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Weasel Words for Parents To Be

Weasel wordsI  looked up " covid vaccine safe for pregnant women" and found this statement as the top hit.

If you are pregnant, you may choose to be vaccinated when it’s available to you. There is currently no evidence that antibodies formed from COVID-19 vaccination cause any problem with pregnancy, including the development of the placenta.

Read it carefully, as if you have more than a second grade education. Smell the Swiss cheese and tell us what hidey holes for reality you see. We in the autism biomed community have seen this sort of "answer" over and over, about treatments like the gluten free diet and yes, vaccine injury. I've always been fond of analogies to make a point crystal clear. When Europeans could not see over the horizon, they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world was flat. No one had every studied otherwise, and therefore no one could say it was not. Therefore, it was indeed as flat as a pancake. Until someone circumnavigated the globe.  David Kirby wrote Evidence of Harm because Lyn Redwood did something no researcher, CDC professional or pharma scientist bothered to do. She added up the individual bolus doses of mercury in the pediatric schedule and the rest is history. No one had bothered to look. But the harm was there.  I have two daughters about to come home from a day program for the intellectually disabled. The harm was there.

Here's an even simpler analogy. How many times has someone in your family hollered to you, "Maaaa!  We're out of ketchup," while standing there staring at one spot on one door shelf?"  The unopened ketchup is in the pantry.

And this from WebMD: More Signs COVID Shots Are Safe for Pregnant Women

April 20, 2021 -- As the U.S. races to vaccinate millions of people against the coronavirus, pregnant women face the extra challenge of not knowing whether the vaccines are safe for them or their unborn babies.

None of the recent COVID-19 vaccine trials, including those for Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, enrolled pregnant or breastfeeding women because they consider them a high-risk group.

That was despite the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists asking that pregnant and breastfeeding women be included in trials. The FDA even included pregnant women in the COVID-19 vaccine emergency use authorization (EUA) due to their higher risk of having a more severe disease.

Despite that lack of clinical trial data, more and more smaller studies are suggesting that the vaccines are safe for both mother and child.

"Suggesting" safety. Is that enough for you?  It shouldn't be enough for anyone bringing a child into the world.

Look for the weasel words in everything you read.



False Scientists

Bob, I’m so sorry about your daughter and grandson; happy that your daughter ended up so healthy, though.
It is all so infuriating. Not enough doctors have stood up to the madness and it is going on and on...Amazing Polly did a good job of simply explaining how good people will leave a corporation and eventually over time it gets taken over with people who don’t care, like money....I guess doctors feel they are kind of independent and yet I could not be a part of a group like the AMA or AAP—what a joke.


mRNA vaccines are the proof that there is a relationship between person’s genome and her immune system. For decades vaccine-induced autism deniers have stood the ground that there is no relationship. The risk-aware community was plied with statements that included the words “there is no mechanism.....“. In a recent appearance on Democracy Now Hotez was hocking the “old school” vaccines. No one should be fooled that his push to scale up and bring to market the vaccines he’s been working on have anything to do with humanitarianism. Along with greed, he’s desperately trying to keep people from connecting the dots.

Bob Moffit

@ False scientists

"I just read of a 5 month old breastfeeding infant dying after his mother got her second Covid vaccine. Baby died of TTP a rare clotting disorder. This was on VAERS."

Approximately FIFTY YEARS AGO .. my then 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with ITP .. which began with unexplained bruising all over her body and a nighttime nose bleed that we couldn't stop .. rushed her to emergency pediatric hospital where she was admitted and housed for about FIVE WEEKS .. during which we told by ALL DOCTORS that her condition was BIZARRE .. they had absolutely no clue as to what caused her ITP .. eventually her spleen was surgically removed and today she is a mom of three fully grown adults .. who are healthy .. thank God.

Approximately 20 YEARS AGO .. my two year old second grandson was diagnosed with "regressive autism" . once again every DOCTOR we consulted had no clue as to the cause his "regression" .. none had heard of AUTISM in the education .. and therefore knew nothing about autism .. but .. worse.. what caused it.

The difference between my daughter's UNKNOWN ITP and my grandson's AUTISM .. was the INTERNET allowed our family access to INFORMATION .. where we soon learned the cause of ITP is no longer a mystery … ITP is a VACCINE INJURY .. which was FINALLY ADMITTED by medical profession due to the GULF WAR SYNDROME .. where troops being deployed to Kuwait received numerous vaccines .. and ITP became noticeable INJURY.




Warrior Mom of young children confronts Georgia School Board over continued school mask mandate.


False Scientists

I just read of a 5 month old breastfeeding infant dying after his mother got her second Covid vaccine. Baby died of TTP a rare clotting disorder. This was on VAERS.


