screaming bouts, furniture destruction, self injurious and violent behavior, extreme fixations on Sesame Street and preschool shows, extreme sensory hypersensitivity, severe feeding and picky eating problems/strong obsessions with certain foods - except in this news report about Spongebob Popsicles, which only mentioned the very latter.

The U.S. has to pay trillions in vaccine-induced autism care? When and how much?

This continues silently, as childless, apathetic, college-aged social media kids shout “vaccines don’t cause autism!” everywhere on the internet, from Deviantart to Reddit to YouTube to Tiktok to Twitter, you name it. They want vaccine mandates, LGBTQ+ and sex changes on kids, behavior medications, total inclusions in classrooms even if students are violent.


Thank you for sharing this story. I like that the good people who helped out Noah's mom ended up embarrassing AMZN into doing the right thing.

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