Best Of: Vaccination and Segregation
Healthy Connecticut Kids Face Expulsion With No Plan To Educate

Wisconsin Priest Cautions Parish

Fr AltmanAnne Dachel transcribed this Homily. A Homily is the sermon presented by the priest during the Catholic Mass.

By Anne Dachel

Age of Autism: Covid Vaccines Are Medical Devices

Lifesite News: US bishop: Choir members, Communion ministers must be ‘fully vaccinated’ While Arkansas rescinded its mask mandate, Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock declared masks ‘obligatory’ and vaccines required as churches have their ‘own dynamics.’

Fr. James Altman, St. James Catholic Church, LaCrosse, WI

Father Altman Homily 04.11.2021 - Divine Mercy Sunday

Fr. Altman:

17:21 So let us talk about one particularly blind Pharisee. LifesiteNews reports, and I think people send me this stuff just to get me riled up.

LifeSite News reports that the first bishop of the United States to cancel all public Masses a year ago was Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock, Arkansas.

As reported on LifeSite News, Bishop Taylor issued letters in 2020 cancelling Masses and nonessential gatherings, including Confirmations.


Lifesite also reports that in his latest directive, Bishop Taylor wrote, “Choirs can be permitted only when all members have been vaccinated and preferably wearing masks.”

What kind of illogic—God gave him a brain. What kind of brain isn’t he using?

If this injection worked, no need for a mask.

Dear family, it is not a vaccine. It is an injection.

It is not a lesser version of the illness, but an experimental use of a genetics altering substance.

It is not a vaccine, and the use of that word bears false witness to the truth, and it harms people.

That’s damnable.

It is a commandment.

For the record, dear family, so you’re clear on this, because you’re not getting the truth, not from out there and not from any shepherds of the Church. 

Dear family, all three injections currently authorized for use in the United States, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, are labeled experimental.

There’s no science of any kind, no science of any kind that takes them out of the category, experimental.

Clinical trials are ongoing, but obviously they are completely incomplete.

My understanding is that normally it takes a two year process of experimenting with a few, and then and only then might a medicine get approved as something other than merely experimental.

Therefore, as has been the case since the very first needle injected something into somebody’s arm, these injections have been granted, “EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION USE ONLY.”

There’s no debate here. It’s an experiment.

How do you like that? How do you like being an experiment for free?

They get a bishop of the Catholic Church—by the way, when this emergency use authorization, the acronym EUA, uses a status distinct from being approved or license vaccination and as such by law cannot be mandated by either public or private entities.

Yet there you have a bishop of the Catholic Church insisting that Catholics take an experimental genetic altering substance into their temples of the Holy Spirit.

I wonder how that makes the people of that diocese feel that they are being strong armed into being part of an experiment.

Dear family, Pope St. Gregory spoke thusly about the cowardice among the clergy who are afraid to speak and speak out the truth. He said, “Pastors who lack foresight, hesitate to say openly what is right because they fear losing the favor of men.”

Listen dear family, if ever I get a little chicken about just telling you the truth, just kick me out. I don’t deserve to be standing here if I can’t tell you the truth, if I’m afraid to tell you the truth.

As Pope St. Gregory the Great about fourteen hundred years ago, I think, and St. Augustine about sixteen hundred years ago. He spoke thusly about the damnable failure of such shepherds to be shepherds.

He said, “But what sort of shepherds are they for fear of giving offense, not only fail to prepare the sheep for the temptations that threaten, but even promise them worldly happiness.

What’s this whole experiment all about? Here take it. You surely will not die.

It’s like an insurance policy. Well, I got insurance on my car because I might get in a wreck if I go out and drive, or somebody might hit me.

Oh, just take this. What harm can it do?

It’s only altering your genetic RNA. What harm can it do? You surely will not die.

Those are the words of Satan in the Garden. Promise them worldly happiness.

Don’t worry. Take the vaccine and you can travel again, go to other countries, go to school, go to the grocery store.

Here take the vaccine. Inject into your body genetic altering material.

Finally, St. Maximillian Kolbe. You know him, gave his life for another at Auschwitz.

St. Maximillian Kolbe, martyr, said this about any duty to obey such a shepherd as that. He said a superior may make a mistake, but it is impossible for us to be mistaken in obeying a superior’s command.