More WW's:

"Walensky said the CDC monitored over 35,000 “pregnant people” after they were vaccinated to look for side effects of the coronavirus vaccine.

“People experienced the same side effects as others following vaccination,” she said.

She urged pregnant women to get vaccinated for the coronavirus."

So it's ok for pregnant WOMEN to get blood clots, strokes, death, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and life threatening rashes? For population controllers, that's a twofer.


I see that Johnson and Johnson has finished their meeting with FDA.
Whew! That company is soooooo lucky to have such a sweet, accommodating federal agency out to protect them.

After all; AstraZeneca has already moved way ahead of them to dump European's own rejected version to the J and J vaccine onto India; and Australia's over 50 years of age.

Johnson and Johnson just has to put a warning label on it's covid 19 vaccine, or is that gene therapy?

after all only three died out of 8 million. These numbers just confuse me, they keep changing for some reason. I guess I just don't understand math, or statistics at all.

All sarcasm put aside; I will always be surprised, well I keep getting surprised at just how it is here in the United States. when it comes to power and money. .


What will happen to neurotypical, college aged young adults wanting to have children?

What if they do nothing to stop it?

This new South Florida autism school looks like a dark alley, or something from Half Life/Fallout. I saw dark, crudely decorated classrooms in it (with a tiny poster and fluorescent lighted electric screens. 300 student capacity. Beige, gray lunchrooms. Constant, daily, fluorescent lighted whiteboards instead of chalkboards. Why?

Parents need to homeschool their children, if possible (I in no way condone using homeschooling to hide child abuse/neglect/religious extremism in any way)

Insults me they focused primarily on a high-functioning, highly verbal autistic student, ignoring nonverbal or severely affected students, with him wanting to become nothing other than an “autism awareness activist” who’ll convince the world to deny autism’s causes.

They won’t even focus on the existence of severely affected autism students.


Usually society takes a more conservative approach to pregnancy and children with respect to new drugs. Since this cohort is more sensitive to drugs than healthy adults (like a canary in a coal mine), we usually put adults in harm's way before kids. If the adults die, we don't give the drug to kids. In fact, going back one more step, if the dogs or mice die from the drug, we don't give it to adults. You get the idea, pregnant women are typically the last group to receive a new drug.

So here we have the opposite, the adults are dying of blood clots, falling down on gym mats, receiving CPR, and getting headaches that look like strokes, or mini ischemic events. Pfizer is doing the opposite of what would be expected of responsible drug development. They are putting unborn babies and small children in harm's way when clearly the adults are having serious health issues with the drug. It's counter-intuitive unless their motive is to harm babies.

Bob Moffit

I remember well when the first concerns about THIMEROSAL .. another name for MERCURY .. identified as an active ingredient in childhood vaccines as possible contributing factor to the THEN unfolding mystery of autism .. especially "regressive autism" .. which was estimated to be 1 in 162. The industry and their complicit partners in regulatory public health agencies unleashed a propaganda campaign designed to CONFUSE the issue … claiming THIMEROSAL was merely a "preservative" and a such .. not dangerous .. further claiming methyl in vaccines is not as dangerous as ethyl mercury in fish … in fact there is more danger to pregnant women from the mercury in a can of Tuna fish than all the mercury in vaccines.

It took a while but eventually it was reported that THIMEROSAL would be removed from vaccines in an "abundance of caution"" .. to calm the fears of those parents who believe all MERCURY IS TOXIC ..including THIMEROSAL.



... and I spoke (typed) too soon. As Bob Moffit pointed out in an earlier comment, the pregnancy registries actually show that plenty of babies died. I guess nobody bothered to investigate the individual cases. The negligence is unbelievable.

"A federal study boosted evidence for pregnant women to get Covid-19 vaccine.
'..more than 4,000 pregnant women who received either the Moderna or Pfizer
vaccines between December and February and enrolled in a vaccine-safety registry. Of the women in the registry, about 13% (412) reported miscarriages, 9% (390) premature
births, 2% birth defects and less than 1% still births.'"


It's so stupid you almost can't believe it. The products were too risky to give to children in utero in the trials, but because a few people happened to be pregnant and the babies haven't died yet, we're supposed to believe that the products are safe enough to give to a world's worth of children in utero? What's the 95 percent confidence interval on that?

All of us who have given birth know the things we gave up because of the small chance they would hurt our kids. It is beyond ridiculous that an MD would say that the odds of Listeria infection from a soft cheese from a reputable manufacturer is higher than the completely unknown odds of damage from any of the three EUA'd products. They can't say it, because they have absolutely no idea.

No healthy child should be exposed to an experimental drug. Full stop. Thank you, AoA, for fighting the good fight.

Hans Litten

Is that a weasel or a ferret ?
oh know its a weasel because all the ferrets are dead ADE
100% all dead

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