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The Aluminium Content of Infant Vaccines Is Akin To A Lottery

The Lottery cover
Shirley Jackson's story exposed the willingness of townfolk to harm others to protect themselves as if a ritual.

Below is a link to Professor Chris Exley et al research. Exley is a Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry in the Aluminium and Silicon Research Group at The Birchall Centre, Lennard-Jones Laboratories, at the UKs'sKeele University and a preeminent expert in aluminum toxicity.

While the world revolves around COVID as if it is the sun, moon and stars, there is a universe of danger that honorable scientists are still studying. Thank God. Professor Exley, of course, has been censored and punished for his work. 

Vaccine manufacturers are not held to any gold standard. You can have more faith in the number of crisps in a bag than the toxic metals in vaccines mandated for children.


The measurement and full statistical analysis including Bayesian methods of the aluminium content of infant vaccines



Aluminium salts are the most common adjuvants in infant vaccines. The aluminium content of a vaccine is provided by the manufacturer and is indicated on the patient information leaflet. There is no independent verification, for example by the European Medicines Agency, of the aluminium content of infant vaccines.


We have measured the aluminium content of thirteen infant vaccines using microwave-assisted acid and peroxide digestion followed by transversely heated graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. Our data are compared with manufacturer’s data using full statistical analyses including Bayesian methods.


We found that only three vaccines contained the amount of aluminium indicated by the manufacturer. Six vaccines contained a statistically significant (P < 0.05) greater quantity while four vaccines contained a statistically significant (P < 0.05) lower quantity. The range of content for any single vaccine varied considerably, for example, from 0.172 to 0.602 mg/vaccine for Havrix.


The data have raised specific questions about the significance of the aluminium content of vaccines and identified areas of extremely limited information. Since aluminium is a known toxin in humans and specifically a neurotoxin, its content in vaccines should be accurate and independently monitored to ensure both efficacy and safety.


Robert Wilks

THIS is what vaccines do to our children!

Robert Wilks


They don't want you to know the odds are against you.


Gary Ogden: it is very interesting. I only have time to listen to it a little at a time. So far it is fantastic!

CK; I just opened up my cabinet drawer and it is sodium bisulfite; the package from Amazon with the picture of a chef in a French chef hat. Hydrogen sulfide; sorry that is one powerful acid.

And on top of that I mess up on telling you the wrong form of the silica too. What I ordered from the chemical store in sodium silicate.

Crouse goes through why this works in his book. I admit I skipped over it. I guess I should get a magnifying glass and go through it slowly.

Then I am suppose to add a bit of baking soda to it at the end.

Crouse list in his book other waters:

Starkey Spring Water from Idaho is available from Whole Foods and had 94 ppm OSA (that is that silica acid in the form we want). I thought that was pretty darn good.

Fiji has 124 ppm OSA

Volvic from France has 51 ppm OSA

Gerolsteiner from Germany is available in Europe is 64 ppm of OSA

Spritzer Natural Mineral Water from Malaysia again available in Europe has 35 ppm OSA

Acilis water from Malaysia again Europe is 88pps OSA.

Crouse says that making this silicade water will be equivalent to Fiji . But again; I am only making one gallon and putting it in my spring water. Does my spring water already have some OSA in it to begin with? I don't know.

I would love to have our water done before I put the stuff in it and how well it does after I only make one gallon and put it in two more gallons. Right down the road is a spring that a bottled water company took over. Climax water. I emailed them and got no answer. Do you think I would sound like a nut ( yes I am one already, I know ) but would I embarrass myself if I called and asked if they tested for OSA?

Gary Ogden

The whole story of the biological-weapons research which gave us the novel (man-made) coronavirus, paid for by the Pentagon and HHS, and created by Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, Chappell Hill, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Two and a half hours well worth watching. Enough to curl your hair:

Gary Ogden

CK: Janine Robert's "The Vaccine Papers" is also excellent. It is the followup to "Fear of the Invisible." She had a stroke while completing it, but got it finished. Shocking and horrifying what our government has knowingly done to our children. What they are doing to everyone today, especially the children, with the 'Rona response, is orders of magnitude worse.


extracellular vesicles Wow. I can see that. It makes sense.


CK: it is always wise to edit yourself. Which I never do. I am sorry.

I can still taste the sulfide not takes -- and well you are on your own with the rest of the stuff.


Let me make sure we are understanding each other. I think that we don't.
I too have heard Exley say; that you can not put some silica dioxide or sand in the water. It is silica "acid" , or another name orthosilicic acid , Si(OH)4 ⇌ SiO2↓ + 2H2O Soluble in water. That little arrow means it precipitates out.

But Crouse is chemically changing it to silica acid. I heat it in a small amount of water for a minutes. Still hot I put it in a gallon of water. Then I add hydrogen sulfide to it (there is stuff they use in cooking) It is sold on Amazon and has some guy in a French baker's hat and every thing. They sulfide in the hydrogen sulfide takes the Dioxide off of the silica. I can still takes the sulfur though, even when I filter it out. That is why I only do one gallon out of three gallons and just mix it all back up. If it sits around for a week Crouse says that it will eventually makes as much orthosilic acid as found in Fiji water.

Congratulations on the improvements with your son . Perhaps in a few years you might want to try it or not. That Fiji water has the viscosity, smoothness to it. Beautiful water.

