Hearts Ripped Too
And Another Reason

April Never Ends


April never ends for us. It begins with Fool's Day, ends with a May Day that we will holler until the day we die.  You won't hear about autism in the news any longer. You won't hear about autism in many places these days. The clarion call for vaccination choice and safety that we set forth decades ago still exists though.  Many of us are here  because we helped light that torch, hoping to shed insight into the dark stories of how our kids were harmed. We had gumption. We sacrificed reputations. Careers. We took slings and arrows for years and years. Some of our children are adults now. Still needing our love, our care, our blood, sweat and oh yes our tears.

We are still in The Age of Autism. Please don't forget that.

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angus files

Sometimes it feels as if were not making a lot of progress but we are and one day we will win although no victory will be had for our autistic sons and daughters' also feel grateful to the ones who have no skin in the game such as Dan who set AOA rolling; rolling that stone rolling. The no skin in the game who continue to sacrifice themselves for autism Exley, Wakefield and many others.

Thank you Kim for keeping it all rolling along.

Pharma For Prison



My son with autism is an adult now and still needs my love, care, blood sweat and oh how the tears flow just thinking about how this terrible thing called autism happened to him. We are raising a generation that has experienced a tragedy like we have never seen before. When I was growing up I never met one person with autism and never even heard the word because no one had the devastating condition. I first heard about it when I saw Rain Man and that was before my son was even diagnosed, to my horror, with the condition. We can not allow the world to ignore our precious children and we need researchers around the world to finally CURE our children of this terrible condition.


I wish all vaccination was banned completely.

And that media would stop romanticizing autism.

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