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Breakthrough Cases: Remember the "Change of Life" Baby

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I'm old enough to remember the term, "change of life baby."  We called her "Auntie Ann," my father's youngest sister of the ten children born.

A change of life baby is one born when a woman is near, or thinks she is in, menopause. The factory seems closed, but it wasn't locked.

The spate of Covid cases in partially and fully vaccinated people reminded me of this old term.  And the push to vaccinate kids as young as 12 has me worried about the affect on their long term health, including fertility as thousand of women have reported changes to their menstrual cycle since the vaccination push began.

I ran a quick search in Google:

Does the Covid vaccine affect menstrual cycle?

There is no current evidence that vaccines cause any menstrual irregularities.

Read that carefully. "There is no current evidence," does not mean "NO." It means either no one has looked, or the product is so new that the data isn't in yet, or likely will end up meaning both.  We've heard this for decades in the autism community for everything from vaccine safety to diet to treatments. When no one is allowed or willing to look, there's no evidence. It's the tree falling in the woods. Ask the birds in the tree what happens as their nest tumbles and is crushed. Ask the rabbits whose entrance to their warren is blocked by the trunk. "Noise" isn't always audible.

The data could be a generation that struggles to have children in what should be their most fertile years. This, at a time when the birthrate is already falling in the USA and elsewhere. 

A falling birthrate is catastrophic for those of us with children who will require assistance for the rest of their lives. We need the next generation or two to make money to fill the social security program coffers. If the birth rate drops, elderly and special needs alike will suffer as there simply won't be enough money to pay their monthly Social Security and Supplemental Income. Caregivers are usually younger employees, who take the jobs in their 20s and then move on as they grow older. Caregivers are often younger siblings. Caregivers can be nieces and nephews.  My daughters will have no sons, daughters, nieces or nephews. I still care about future generations and am unwilling to accept "There is no current evidence."



Lockdown Sceptics-
News Round Up 19/05/2021
"Post-menopausal women report periods coming back after having covid vaccine "
Article- The Telegraph By Joe Pinkstone 17 May 2021
States- No proof has yet been found linking the innoculations to the unusual reproductive symptoms ,but a growing body of anecdotal evidence has led scientists to begin probing the reports .

"Good! hope they take their time and hurry up and get on with it then !"


American News and media heavily romanticizes and glorifies autism.

A realistic, heartbreaking, painful-to-watch drama about Kreed would be slammed by “autism advocates” in a heartbeat here.



Good points.

I've been surprised by the lack of coverage in the media of the potential link with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, particularly after Jose Balselga (very senior guy at AstraZeneca, almost certainly drank the Kool-Aid) died of it on March 21 this year.

If prion diseases are caused by proteins misbehaving, it seems worth considering whether causing the body to make a protein that's completely foreign to it could have any unforeseen repercussions. CJD is pretty rare. I wonder what the numbers will look like for 2021 compared with 2019.

Bob Moffit

I have often observed the greatest power of the press was their power to ignore … as Kim commented … "if a tree falls deep in the woods and no reports it has fallen" .. we do not know it fell.

That very same POWER TO IGNORE has bee wielded like a weapon to deny EVIDENCE of serious injuries and unknown RISKS of many pharmaceutical drugs .. most specifically VACCINES .. the most likely-probable cause for 54% of children suffering chronic autoimmune disorders .. to numerous to mention .. a percentage up from 12% prior to vaccines being given PRODUCT LIABILITY PROTECTION in 1986.



Anita Donnelly

Kim, this was beautifully written.


A close unvaccinated friend spent the day with 2 close relatives then had a miscarriage within 5 days. I know of a lady who got the c vax early on & just got diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It was from prions. That is MAD COW Disease!


The text is jumbled here.

Today, we had delicious pizza, french fries, and peanuts (in memory of Kreed Joshua, a boy with severe autism and medical issues). When I was 14, Kreed died on May 12 2016.

Not much news exists on Kreed (outside of Kreed’s World) but I will never forget him.


Reproduction system issues also getting discussed at ,
https/>hashtag>uk column
#UKColum -BitChute
Brian Gerrish,Mike Robinson and David Scott with Todays UK Column News
17 May 2021

Dr Male ? explained ,The womb lining is part of the immune system .
Sounds like the evidence based appendages are presenting as a bit of a "spare part" at at the on-going, experimental vaccination, evidence based review ?.

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