Tucker Carlson Asks the Verboten Question
Are any of the Covid-19 Vaccines Self-Spreading, Self-Propagating, Transmissible Vaccines?

Bill Gates Got A Hall Pass?

Hall_Pass_PosterBill and Melinda Gates are divorcing. He’s asked for privacy, which has launched a cacophony of chortles among the health freedom groups.  Media reports say that he asked for (and got) what is known in the vernacular as a "hall pass."  It's an amnesia exemption to your marital or relationship agreement that allows you to canoodle with someone other than your significant other.  There was a cute movie by the same name many years ago. None of the guys were able to act on their Hall Pass when they finally got one. That's called respect. Love. Honor. Those vow'y words many of us utter(ed) on an altar, or under a chuppah or elsewhere.   Gates is said to have had his one weekend a year (wanna buy a bridge in Brooklyn?) with his ex-girlfriend with the permission of his wife.

Some would call him an iconoclast. His ability to think beyond the normal and to new heights are what allowed him to create Microsoft.

Some would call him a big, fat, misogynistic jerk for whom the rules have never applied. But this jerk has been GIVEN control of the actual planet as if God. His money sprinkled like Drakkar Noir to dull the stench of insanity and grease the wheels of his agendas. Smart man with gobs money he doles out = able to break the rules.  And women are the main victims.



I suppose that was a low blow, I'll leave that one alone, thank you.
So many great articles and comments on here, mm floored me last night, dr m explains it all so well, and then the club approves kool aid for teenagers. yikes.

Watching my friends and relatives have reactions to the covid vaccine is frightening since I care about them so much but can't stop them from inflicting harm on themselves and others. It's like watching an alcoholic and I just don't see it ending well.

Joseph EngineerDude

I'm old enough to remember jokes like " What would happen if Bill Gates built a car" "It would crash. DUH".

In the industry he was known for blatantly lying about what his products could do, and putting money and profits first. It was all about marketing. Yes, he was interested in tech. He had some talent. But he was too arrogant to know where his products failed.


I agree with Bob Moffit that Bill Gates Jr.s' sexual habits are mostly irrelevant (did anybody really expect fidelity of a mogul of his ilk?) but I disagree that his obsession with population control is lifelong. Am I the only one who remembers when he was publicly criticized for not giving money to any cause except his children's schools? That would have been around 35+ years ago.

In an interview with Bill Moyers on May 9, 2003, a boyish Gates excitedly explains how his influential mommy and daddy (especially daddy) virtually pressured him into becoming a philanthropist during evenings around the dinner table. Having watched that cringeworthy interview at the time, I can vouch that his childlike mannerisms and turns of phrase in no way reflected the hard boiled businessman/"philanthropist" of today. Bill Jr. is a creation of his late father, Bill Gates Sr., and he had many, many years of coaching.



It's terrible that Bill Gates has been cheating on Melinda all these years. And then there's that trip he took on the Lolita Express with Jeff Epstein. How does he feel about himself now ?

And then the molecular biology experiment in Wuhan. The tax-free vaccine investment Foundation. The mass surveillance. He seems to have made a mark on this world and it's not so good...Melinda is wise to bail before the lid blows off the covid vaccine death count.


I never heard of a Hall Pass ? Is that American Plain Language Format for a Hell Pass ? Just with a different English accent?
Well- Fayre- Bill!
Made a deal with " Auld Nick " for a" Gated Commune? " plush house, with extra air conditioning?!!!
A Room with a View Faulty Towers -BBC YouTube


Eddi Reader Ae Fond Kiss YouTube


Oh, I went a hunting and found it with ease, Bill Gates was sticking his toes in the waters of the Outer Banks with some girl since 1997 with his wife's permission.

Katie Couric has been put at the head of the Aspen what ever -- a new organization invented by George Soros and Bill Gates. How does George Soros do anything - he is like a 100 years old? Did he make a deal with the devil and doing such a good job for the devil's work that the devil just won't collect , or what?

But Katie Couric sure make me quake in my shoes when I heard her after the election with her fake concern and kindness - saying all disturbed - so many people have sided with Trump, oh what can we do to make them understand Trump is all bad orange; what can we do for them? Well we might need to figure out how to deprogram them.

Here in the United States some one actually mouthed the word de program - and thought it was a good idea.

Well Rand Paul questioned Fauci today - had him on the ropes, beating Mr. Shifty Eyes Fauci up. So there is that.

That and nine hours of the best deposition in the history of mankind with Plotkin.

So things are slowly moving in the right direction. So slow though.


How did you find this out?

angus files

Sorry I have no Mr nice stories about Mr Gates the philanderer and philanthropist who just gets richer.
I cant remeber the last time I seen a car drive all the way from the Asia/US to the UK making it possible for zika mosquitoes to travel to the UK or any stagnant puddles on a ship?

The insects lay their eggs in trapped water in the grooves of car and trucks tyres, and can also stow away in puddles of stagnant water in container ships.

I would tend to look at your lab that you fund in the UK for a more direct route of the invasion. Then again maybe pigs can indeed fly.

Why Florida is releasing genetically modified mosquitoes
Scientists from Oxford-based Oxitec are releasing GM insects in the US for first time in a bid to end diseases like dengue, Zika and malaria


Pharma For Prison



Saw something disturbing that wasn’t about autism, but about incontinence jokes. American kids on TikTok are doing the messed up “Pee Your Pants” challenge. it’s sick and stupid.

Why are today’s kids mentally declining - and oftentimes, already deficient?

How are the academic statistics of American youth year by year (in numerous subjects, like science, domestic and foreign language, history, arts, etc?)

Bob Moffit

I cannot help but think Bill's "hall pass" is of absolutely no interest to me .. but ..his life-long obsession with ways and means to CONTROL THE WORLD'S POPULATION .. one of which he publicly stated is through VACCINES .. is of far greater threat to our world.

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