CK I have to admit that it is tiring to go get our water from a spring coming out of a mountain side in the middle of the Daniel Boone forest. It too is percolating over some old diatom, limestone, deep ocean rocks. It may already have some silica acid water in it? I don't know; but it too has a viscosity to it similar to Fiji. But I put Crouse's stuff in it anyway, but not too much cause I don't want to ruin really good water with the taste of sulfur.


: Gary Ogden Oh thank you, I bought some and was putting in the lemonade I was making the silica water out of. It is kind of expensive in powder form. I was just doing it once a week.

angus files

Many thanks for the info and I hope your son goes on and makes further gains every tiny bit forward is massive as we all know all to well.
I did the silica water (volvic) with my son and the protocol was a 1.5ltr bottle within an hour once a day for a week then 1.ltrs over the day. After drinking the 1.5ltrs in an hour I used to always feel cold as I think it probably thinned the blood.We still drink the Volvic water as drinking water we buy it from Bookers cash and carry as we get it cheaper there.Also just to say for anyone reading volvic flavored waters are no good for the protocol as the silica has been removed from the flavoured water.
Thank you Dr Exley

Pharma For Prison



My autistic teenage son has been drinking Fiji water for just over a year now. Exley recommends 4 cups per day but I usually can only get him to drink 3 cups. For the first 5 months I saw 0 improvement. But now one year later, there's been a noticeable improvement- I have no idea if it's due to the Fiji water. For years, he's been stuck at the 1st grade level and now he can solidly handle 2nd grade material. So I'm committed to another year of Fiji water to see if there's further improvement. By the way, in his "Imagine you're an Aluminum Atom" (2020) book, Exley says not to make your own silica water. He claims only natural water like Fiji water works.

Aluminum researchers report that ~1% of people have an adverse reaction to vaccines with Aluminum adjuvants so this paper partially explains why (because the Aluminum content is so variable). I'm reading another book now ("Fear of the Invisible" (2009) by Janine Roberts), which offers another reason: it says that Aluminum is mostly stored in our bones followed by the kidneys, brain and muscles. It appears that Autism can result when too much Aluminum ends up in the brain. I've read over ten "anti-vaccine" books now and I regard the Roberts book as the best one yet because it covers so much material (vaccine safety, AIDS and it even dares to question if infectious viruses truly exist or they're in fact exosomes- similar to what Andrew Kaufman and Thomas Cowan are saying now about COVID-19)- unfortunately, the font size is ridiculously tiny.


Oh, was the vaccines what? the the DPT/DTaP? Hep B?


4 Bobby; Is it a lottery though? Or Am I overly paranoid?

Gary Ogden

Benedetta: Bone broth is rich in glycine. I make it myself from the bones once we've eaten the meat and fat from them. 48 hours simmered with a little vinegar in the stock pot.



It certainly is. I think of that story often. I read it as a young adult and will never forget it.


And additional to the silica acid water, glycine too


Emma I know the lot numbers of my kids vaccines.
It did me no good what so ever.
For the past well soon to 35 years.


@ John Stone

Coincidentally, singer/songwriter/musician Adam Young (Owl City) wrote a song entitled "Fiji Water" about his first encounter with music industry bigwigs. Do they know something? Adam was in the first wave of the "Age of Autism," born in 1987.


@ Bennedetta

I believe they control vaccine distribution with LOT#.
If you get a vax, take a photo of the vial with the lot number.


I heard that activated charcoal soaps, some types of clay (such as pure bentonite, super chelation, mix with nothing else but water in bath) and chlorophyll (green leafy vegetables + wheatgrass juice) helps eliminate aluminum from the brain.

Green leafy vegetables can be a challenge, due to feeding/sensory issues. Raw Spinach, wheatgrass is less bitter.



From the beginning of Professor Exley's career, when he talks about it; his focus was on both aluminum and silica. He says that every living thing has developed some sort of way to deal with aluminum toxicity and it always involves silica.

He talks about the fiji water that comes off of ancient sea diatoms and has a lot of silica acid.
He says just drink two bottles a day of this water.

Then some one on here was so very nice and directed me to Professor Dennis Crouse's video of how to make silica acid water. I even bought his book. " Silica Water the Secret of Healthy Blue Zone Longevity in the Aluminum Age" To my surprise; in this book Crouse list studies done with Rat studies and by simply drinking this water it did remove aluminum from the brain.

As Dr. Exley said in one of his talk at an autism conference that if you get the aluminum out of food, and drink silica rich water it will precipitate out of the rest of you body.

Ordering silica from the chemical company was a bit scary for me. But Dennis Crouse guides his video audience and his readers through that making sure we get the right kind.

John Stone

Prof Exley advises drinking silica containing mineral water (Fiji and Volvic).


We are eternally thankful to Prof. Exley for his findings!
But it would be wonderful if someone advised on how to chelate aluminum, especially from the brain.
Buttar protocol that I used for my son did not chelate aluminum...
What does?


Shirley Jackson's The Lottery, very appropos of the times.


Robert Kennedy Jr. and Dan Olmsted made a speech with Tony Mohammed; leader of the Islam Nation out in L.A California.

During that speech Robert Kennedy Jr. mentioned that there were safer vaccines distributed in certain parts of the country where for a lack of a better word from me - the elites lived. In Richer neighborhoods.

Guys; that means there is awareness, and intent to harm? Doesn't it?

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