He’s talking about kind of administrative stuff. He says the only exception to this rule of obedience is the case of a superior commanding something that even in the slightest way would contravene God’s law. Such a superior would not be conveying God’s will.

That’s St. Maximillian Kolbe. Bishop Taylor, you should read him.

Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. We don’t experiment with our bodies, Bishop Taylor.

Such a superior is not conveying God’s will. …

Damnation awaits those unrepentant shepherds who through incomprehensible abuse of authority even go so far as to require injections of experimental drugs. …















Angus and Emma,
"painful, open wounds" are also described in the book of Revelation, as being suffered by many in the last days. So sorry your son had to go through this, you must have been terrified.
Btw, that page is now forbidden, but I think it must be the same case which was reported on UK Column, Friday 23rd April, if anyone wants to find it there.


I am calling for those in the AOA community of faith to pray for the deliverance of Imran Ahmed from digital hate and disinfo aimed at the community of vaccine injured and their spokespersons.



@Angus Files

What a horror! I am so sorry.
It is unbelievable that this vaccine injured lady is still recommending them. But, she is dependent on the government for her health care in order to to recover......

angus files

Emmaphiladelphia my perfectly healthy son at the time had the same after his MMR jab head to foot,all over his back face scalp everywhere we were told apply Sudo cream, the worst thing for it .We also had the, high pitched scream green pus oozing from within his ears and the rest. Non verbal mental age of around two years at best (Drs notes not my words) and still is aged 24.Its still probably got nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines pig flying past the window must go and feed it.

Pharma For Prison



Still time enough? Thank goodness the churches are realising there is something very wrong with this pandemic, management and leadership ?

Lockdown Sceptics-News Round Up 22/04 2021
"Church leaders ; vaccine passports would be un-Christian"
Watch UnHerd Freddie Sayers interview with Rev Dr William Philip,and Rev Dr Jamie Franklin about their open letter to the Prime Minister about vaccine passports .


@angus files

“They did two biopsies and on the second one, it showed that there was a reaction to the vaccine.

“Once they found out that it was a reaction to the vaccine, they put me on steroids and that really seems to be helping my progress."

Vaccines can cause hemorrhagic rash:

angus files

Mark 5:26 ESV / 70 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
And who had suffered much under many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was no better but rather grew worse.

Poor lady should have read her bible..God Bless

Scots woman's severe reaction to Covid vaccine turned both legs into 'giant blisters' and left her in wheelchair

GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING: Sarah Beuckmann was treated at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital after the rash spread across large parts of her body leaving her covered in painful, open wounds.

Pharma For Prison


Ms Donnelly,
thank you for the theological concepts!
I have used the concepts of bodily integrity and conscience as compass when trying to explain my point of view in terms of faith; that it is a responsibility, not just a right, adds the deep context needed for extraordinary consequences in extraordinary times.

Anity Donnelly

Well this made my day!

I have a Catholic Theologian in our family who said "St. Aquinas says we have a right to follow our own conscience. If your conscience tells you that your child will be hurt by another vaccine, that's your right to refuse it, and it's your responsibility as well. To give him a vaccine, knowing this risk, in order to not be scorned by others is a terrible sin. For the others to coerce you into doing what you know is wrong for your child is a terrible sin."

"And those who have been told by eye witnesses that vaccines caused them harm, but don't want to find out, and deliberately stay ignorant so that they don't have to react to this truth, are also committing sin and are complicit in harm."


"847 Deaths 626,087 Injuries Recorded in the UK During 4 Months of Experimental COVID “Vaccines”"

It is very revealing to look at the breakdown of injuries. Some are familiar to us.

"Norway Stops Experimental AstraZeneca COVID Shots: “Higher Risk Associated with AstraZeneca Vaccine than from COVID-19 Disease”"


... if I ever get a little bit chicken about just telling the truth, just kick me out...


One of those making up the sea of glass, intermingled with fire.
As spoken about in the last book of the Bible.


I’m hearing a lot of good things about this particular priest and several others out there like him. If only there were more in the Catholic hierarchy who were as brave and un corrupted as him!


This shepherd truly fears God rather than men.
A light in the darkness. I will be praying for him.

Bob Moffit

What does the Bible say about FALSE PROPHETS???

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